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Joe Pham, QSC Audio Testimonial Leadership Program

Joe Pham, COO

QSC Audio Products, LLC

The purpose of this letter is to tell you how pleased I am with the consulting services of Mitchell Simon and his business partner, Richard Eppel. As Chief Operating Officer at QSC Audio, I am responsible for leading our entire organization. Currently, Mitch and Dick are facilitating an executive team development program at QSC Audio. I first met Mitch last fall during the GILD leadership training in San Diego, CA. Mitch was my personal coach for those sessions. I was so impressed by Mitch that I soon hired him to develop and facilitate a year-long executive team leadership development program for me and my executive staff in San Diego. My staff consists of the VP’s and SVP’s for all of the functions in our organization, including R&D, Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, and Strategy.

Without a doubt, Mitch and Dick have made a tremendous impact on our organization in a very short period of time. Six months ago, I would characterize my staff as a group of talented individuals who were underachieving individually and collectively as a team. In the past six months, I have witnessed a tremendous amount of individual and team development. It has been very exciting to see this transformation. Furthermore, the vastly improved individual and team performance is resulting into real business results. I give a tremendous amount of credit to Mitch and Dick. They’ve been able to successfully develop and lead an extremely powerful executive development program. As an ex-McKinsey consultant, I have a lot of experience in consulting services. I can assure you that Mitch and Dick have delivered real impact and results during this project. Simply put, they have exceeded my expectations.


John Frager, President & CEO

Cassidy Turley / BRE Commercial

Developing strong leaders is core to our strategy to expand and enhance the future of our company. We needed a program to develop our own personnel to take on positions of leadership as shareholders, committee and advisory board leaders and future directors on our board. Mitch’s program, Beyond Charisma, has improved performance of our company significantly. His very customized approach has inspired a key group of mid-level to junior producers to think beyond their own needs and to see the big picture.

Mitch has been successful in creating a program that has instilled the following core attributes of leadership on our team: 

Integrity: trustworthiness and solid character; consistent words and walk. ‘Big Picture’ mind-set: the ability to see the whole organization and all of its needs
Positive-ness: the ability to work with and see people and situations in a positive way.
Servant-hood: the willingness to play team ball; to make personal efforts to help others despite an immediate reciprocation from all those that he assists or leads.
Discipline: the willingness to do what is required regardless of personal mood.
Follow-through: an orientation towards action; getting the important but not urgent things done; developing the art of individual and team planning versus just showing up and working.

If you would like to significantly enhance the performance of your company, and have your leadership produce extraordinary results, Mitch provides the discipline, creativity, and integrity to get you there.”

I have used the skills taught in the San Diego Leadership Development Program to encourage my staff and keep them focused on our primary goal, providing the best possible care to our patients. My team has grown in areas of unity, common vision, and individual efficacy, and is functioning much better than it has in the past. Much of this growth is due to the skills I have learned through the Leadership Academy.

These skills will also be critical in negotiating the issues that will arise as I take on a new role as Director of Research for VCA. I am grateful for the education and insight that the Leadership Academy has provided.

Vein Clinics of America: Dr. Robert L. Worthington-Kirsch, MD Testimonial for the Simon Leadership Alliance
Dr. Robert Worthington-Kirsch, Director of Research,

Vein Clinics of America

As an interventional radiologist, we are typically tied to a hospital-based group, to go out on your own is risky, because there is no safety net to fall back on.

The San Diego Leadership Development Program gave me the courage and interest to go out on my own, and start something that I should have done a long time ago. I don’t think I would have had the courage and guts to go out on my own! It is all going real well.

Of all the lessons I learned in the San Diego Leadership Development Program though, one stands out that came from my mentor Mitch Simon. He taught me never to let the fear of failure prevent you from pursuing your dreams. I know its sounds cliché, but now I know what those words mean. Although starting my own practice has taken all of my time and energy, it has been rewarding. 

Jay Radhakrishnan, MD, RDV, FOUNDER

The Vein Doctors

The San Diego Leadership Development Program helped me to focus on what I believe is most important. When I started the program I knew I wanted a different balance in my life but I wasn’t sure how to get there. The Leadership Academy helped me to gain clarity and direction, as well as motivation, to take the necessary steps.

I learned how to restructure my practice, to regroup and get what I want. Today I feel like my practice is better than ever. I’m so happy with my days at the office. I come home happy. I come home in time to spend time with my family! I focus on what I care about, not what I think I should be worried about. This year everything came together for me. The Leadership Academy has truly been invaluable.

Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen

Vein Healthcare Center

 Mitch did an outstanding job for us of effectively cutting to the core of some complicated and delicate issues to get everyone on the same page. After just a few days, Mitch was able to get us united, focused and energized. We could not have been more happy with the outcome.

Travis King

Brixton Capital

Thank you Mitch and Todd. I think I can speak for the entire team, but we are thankful for your commitment to us. Through the San Diego Leadership Development Program you gave us all the tools and support that made this journey on beginning of our Leadership Road possible. I think we will forever be indebted to you as we all excel in our careers and personal lives for years to come.

All of us, without exception, have been personally challenged, push out of our comfort zones and began to embody the traits of true leader over the past 12 month process with you and Todd. Thank you again and I wish you both continued successes and know you will do the same for the LDG 2008.

Kendra Van Note

Greensavers USA

 Mitch Simon has been involved with our company, ISEC Incorporated, for over 3 years. ISEC is a national construction subcontractor with over 1,000 employees and multiple offices nationwide. Mitch has provided a yearlong seminar series on High Performance and leadership development for managers and executives in multiple regional offices.

Mitch exhibits several strengths, many of which are evident in his preparation and delivery of coaching and leadership development. Mitch is well read, and connects with individuals. His passion for improvement and zest for life are contagious. The Simon Leadership Alliance has a footnote at the bottom of his email, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Mitch is not crazy, but he absolutely believes he can change the world, and he seemingly does by touching one executive life at a time. I would personally highly recommend Mitchell Simon to any company desiring to elevate their performance to the next level.

Jeff Walker Vice President


I really wanted to sincerely thank you for what I consider to be a great event last week. I’ve done a lot of retreats over the years with different consultants, and I can say this was the best one I’ve ever participated in.

You did a really good job of managing the group and managing the event. I got a lot out of it in terms to interpersonal stuff. I got a lot out of it in terms of work objectives to take home and get going on. I know it took a lot of energy and a lot of work on your part.

Ray Pittman CEO & President Landmark Properties Group, Inc.
Ray Pittman CEO & President

Landmark Properties Group, Inc.

Mitch – I really wanted to thank you for the work you did on this retreat. My assessment is the best one we have had in quite some time. I appreciate that you listened and developed the format in such a way that we incorporated learning, teamwork building and results. You were very effective in selecting best practice stories as well as our joint exercise. You re-directed our focus as needed and did a great job at pulling response from Kurt as needed.

It was a substantive commitment of time and energy for all of us, but was well worth it and will have lasting positive impact in 2011 and beyond. Just wanted you to know you have a lot to be proud of for the work you did on this project! Thanks again!

Kim Buttemer, Chief Operating Officer CDC Small Business Finance
Kim Buttemer, Chief Operating Officer 

CDC Small Business Finance

Mitch brings a level of focus and energy to Leadership Development that, in many ways, defines and sets the standard for our profession. His clients in So.Cal. are better equipped to, not only withstand, but thrive within the turbulent economic tides they are all now facing.

Winslow Swart

One Million Dreams

Mitch is AWESOME! He volunteered a full day of training to our Leadership team made up of department Directors and administrative staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito. Everyone came to work the following Monday talking about their ‘core values’ and the innovative leadership games Mitch built. He even advocated that we ‘steal his ideas’ for our staff and members.

His “this is not a training” approach held true as his energy and excitement motivated our teams to naturally start important conversations on how to improve our ability to work together and see the broader picture of what we do. Because of Mitch’s generosity and skill I am confident our teams have a more comprehensive ability to think critically, work together, and ultimately provide better service to kids – which is what we are all about.

Marineke Vandervort, CEO 

The Boys & Girls Club of San Dieguito

 Thank you both so very much for all of your work with our team. In many respects the economic downturn was the best thing that could have happened for us and I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for everything you’ve done. I will take what you’ve taught me and apply it both personally and professionally wherever my path leads me.

On a very personal note, I will tell you that this course of work highlighted some unresolved issues going back into my childhood, conversations I couldn’t or wasn’t willing to have prior. The session where you asked us to write down a conversation was a significant turning point for me personally. I called one of my most trusted friends and told them if I don’t have this conversation, I’m afraid it will hold me back my entire life. We couldn’t connect for a few weeks and holding it in any longer was manifesting physically in me. I was literally sick. I couldn’t take it anymore and my friend and I met down by the water.

I had the conversation, burned the paper and buried it in the sand along with the emotional charge associated with it. You see, the person associated with the conversation is deceased, so my very dear friend stood in as “proxy”. The greatest gift followed. My friend saw how much I’d been carrying and said “we’ll come back here as many times as you need to”. The sun went down and for me, it was a brand new day. In some respects I believe that you saved my life. What I was carrying would have eventually killed me or shortened my life. Some people wonder their whole lives whether or not they make a difference. For the two of you, I hope that this serves as a testament to your work and it makes a difference. In some cases more than you know.


 I hired Mitch Simon as my executive coach due to the rigor and compassion that he brought to enhancing my ability to be a senior leader. He is introspective, honest, and fierce in his commitment for me to become a better leader.

I then brought him in to coach my senior executive team, coach several of my direct reports, and take our team through several year long programs to enhance the leadership, authentic conversations, strategy, and reputation of my team. Mitch is skilled in designing customized programs that cut deep to the heart of what makes a great leader and a great team. He was talented at provoking me and my team to think harder, execute better, and connect at a level that we needed in order to achieve our rigorous objectives.

I would recommend Mitch to any company that is looking to transform their capabilities as a team to unite as a high functioning team, achieve big hairy audacious goals, and build the personal leadership skills required to take on the scariest and most meaningful objectives.

Dr. Allison A. Campbell,
Director, Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Teambuilding Workshops


On behalf of all of us at Independa, I wanted to thank you for the Independa team building exercise you conducted and led so effectively yesterday. It was the perfect mix of information, collaboration, teamwork, light hearted self reflection and overall team building. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to have us all spend two hours together, and come out being so much more in tune with our respective strengths and tendencies, all adding to our mutual and collective benefit. As with any team, the celebration of success is best if based on mutual understanding, recognition and respect.

In drawing out and indeed highlighting these key areas, you have helped us each be better, and us all be better together. It takes a Village to build anything worthwhile, and you’re now a part of the Independa Village, for your efforts and effectiveness on our behalf! I also want to recognize that your hard work and preparation PRIOR to the meeting came across loud and clear. While using refreshing levity and positive energy throughout, you brought together key concepts, personalities and strengths in a way that allows each of us to further celebrate our individual strengths, even as we all come together to build excellence at Independa. I know there are many forms of MBTI reviews, and many forms of team building in general. Thanks to what YOU brought to it all, yours was most welcome, effective and appreciated!

Chelsea Chang
Career Peer Educator


I thought your workshop was one of the best I’ve ever attended during my four years in UCSD and two years working in the Career Center, your energy and excitement are incredibly motivating!

Karen Burges
Executive Director

NAIOP San Diego

“Thank you guys!!! You hit it outta the ballpark and made  us look great bringing value to NAIOP!!!”

Nicklaus Mcguire
UCSD Team Leader

NAIOP University Challenge

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the support and guidance. We couldn’t have gotten to the level we did without your help. You are a master at your craft and my team and I will carry the lessons you taught us into the future”

Executive Coaching Testimonials

Ryan Javanbakht, Founder

Activator, Inc.

Thanks to Mitch Simon, JD, MBA I am a stronger leader, better communicator, and more effective strategist in my professional career. Moreover, my business coaching relationship with Mitch has bled into my personal life where I’ve become a better and more loving husband and father while practicing presence, listening, patience, and empathy.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with Mitch for over 5 years and I’m confident that we will have a lifelong relationship based on a foundation of love, respect, growth, and accountability. Our relationship started as a coach to professional but has evolved to a mutually appreciated friendship. Together we’ve taken a journey past my self-limiting beliefs, while working for multibillion-dollar companies and other, crazy dictatorships, to a place where I took the leap of faith and started my own, profitable businesses, driven with purpose and integrity to positively impact the lives of those we serve.

One example of an organization I’m most proud of is SleepTest.com, a national, home sleep testing, and diagnostic service. Mitch helped me navigate the start-up process, execute negotiations to get my piece of the pie, and now have stepped up to purchase the entire company. If you or someone you know suffers from sleep apnea and/or airway obstruction, don’t let it traumatize your overall health and wellness, we can help! Learn more at .

Beyond SleepTest.com, Mitch has inspired me to continue down the path I love in psychology and human development with the Blueprint Mastermind with my business/personal development organization: Activator, Inc. Learning from Mitch, Brendon Burchard, and Lewis Howes, Ray Dalio, etc. – the only way to master your trait is to teach it!…so that’s what I do with Activator, Inc. Want to learn more, check it out: . Hungry professionals are welcome!
Lastly, Mitch has been a tremendous, positive impact on my speaking career.

Sure, I carry the charisma and love to teach others, but coming up with creative ideas can be challenging. Many of my meetings with Mitch are geared around how to create and deliver engaging content for my audiences in order to deliver moving and memorable experiences. Mitch nails it every time with a great idea, an engaging hook, or something to make my audiences laugh!

I am grateful for Mitch and his coaching. More important, I am thankful for our friendship. I owe much of my mindset, discipline, and success to Mitch. If you are looking to step up your game in your professional and/or personal life, invest in yourself by partnering with Mitch Simon. I guarantee you will find your best self and become a better you…and if you don’t, it’s your fault. Get some!
Ryan C. Javanbakht

Mitch Simon is one of the most creative and cutting edge coaches I have had the privilege to work with. My team has worked now with Mitch for the past 10 years. The fact that he can still put my team and I in uncomfortable situations to uncover personality traits, conflict resolution and inspire is truly amazing.

I am truly grateful for all he has done for my team. The accountability concepts he instills in each of us, creates a force of success. Thank you Mitch!

Bryce Aberg Testimonial of executive coaching by Mitch Simon
Bryce Aberg, Executive Director

Cushman & Wakefield

Mitch Simon is a true trusted advisor and gifted executive coach. He is rigorous, compassionate, strategic, and driven. On many occasions, he has worked with me and my management team. At all times, he is committed, focused and enthusiastic about our team achieving bigger and better results.

Mitch is a pleasure to work with and his enthusiasm is contagious. I would recommend Mitch for executive coaching, team development, leadership training and leading challenging and meaningful retreat

Torran Nixon

Umpqua Bank

As my former company board was grooming me to assume the presidency, I retained the Simon Alliance to reinforce my leadership mojo. Mitch is unparalleled in his ability to empower those seeking self-mastery. It can be quite lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be.

Mitch has always had my back. My company, my clients and my future are the biggest beneficiaries. Long live the work of Mitch Simon.

Holly Smithson,
Senior Vice President

California Life Sciences Association

Mitch is a smart, dynamic and practical teacher. His background in the corporate world enables him to understand real challenges, while his experience in leadership training gives him a broad base of tools from which he can draw.

Mitch is a master at picking any applying leadership concepts to real situations. He has helped me quite a bit, especially in my ability to see growth opportunities that arise out of daily problems.

Ko Matsuo
Director Product Planning

Great Call

I hired Mitch to strengthen my ability to create and achieve greater clarity, greater confidence, and greater revenue. Mitch and I worked together for eight months where Mitch provoked me to raise my game as a commercial real estate broker, think differently, and act with conviction.

After working with Mitch, I have significantly increased my revenues, my client profile, and the properties I work on. If you are looking for playing a bigger game through achieving greater professional and personal results I would highly recommend Mitch.

Erik Parker, Vice President, CBRE San Diego Testimonial for The Simon Leadership Alliance
Erik Parker, Vice President


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