Teams that CRUSH IT.

Leadership coaching for high performance teams.

Build a team that leaves a legacy

Team Leadership Coaching: Our Team Building Distinction

We help you with team leadership coaching to build a team culture that thrives on excellence. Team leadership coaching incorporates leadership training and coaching in an environment that focuses on feedback, vulnerability and quality conversations to make purposeful impact. Through a strategic balance of conversations, feedback, experiential learning and fun we help you rapidly improve results.
As a leader, you want to build an excellent team for greater impact. So what’s stopping you?

Teams that CRUSH IT

Have the right conversations,

In order to lead an excellent team you need a coach to guide you through having the right conversations.

The right conversations will lead your team to excellence. But they aren’t the types of conversations leaders are used to having.

The right conversations are more provocative, honest, authentic and transparent than the average conversations.

Seek & give the right feedback,

Seeking and giving the right feedback on your team is tough. 

Excellent teams have a continuous feedback loop that keeps every person on the top of their game. 

We guide your team to turn regular and transparent feedback into a daily practice.

Teams create a culture that openly accepts all feedback as a gift and use feedback as a recurring practice. 

have the right mindset on learning

Leading an excellent team involves a focus on the learning mindset.

We all have different levels of knowledge and  learning styles.

Excellent teams create individualized learning so that each leader can grow and develop individually. 

Each team member adopts a mindset focused on continual learning & growth.

and play!

Fun in our work is what sparks innovation, creativity and our passion for the work we do. 

So, our programs focus not just on conversations, feedback and learning, but also on fun.

From game-based training, to hilarious improv exercises our unique team building programs encourage fun and improves culture. 

We help you become the catalyst for change your team needs to reach the next level.

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“There are many leadership or management courses out there. But none focus on EQ and authenticity. The majority of courses I have taken were impractical repeats of what some business school guy came up with. Mitch’s course is nothing like that.” Read more…

Carmen Honaker, Sony, San Diego Team Building Testimonial
Carmen Honaker, Staff Fraud Strategist


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