What We Do

The Simon Leadership Alliance partners with leaders and organizations to build high-performance teams. 

When properly aligned with your company’s strategy and vision, our strategic development solutions create a ripple effect that transforms not just leaders, but their teams and the entire company culture resulting in lasting change and results.

What Makes Us Different?


We focus on empowering leaders to take on new beliefs and mindsets that inspire action. Our focus on traceable outcomes lead to higher retention rates, stronger engagement, higher performing teams, and stronger growth and profitability.


In our programs, leaders to engage in new practices at work between sessions. These practices, repeated over time, develop into positive habits.


We pair every leader up with an accountability buddy in our leadership development programs. Everyone supports each other’s learning, growth, failures and perspectives.


We know the sweet spot between leadership development, coaching and team development. Many leadership development programs fall short because they miss the essential focus on team leadership.


We focus on leadership coaching in our programs to uncover belief systems that hold your leaders back. Leadership coaching inside leadership development programs helps your leaders gain a deeper understanding of themselves and customizes the learning experience for your leaders. 


In leadership development programs, you don’t want your leaders to just gain more knowledge, you want them to transform that knowledge into new minsets, habits and actions. That’s why experiential learning is the only way to transform your team. 

Leadership Resources

3 Mistakes Leaders Make When Planning In-Person Company Events and Gatherings

Create a company event that Brings Back the Buzz to your team or organization with this FREE Ebook. 

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Team Anywhere Leadership Podcast

Where your team works doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that leaders learn how to build teams and culture from anywhere in the world.


The New Entrepreneurz

The New Entrepreneurz provides a game-changing game-based approach to molding your mind and developing a fresh entrepreneurial mentality that focuses on working smart & collaborative winning.

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Customer Stories

My experience of Mitch’s holistic view of humanity, leadership, and personal development may be best described by the quote “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” I recommend Mitch wholeheartedly for those who are both beleaguered by mediocrity and ready to rise to new levels of excellence, and those eager to learn, be challenged, and grow in all areas of their lives.

leadership development review
Adam Francis, CEO

Host Healthcare

Without a doubt, this leadership development program made a tremendous impact on our organization in a very short period of time. Six months ago, I would characterize my staff as a group of talented individuals who were underachieving individually and collectively as a team. In the past six months, I have witnessed a tremendous amount of individual and team development. It has been very exciting to see this transformation.

leadership development testimonial
Joe Pham, COO

QSC Audio Products

I have used the skills taught in the Leadership Development Program to encourage my staff and keep them focused on our primary goal, providing the best possible care to our patients. My team has grown in areas of unity, common vision, and individual efficacy, and is functioning much better than it has in the past. 

leadership development testimonial
Dr. Robert Worthington-Kirsch, Director of Research

Vein Clinics of America

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