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Executive coaching can make you more successful and can be an excellent leadership development tool for emerging and experienced leaders alike. 


I’ve been there…in your shoes as an executive.

I pulled all-nighters to get promoted and have the privilege of leading a team. I was given a group of individuals and was now being paid to turn this group of brilliant over-achievers into a lean-mean-fighting-machine.

If you are facing the same challenges as I was, you might be asking:

How do I influence my team so that they will follow me?

How do I develop trust and hold my team accountable?

How do I deal with low performers?

What must I focus on to create commitment from all of my team members?

How do I inspire, empower and drive results?

How can I get this team to deliver results so that we can all get promoted?

If you are struggling, most likely you are asking these questions. 

Unfortunately they are not the right questions to ask! If you are asking these questions, most likely, you have blind spots and as long as you are looking oin the wrong place, your brilliant over-achievers will as a group, brilliantly UNDER achieve.

Through executive coaching, we will work together to ask the right questions and “spoiler alert,” move your accountability as the leader, to the responsibility of the team. 

“A leader is someone who creates a future other people emotionally commit to.” 

My “Unconventional” Approach

Through executive coaching, we work together to create a high-performance team through answering questions like this:


What is the primary “job” of a leader?

Your assumption about what your “job” is might be getting in the way of your “job!”


How do you increase your leadership presence across your team?

Your team cares about your “leadership presence,” but it is only through “team presence” that you will achieve unreasonable results.


How skilled is your team in making each other look good?

Your success as a leader depends upon how “comfortable” you have created an environment where everyone can be ruthlessly “uncomfortable.”

Why Mitch might not be the coach for you:

When it comes down to it, you enter into coaching with a mindset (this is how the world works for me) and that mindset has got you where you are today.

So, if you are making six figures, and have continued to make six figures, your mindset has you achieving six figures now and forever.
What my executive coaching does, is it forces you to confront that mindset and exchange it for a more effective mindset.

When clients work with Mitch, they are essential adding zeros to their income. To add the zeros requires that you give up your prior mindset. 

Coaching is a bad idea for executives and leaders who want to stay where they are, not rock the boat, not deal with greater financial success, not have deeper relationships, and not have the responsibility of making a difference in the world. 

If you are satisfied with your current mindset….dont work with me. It would be a very bad idea. 

If you do not want to be honest with yourself, don’t work with me. It would be a very bad idea. 

If you do not want to be uncomfortable, don’t work with me. It would be a very bad idea. 

If you do not want to go deep with yourself and others, don’t work with me. It would be a very bad idea.

What kind of Executive Coach are you looking for?

Are you looking for an executive coach that:


Mitch is in the Forbes Coaches Council where he publishes articles on thought leadership.


The Simon Leadership Alliance has been ranked in the San Diego Business Journal “Book of Lists” as a top executive training company for six consecutive years.


Certified as a New Ventures West Integral Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation.


As a former director of a Fortune 500 company, Mitch personally know the obstacles executives experience. This gives him valuable insight into what you are personally experiencing. Read his story


As an improv & stand up comedian with a genuine passion for building high performance teams, Mitch’s coaching approach is like the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.


What executives are saying

“Mitch is one of the most creative and cutting edge executive coaches I have had the privilege to work with.”

Executive Coaching Testimonial Bryce Aberg, San Diego, CA
Bryce Aberg, Executive Director

Cushman & Wakefield

“Mitch is an engaging and personable executive coach and partner in developing individual leadership skills. We used him extensively for one on one coaching and consistently expanded our scope of engagement with him. The leadership transformation results were nothing short of amazing at several levels of organizational responsibility.”

Bill Kuncz, San Diego, Executive Coaching Testimonial Aya Healthcare
Bill Kunz, CFO

AYA Healthcare

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