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Many leaders struggle with fostering rich cultures and teams even when everyone is on the same floor, let alone dispersed.

Why You Should Listen to this Leadership Podcast


Learn how leaders are building teams and cultures where the majority of the workers are dispersed throughout the city, state, country, or world.


Hear recommendations for you to consider when creating a strategy for building and strengthening your own remote team. 


Learn how these leaders foster engagement through trust, authenticity, and a sense of community.


Uncover the the new skills and practices that leaders must take on to connect, inspire, and transform their teams to compete in the new dispersed global economy.


Listen to experts who have discovered secrets in every major industry from cybersecurity to real estate and HR as they’ve successfully launched and led dispursed teams.


Discover the important leadership conversations you should be having with your team as a whole, and one-on-one to lead a successful remote team. 

Our Story

Our leadership podcast idea began at the beginning of the pandemic. We began to study the literature and talk to expert leaders. We zoomed and brainstormed and scribbled notes. We have a hypothesis. A theory. And a structure.

So, we started contemplating the following questions like:


How do you maintain a culture of openness and trust when half of your team is at “headquarters” and the other half is dispersed around the world?


Which dialogue techniques, communication skills, and mindsets demonstrate camaraderie, team spirit, personal fulfillment, independence AND mutual support over thousands of miles?


What kind of infrastructures are needed to foster accountability and results when the team is only able to get together twice a year?


How does a leader—whether a CEO, project manager, supervisor, director—develop his/her inner core to embrace vulnerability, authenticity, and empathy while also moving towards profitability?


What kind of person makes the “best” remote worker?


How do all kinds of leaders learn, practice, and embody the essence of being “virtual culture czars” as they engage workers across miles?

About the Co-Hosts

We are two seasoned consultants—one on the west coast and one on the east—who discovered we have the same belief in the power of healthy organizational cultures and cohesive teams.
While exploring how leadership, management, and teams are morphing because of technology and working “from anywhere,” our paths crossed as we were helping companies successfully function across great distances.

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Mitch Simon


Mitch Simon is the CEO and founder of the Simon Leadership Alliance.

Mitch is a Forbes Coach, and executive coach who specializes in building high performance teams.

His leadership program has put his company on the San Diego Business Journal’s Book of Lists for Top Executive Training Companies for seven consecutive years.

Mitch held an executive position at Nokia, has a J.D. MBA and helps build amazing teams inside companies like Cushman and Wakefield, JLL, GreatCall, ISEC and many more.

Dr. Ginny Bianco-Mathis


Dr. Virginia Bianco-Mathis is Director, HRM and OD Programs, in the School of Business and Technology where she teaches courses in the HRM, OD, and MBA programs. Dr. Bianco-Mathis received degrees from Johns Hopkins University and The George Washington University.
She has undergraduate degrees in English and Education and a doctorate in Human and Organizational Development. Prior to coming to Marymount University, she held executive positions at AT&T, Lockheed Martin, and the Artery Organization.


All Leadership Podcast Episodes

68. How a Covenant of Work Will Strengthen Your Hybrid Team

What if every leader in your company created a contract or a covenant that stated their obligations to their team? What if every team created a covenant where they shared their obligations as a team with their manager?
Certainly the employee working 1000s of miles from the home base would feel more taken care of since he or she would know exactly what to expect from the leader. They would also have the ability to share with their leader just how the leader is doing.

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67. They Key to A Successful Hybrid Organization is Simply Being More Human

When making strategic decisions, who’s supreme? Shareholders or employees? On today’s podcast, Andy Alsop, CEO of The Receptionist, shares his enthusiasm for building a truly hybrid company where the focus and attention is on prioritizing employees over shareholders.

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66. They Key to A Successful Hybrid Organization is Simply Being More Human

When it comes to business in 2021, we need to resonate on a human level. How many of us actually ask ourselves how well we are interacting and impacting other human beings? In today’s hybrid and virtual environment, creating human connections is something that must be strategically planned and measured.
In today’s episode, we interview Zach Giglio, Founder and CEO of GCM, where he creates human connections through communicating and marketing. Zach has found that companies that are leading in this new virtual and hybrid environment are clear about their identity as a company, and are deeply purpose-driven.

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65. Find New Ways to Communicate to Strengthen Relationships on Your Hybrid Team

Company culture and change is one of the most important discussions today. With the hybrid work challenges, and as some companies work through mergers and acquisitions, leaders need to get very clear on certain elements to help build a solid foundation so that they can Team Anywhere.
Today on the podcast, we interview Kim Clark Pakstys, thought leader and strategic advisor on mergers and acquisitions. Kim shares with us her experience with successful leaders who’ve been managing difficult mergers with patience, resilience and empathy. When two company cultures are merging, Kim shares five elements that leaders need to focus on to ensure a smooth change. These elements include leading with empathy, being clear on decision making and role clarity, coming up with a common language, and listening to the needs of your hybrid team.

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64. Find New Ways to Communicate to Strengthen Relationships on Your Hybrid Team

The way we communicate is more diverse than it ever has been. Or is it really? If you think about it, since the dawn of time, the two ways human beings have had to communicate are print and verbal communication. Today, we see those in perhaps newer ways through our email, chat groups and DM’s. Communication avenues haven’t changed much since the beginning, yet today, communication is getting increasingly more and more complicated. This begs the question, are these avenues we currently have truly enough to allow us to Team Anywhere?
On today’s podcast, we interview Josh Little, a serial entrepreneur and founder of 4 remote businesses. Josh is on a serious mission to create a team communication platform that sucks less. While trying to collaborate with his remote teams, he discovered the true challenges of remote team communication. This led him to realize that it’s time to combine the richness of a face-to-face interaction in an asynchronous time period, without the burnout of a Zoom Call. This led Josh to founding his fourth company, Volley.

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63. How Hybrid Leaders Make Teamwork Fun

The difference between a good company and a great company…. is fun. Fun is the number one factor between the companies that made the 100 Best Companies to Work For list and those that didn’t. In the companies that made the list, 82% of the employees said that they have fun at work. Alternately, that number was closer to 60% for those companies that didn’t quite make the cut.
Today on the podcast, we have Dr. Bob Nelson and Mario Tamayo, authors of Work Made Fun Gets Done. Dr. Nelson and Mario Tamayo share tips for how to make your team and your organization less dull and more engaging. To lead a vibrant hybrid or virtual organization, one of the best things you can do is find out what your team members need for their own work to be fun.

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62. 5 Elements Required to Prevent Business Disruption

How can leaders prevent business disruption in this hybrid and virtual workspace?
Today we interviewed Brant Cooper, author of the book Disruption Proof (Release date: November 9, 2021). Brant suggests in a time of continuous disruption, we must spend more of our time innovating in what he calls “exploration mode”. Leaders need to be more open to trying things out, experimenting, exploring and finding solutions to near-term ever-changing problems. As companies innovate in their core businesses, they are working towards building a “RAD” organization (Resilient, Aware, Dynamic), so that empowered teams solve issues quickly, and the organization is able to respond to uncertainty with agility.
This approach allows leaders and teams to be exceptionally skilled to Team Anywhere.

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61. 3 Relationship-Centered Goals for Leadership Development in a Hybrid Work Environment

Today on the podcast, we have David Nour, a trusted adviser to global clients, corporate leaders and rising entrepreneurs and the author of the recent book, Curve Benders. David is an expert in Relationship Economics: how to build enduring relationships that last a lifetime.

Inside this episode, David shares how deepening relationships is the way to succeed in today’s distributed workplace.
David proposes three relationship centered goals for leadership development in a hybrid work environment that allow leaders to both deepen their relationships and stretch the true potential of their teams no matter where they are.

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60. How the Post-Pandemic Workplace Creates Meaningful Gatherings in New Space Designs

The post-pandemic workplace is not going to be like it was when you worked in the office before 2020. As companies grapple with their hybrid work plans, leaders are taking this moment to refresh and reset. Leaders need to think consciously about creating a post-pandemic workplace that creates meaningful gatherings in new space designs.
In today’s episode, we interview Dr. Tracy Brower, a PhD sociologist, author of The Secrets to Happiness at Work, contributor for and a principal with Steelcase Applied Research + Consulting group. 

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59. To Build a Hybrid Work Model, Propose Scenarios and Listen to Everyone

In today’s special episode we interview Rachel Casanova for our second round discussion on how to build a hybrid work model. Who is accountable for designing the hybrid work plan? If we leave it exclusively up to leadership, we may disenfranchise the employees and frankly, they’ll leave. If we leave it up to the employees, will they have the best interests of the company in mind?

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58. 3 Steps to Create Your 2022 Business Strategy Despite Uncertainty

Inside this week’s episode, Tara walks us through a three step process to help create this strategy in this time of uncertainty. Tara explains that the pandemic has given us all the opportunity to become more precise and visionary. As we build strategies into the future, she advises that we start with the destination, focus on value and then build on what’s working. She refers to mindful and strategic tools from her book, Charting the Course: Tools for CEOs to Align Strategy and Operations.

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57 How Leaders Can Actually Have an Effective Return-to-Office Conversation

In the podcast that you all have been waiting for, Liane Davey deals with the top three problems of the return to office conversation. Number one is going in with no boundaries or guidelines. Number two is getting all hung up on fairness; and number three is optimizing for individuals rather than optimizing for the team overall. Spoiler alert: you need to have an established baseline of non negotiables before you just let everyone decide.

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56. How the Pandemic is Redefining the Future of Your Organization

In this podcast Renee McGowan states that success in a virtual or hybrid environment depends on getting clear on the new and ever changing expectations of employees. Spoiler alert: if you don’t find out what those expectations are, you will be toast! In today’s world, you will need to master empathy, vulnerability and even deeper levels of trust. With these new practices and a greater appreciation for agility and flexibility, you will truly succeed as you team anywhere.

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55. How Hybrid Teams & Leaders Promote Inclusion in the Workplace

Hybrid work has changed the way businesses operate and radically changed the way teams operate. For many organizations, hybrid work is here to stay and a lot of industries are embracing operations in a hybrid environment. So today, there is a responsibility for those leaders and teams to figure out how they are going to operate in a hybrid environment and how to create an inclusive culture when team members are often dispersed.

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54. Successful Hybrid Teams Have More Conversations than You Think

In today’s episode we interview Dave McKeown, author of The Self-Evolved Leader. In this week’s episode, Dave talks about how successful hybrid teams need to have more conversations than they might think as we figure out the hybrid work environment. Additionally, Dave discusses how the pandemic shifted what leadership styles are working. The old “here’s my vision, follow me” approach no longer works as leaders are called upon to embrace the unknown and create a unified vision with their team.

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53. New Rules for Successful Hybrid Teams

The rules have changed. What used to work for you as an employee, as a manager, or as an organization isn’t going to work anymore.
Today on the podcast we have Vice President of User Experience at RingCentral, Michael Peachey. Michael has been at the forefront of Human Centered Design, especially looking at how teams collaborate from anywhere.

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52. Forget the Hybrid Work Schedule and Focus on This Instead

Have you created the perfect hybrid work schedule yet? On today’s episode, we interview Sam Palazzolo, Founder and Managing Director at Tip of the Spear Ventures and we learn how leaders need to be focusing more on what has worked and not worked in the past rather than their hybrid work schedules.

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51. Increase Collaboration & Teamwork on a Hybrid Team with thense New Perspectives

In today’s episode we interview Phil Simon, author of Reimagining Collaboration: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and the Post-COVID World of Work. While many leaders are focused on how to go back to the office, Phil cautions that instead of focusing on when or how to go back, we should instead focus on how best to collaborate.

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50. The Leadership Mindset Shifts to Make in 2021

The leadership mindset shifts that leaders need to make today will help them succeed in the virtual and hybrid world. Leaders must be flexible and willing to work with ambiguity. It’s very much about collaboration and the process of inquiry. On today’s podcast, we interview Laila Tarraf, Chief People Officer of Allbirds and learn about her journey and her powerful new leadership book, Strong Like Water™ How I Found the Courage to Lead with Love in Business and in Life

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49. 7 Crisis Leadership Strategies from a Leader Who’s Experienced 3 Major Crises

The tempo in our return to office plans should be much slower than it was when the pandemic started and everyone went home to work. When the pandemic started, the pace of getting employees to work from home was like running. It was a crisis. Now, a year and a half later, the crisis is still showing uncertainty. As employees begin to move back to the office, great leaders know that the way back isn’t to run. Leaders need to set a tempo that’s more like walking.

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48. Lead Virtual Meetings People Actually Love with these 7 Tips

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you start to see camera after camera turn off inside your virtual meeting. Leaders know this feeling all too well as they have struggled over the past year and a half with keeping the engagement of their meeting participants. When it comes to keeping people engaged, competition is tough. Major industries spend billions of dollars to fight for people’s attention and engagement and inside your meeting; it’s you versus them.

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47. Take a Step Back, Embrace the Unknown and Listen to Your Hybrid Team

In today’s episode, Michael Seaver, author, speaker and founder of Seaver Consulting, encourages us to use this time for teams and employees to come together to build more authentic and sustainable solutions. Right now is not the time to pretend we have the solutions, but for us to focus on and embrace what we don’t know. Now is the time for leaders and teams to focus on their uniqueness, resiliency, and core values to successfully team anywhere.

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46. How to Equalize Remote and In-Office Workers

How do we equalize our remote and in-office workers in this hybrid world? Are we moving from the world of Zoom Fatigue to a world of Zoom Segregation as we move to hybrid work? Are there solutions out there to equalize and engage remote and in-office workers? Yes, we believe there is. In today’s episode, we interview Oscar Svernlöv, the community content creator at Mentimeter and he shows us how to stay ahead of the curve with a great equalizer for hybrid teams.

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45. **SNEAK PEEK** Stop, Look, and Listen, Innovation is Coming

Rachel Casanova and Dr. Ginny Bianco Mathis have been investigating this post-COVID work environment and there seems to be two conflicting conversations occurring between leaders and employees.
In one extreme, there are some leaders saying they want their employees back into the offices by September. On the other side, employees are questioning the very nature of work and want their leaders and organizations to meet their needs.
The options in the future (remote work, in office work and hybrid work) seem to serve different needs for different audiences.

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44. 7 Virtual Meeting Tips from an Emmy Award Winner

When was the last time you had an Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist coach you on how to look great on camera? On today’s episode, Karin Reed, co-author of Suddenly Virtual: Making Remote Meetings Work, shares her wisdom on 7 virtual meeting tips so you can be effective, look great, sound great, and create great participation and engagement during your hybrid and virtual meetings.

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43. Successfully Leading Dispersed Teams Requires Compassion

Today our guest is Scott Shute, head of mindfulness and compassion, at LinkedIn. Scott is the author of, The Full Body Yes. Scott’s vision is to change work from the inside out, and his mission is to mainstream mindfulness and operationalize compassion for the 3.3 billion workers in the world.

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42. 5 Tips for Designing a Productive and Creative Home Workspace

On today’s podcast we are delighted to have Susan Meier, a branding genius and acclaimed artist, and Hallie Burton, a world renowned lifestyle photographer. Together they created Workspace Studio, a website featuring the world’s most beautiful and productive workspaces. They share with us how to develop your home workspace so that it reflects who you are, emboldens your productivity, and enhances your creativity.

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41. Remote Team Communication Should Be Strategic & Outcome-Based

In today’s episode, we interview entrepreneur, leader, and CEO of Aquila Capital Partners, Mark Watson. Mark shares that the key to success for remote leaders is to understand the importance in clearly communicating the vision and having outcomes based conversations that progress towards relevant KPi’s.

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40. Arts Based Virtual Team Building Activities for an Innovative Remote Team

Can you teach collaboration, empathy, creativity and transparency in the virtual world? Sure, you can teach it but it won’t change behavior. To change your behavior you and your team must immerse yourselves in creative experiences. On today’s podcast, Dr. Fred Mandell and Harvey Seifter, founders of Futures that Work, demonstrate how to build the competencies required to succeed in the two dimensional zoom world by engaging our team in the three dimensional worlds of art and science.

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39. Remote Work Culture Ideas to Build Strong Connections

Despite the return-to-office plans, remote work is here to stay, and leaders are searching for remote work culture ideas to help build strong teams. As the founder of DistantJob, a company that finds global remote talent, and author of Surviving Remote Work, Sharon Koifman has over a decade of experience finding, hiring, and creating great remote cultures. Sharon shares that his success has been based on a clear definition of culture, building trust and caring about remote workers’ mental health.

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38. This Leadership Type Thrives in the Hybrid World

In today’s episode, we interview Dr. Annemarie Spadafore where she shares the leadership type that has best thrived in the pandemic, and now in the hybrid world. Annemarie is the managing principal of Powerlab, executive coach and author of, There is Only I in Team, scheduled to be published in December of 2021.

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37. How to Lead Virtual Teams with Humility

On today’s podcast, we interview Bert Sarkkinen, founder and owner of Arrow Timber Framing. Inside this episode, he shares with us that the secret to creating committed virtual teams is to embrace humility in leadership. As leaders practice humility, they’ll place a greater emphasis on listening rather than speaking and be more open to experimenting.

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36. Create a Return to Work Plan that Fits Your Purpose

Leaders around the globe are in the midst of creating their return to work plan during the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring both vigilance and flexibility to navigate uncharted territory. Inside today’s episode, we have a brilliant conversation with Rachel Casanova, on things to consider when approaching your back to work plan.

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35. Business Storytelling: How to Captivate and Engage Your Remote or Hybrid Team

Business Storytelling is one of the most crucial skills for leaders to discover in 2021. In this week’s podcast, we interviewed Yamini Naidu, economist turned master business storyteller. The hybrid and virtual workplace will be new, challenging and definitely a more emotional game. The greatest leaders and managers will engage their workforce through masterful storytelling to create inspired relationships, and create an energized future and culture. Every leader today is further away from their employees and will need to leverage storytelling to bring employees together.

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34. How Remote Teams Build Resilience for Long Term Success

Today on the podcast we interview Nick Petrie, Author of Work Without Stress: Building Resilience for Long-Term Success. Whereas many teams fail under stress there are certain teams that build resilience and can actually thrive under stressful conditions. Nick shares with us the secrets of how hybrid and virtual teams confront today’s turbulence, focus on strengthening their relationships, looking for new opportunities and reframing to take advantage of the disruptions in today’s new work environment.

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33. Solving Problems Through Design Thinking

On today’s episode we interview Hannah Berson, Founder and CEO of the Design Thinking Consultancy, SALT Collaboratory. Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to creative problem solving. Hannah introduces us to Design Thinking and to MURAL, an online tool that allows people from all over the world to collaborate in a creative, productive and engaging way.
Hannah shares an enlightening story of how a real company used Design Thinking in solving how to bring their employees back to work. We are certain you will enjoy discovering how Design Thinking is imperative in today’s world to effectively team from anywhere.

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32. How Successful Leaders Use Experience Design at Events and Meetings

Inside this episode, we interviewed Experience Strategist and former head of VIP events at Cirque du Soleil, Carolene Méli. Carolene has traveled the globe creating and delivering VIP experiences and now she’s here to help leaders understand more about Experience design and tips for creating unbelievable experiences.

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31. Increase Connection and Communication by Avoiding These 8 Virtual Meeting Mistakes

In today’s episode, we interview Gwen Stirling Wilkie, author of From Physical Place to Virtual Space. In this episode, she emphasizes that our team meetings will need to be more purposeful, build stronger connections and be open to new ways to collaborate and co-create. Inside this episode you’ll learn about eight common virtual meeting mistakes leaders make that when avoided can increase connection and communication.

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30. Secrets to How Remote Companies Build Organizational Culture from Anywhere

The best remote companies build organizational culture in phenomenal ways. In this episode, we interviewed Brett Putter, CEO of Culture Gene and Culture expert. Brett shares with us details into his research of 50 CEOs with top top performing remote and hybrid cultures. These top 50 CEOs were selected out of 500 (the top 10%) because of their unique ability to create a strong culture.

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29. 7 Ways to Develop a Creative Team

One of the greatest ways to develop a creative team is to lower the fear of failure and encourage people to bring out their creativity, according to Denise Jacobs, author of Banish Your Inner Critic. Everyone has their unique creative gifts and by supporting your team to unleash theirs, you then create connectivity, closeness, and a culture of play.

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28. What Theme Parks are Teaching Leaders About Employee Experience, Events & StoryTelling

The future of work will resemble today’s most coveted theme parks. You won’t go to work every day, but you will be transported through an immersive employee experience. Leaders will immerse their teams in story. HR departments will be the designers of immersive employee experience. Companies will gather for events and meetings in a much more engaging way. Barry Winkless’ team spent the last nine months researching The Future of Work.

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27. The Leadership Ceiling No One Wants to Face

In today’s episode, we interview Lexy Thompson, author of the recently released book, The Power of a Graceful Leader. In the book, Lexy shares strategies to break through the ceiling that many leaders don’t want to face to reach higher levels of engagement and success.

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26. To Solve Team Problems Mindful Leaders Do These Four Things

Is there a connection between leadership and mindfulness? Is there a connection between profitability in mindfulness? What is the benefit of mindfulness on a remote team? And why is it crucial now more than ever? Today we interview Dr. Keren Tsuk to uncover the importance of Mindfulness Based Leadership.

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25. Coach Your Multi-Generational Team to Reduce Loneliness and Increase Collaboration

In this episode of Team Anywhere, we interviewed Generational Expert and Author of Second Wave Millennials, Warren Wright. Warren uses his experience from his work at Gallup to help bridge the divisive gap between generations in the workplace.

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24. How to Leverage Teamwork Skills: Curiosity & Creativity

There is a battle going on between humans and technology. How can we humans differentiate ourselves in a world of digital technology and machines, particularly artificial intelligence?
If you’re leading virtual calls, one of your main concerns is how well you are doing at keeping the attention of the people in this meeting.

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23. How to Plan Engaging Virtual Meetings- Part 2

Engaging virtual meetings is one of the most relevant topics for leaders leading remote teams today. You can actually create stronger levels of engagement in online meetings than you can in in-person meetings. How can you do that? Well, one of the biggest keys has to do with intentional design.

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22. How to Plan Engaging Virtual Meetings- Part 1

Part one of our 2-Part episode on Engaging Virtual Meetings. In this series, we speak with virtual meeting expert, John Chen to learn tips on how to plan engaging virtual meetings. Inside this first episode you’ll learn best practices for designing your virtual meetings and understand the role that Psychological Safety has inside your virtual meetings.

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21. How to Maximize Productivity Remotely

How do you maximize productivity while in a virtual environment? Actually, we have never been set up to be more productive. Hear from Jeremy Redleaf, the founder of Caveday, a social community where people unite globally to get focus work done. Learn why it is so hard to focus, the importance of facilitating deep focus sessions, and keys to working in a remote environment.

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20. How to Make Empathy Your Business

Make Empathy your business with Wayne Tarken and Stephen Hart. Wayne Tarken and Stephen Hart are agile practitioners, seasoned educators and experts on building agile HR organizations to transform workplaces. They focus on the application of Agile as a means to manage complex problems that HR leaders face and gain traction in their implementation.

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19. How to use Vulnerability for Business Growth

Learn how one company,, reached its highest revenue ever by focusing on using vulnerability for business growth. By treating his customers as friends and harnessing the power of stories Trevor Rappleye shares with us his secrets on how his company had such a great year.

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18. How to Lead a Hybrid Team

Are you leading a team that is part remote part in-person? There are unique challenges leaders face as they lead a hybrid team. Learn secretes Rebecca Knight has picked up from her research for her work with the Harvard Business Review.

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17. How to find Opportunities for Growth in This Pandemic

How can you find opportunities for growth as a leader this year while navigating leadership in remote teams? We spoke with PhD sociologist Tracy Brower to get her insights on what the pandemic has done for innovation, creating energy on a remote team, and how trust is different on a remote team.

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16. Creating Strategy with a Remote Team

Learn how to utilize the mindset of taking a company on an adventure in a strategy retreat and the keys to preparing for and leading a successful remote strategy offsite with Strategist, Tara Rethore. Lastly, discover a secret high tech tool that she uses to keep her teams engaged.

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15. How to Support Workplace Wellness on A Remote Team

Workplace wellness is an important and imperative topic in 2020 given the COVID Pandemic. Employers are concerned about the health and well being of their staff, which is even more difficult when their team is working remotely.

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14. How to use Vulnerability to Connect with Your Team

Mike Robbins, author of “We’re All in This Together,” released his book right before the pandemic. In this episode he talks about how to use vulnerability to connect with your team, shares his own message on embracing vulnerability and authenticity and how the COVID pandemic has shifted his perspective on topics like video calls, and loneliness.

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13. Workplace Conflict Management: How to Master Conflict From Anywhere 

Remote conflict got your tongue? Discover six simple steps to have conflict remotely and discover a conflict exercise to do with your team from HBR Contributor and “Water Cooler Psychologist” Liane Davey.

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12. How to Partner with Our Employees

Gary shares how allowing greater flexibility, being transparent, and giving more trust to our employees is contributing to higher engagement scores. Learn four questions that move management from “yell-and-tell” to being a partner who walks alongside your direct reports.

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11. How to ask Questions to get to the Best Solutions

The pandemic has caused fear, uncertainty, and isolation, and Stephen shares that the only way to find solutions in this unprecedented time is to learn how to ask the right questions.

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10. How to Engage Remote Employees

In a recent study of workplace engagement, Quantum Workplace studied 1.2 million employees and contrasted engagement scores from March-May 2019 with engagement scores from March-May 2020. Discover what they found.

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9. How to Unlock Hidden Potential

How do you unlock the potential of your remote team? Phil says you can start by throwing the word “human capital” out of your tool box. He believes that to unlock potential, we need to remember the human element that goes beyond pulse surveys and comes back to simply asking people what they think.

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8. How to Be More Empatheic: Honor People’s Emotions

Brian uses many of the principles of Improv to honor people’s emotions since attention, connection, and acceptance are crucial especially right now.

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7. How to Demonstrate Empathy

Cindy talks about utilizing the principles of Agile by having a daily standup and doing a lot of skip level one-on-ones. Through Cindy’s interview you’ll find how to be a more connected, trusting and vulnerable leader as you “team from anywhere.”

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6. How to Create Intentional Meetings

How to create intentional meetings with Bryan Ware. Bryan is the Assistant Director for cybersecurity at CISA and was the CEO at both Digital Sandbox and Haystax. In this new world of remote teams, Bryan emphasizes the importance of transparency, intention, and over-communicating.

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5. How to Build Engagement

Rachel Casanova, Managing Director at Cushman & Wakefield, focuses on workplace innovation by helping business owners maximize the experience of their unique culture by leveraging their real estate, whether it is at the office, the home, the hub, or any combination in between.

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4. How to Be an Authentic Leader

In this episode, Jonathan shares an underlying theme of servant leadership and using the strategy as teams tackle challenging problems like transferring to a virtual work environment and dealing with despair.

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3. How to Hire and Retain the Best Talent

Learn specific strategies in hiring, retaining talent, how to build an effective virtual workforce and how to be a more effective leader.

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2. How to Build Team Connection

Learn five rules from CEO of Shape America Stephanie Morris to build deep connections with her team. Learn more about flexibility when working from anywhere.

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1. How to Design a Remote Company from the Ground Up

Learn how Willory designed a Remote Company from the ground up. Major takeaways include designing your companies values to support a remote only company, making a family first environment, and how accountability works in a remote environment.

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