Strengths Assessment StandOut 2.0

Standout Strengths 2.0

What would be different if your team brought their strengths to work every day?

Leaders Create High-Performing Teams Through Leveraging Strengths and Strength Roles

As the leader of a team, you can identify and leverage opportunities if you understand the strengths and  unique strength roles of your team members. Knowing this empowers you  to put them in positions and activities that will not only keep them more engaged, but also maximize productivity and create a high performance team.

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What is the StandOut 2.0 Strengths Assessment?

Your number one job as a leader is to turn talent into performance. Standout 2.0 easures you against 9 different roles and finds your top to StandOut Roles.

Understanding what your top StandOut Roles are will help you better understand the focal point of all of your talents and skills, and if you focus on them, they can give you an advantage to leverage and use to make a difference in the world.

The StandOut 2.0 Strengths Assessment identifies two Strength Roles that helps you identify actions you can take to capitalize on.

Standout strengths assessment

The StandOut 2.0 Workshop

We can help your team understand the power and potential of their StandOut Roles and what that means as a team through our StandOut 2.0 Workshop.


Before the Workshop

– We meet with you before to identify key topics for the workshop and create a customized agenda.

– We get the list of participants and send out assessments to your team.

– Your team takes the assessments and we review the results.


During the Workshop

– We Facilitate 2-3 experiential exercises that will help develop key learning points.

– Expertly facilitate customized agenda.

– Develop personal action plans based on the Assessment and the Workshop.


After the Workshop

Follow up with a detailed summary and provide additional coaching as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the StandOut 2.0 for Leaders or Team Members?

The answer is – both. There are two separate assessments one for being a team leader, and one for being a team member. 

Is your StandOut Your Strengths?

Strengths are activities that you love to do, and what you do well. Possible strengths activities are infinite. Knowing your strengths can help you identify the specific work that you should do.

In teams, leaders should know the strengths of everyone on their team, and help give them activities that can help them leverage those strengths.

Strength Roles are how you tend to show up in situations.

Strengths Roles are recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that describes how you tend to approach any situation. Your roles are important to know because they are the universal ingrained tendencies that represent your path of least resistance to success.

What makes you a unique team member?

What makes you a unique team member on your team is knowing and leveraging a combination of strengths and your StandOut Roles. By knowing what you enjoy doing, what activities you do well, and how you tend to show up in situations, you can become an effective team member inside your team by leaning into those activities and conversations.

Are you a certified StandOut 2.0 facilitator?

Yes. We are certified through The Marcus Buckingham Company.

Why are strengths and weaknesses important on a team?

Many people believe that the strongest teams are made up of people who all have only strengths. This isn’t true, every person has strengths and weaknesses, but the power comes in knowing and leveraging your strengths, and identifying your weaknesses. The reason why you want to know your weaknesses is so that you can find team members who are strong in areas where you are weak. The highest performing teams are made up of unique groups of people who all capitalize on their strengths to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Why should your team know their strengths?

Your team should know their strengths so that when it comes to delegating tasks and activities, your team can identify the tasks that they are strong at and enjoy. This boosts productivity and engagement because they are doing the things they love to do and what they do best. As each team member has different strengths, you can cover a wide range of tasks and activities with your strong team as long as they know their strengths.

Why should you Know Your Strengths as a leader?

As a leader, you should know your strengths so that you know where to leverage it on your team as well. Perhaps your Strengths Role is in Teaching, you can leverage your Strengths Role and Step into Teaching more and strengthen your team as you do it. Knowing your Strengths Roles are going to help you identify goals on how to build a stronger team.


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