Episode #140 – Leading with Care: Beliefs and Practices of Great Leaders

In today’s podcast episode we interview Phil Clampitt and Bob DeKoch, Co-Authors of the book, Leading with Care in a Tough World as they share their surprising discoveries and valuable insights from the past three years of leading teams in hybrid and virtual work environments. Discover the untapped potential of virtual collaboration, the significance of face-to-face interactions, and the challenges leaders face in fostering engagement post-COVID.

Dive into the meaning of leading with care, beyond surface-level empathy, and explore the beliefs and practices that drive exceptional leadership. Gain practical strategies for building strong relationships, addressing challenges authentically, and enhancing employee engagement in this thought-provoking conversation as we build Teams Anywhere.

Episode #139 – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: A Leader’s Guide

In today’s podcast episode we interview Wanda Wallace, Managing Partner of Leadership Forum & Host of “Out of the Comfort Zone” as we delve into her surprising revelations over the past three years. Wanda discovered that the biggest barriers her clients are facing include stress, time management, and giving meaningful feedback to peers, subordinates, and superiors. Discover Wanda’s tips on how to get out of your comfort zone by starting with small experiments and dealing with uncertainty by focusing on what you “do” know and your core values as we Team Anywhere.

Episode #138 – The Power of the 10-80-10 Principle in Leadership

In this podcast episode we interview Sunjay Nath, Professional Speaker and Author of the book, The 10-80-10 Principle. Sunjay talks about his insights on transitioning to hybrid work and empowering employees through authentic communication and engagement. Sunjay also shares the 10-80-10 principle, which can be applied to any group of people, and provides examples of how it affects human behavior. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on the top 10% of employees who exhibit desired behaviors, and creating a dominant force for a healthy organizational environment. Tune in to learn how to create an engaging and healthy culture in organizations as we Team Anywhere!

Episode #137 – Building Trust in Hybrid Work Teams

In this podcast episode we interview Darryl Stickel, Leader and Founder at Trust Unlimited. Stickel discusses the decline of benevolence and the increase in fabrication in virtual work teams in the last three years, emphasizing the importance of benevolence as a critical lever in building trust. He also shares insights on how to build trust in hybrid work teams by reducing miscommunication, increasing transparency, and understanding the meaning of benevolence, integrity, and ability. Stickel notes that vulnerability takes courage, and organizations can increase trust by making themselves more predictable and intentionally reducing uncertainty as we Team Anywhere.

Episode #136 – Improving Workplace Relationships through Improv

In this podcast episode we interview Dan O’Connor and Jeffrey Katzman, Co- Authors of the book, Ensemble. Today’s podcast topic discusses the various aspects of applied improvisation and its role in work, relationships, and mental health. They highlight the importance of active listening and how improvisation can help people become more present in their interactions. They note that improv can help individuals see each other as full human beings rather than just the roles they play in the workplace as we Team Anywhere.

Episode #135 – Discipline and Personal Growth: Navigating Leadership Struggles with Chad Brown

In today’s podcast episode we interview Chad Brown, Leadership Coach and Associate Partner at Take New Ground. Today’s topics focus on managing behavior vs. managing results in remote teams, embracing conflict for building connections, overcoming imposter syndrome through pushing beyond comfort zones, and adopting an attitude of practice in struggles with discipline. Chad Brown offers valuable insights on leadership and personal growth as we Team Anywhere.