Meet Mitch

From an Executive with a “hunch”
to San Diego’s Leading Executive Coach

Who started helping other executives build amazing high-performance teams.


Before the top-ranked executive training company

before the executive coaching that drives exquisite care…

…there was a Director in Strategic Planning at a corporate office, with a hunch.

The hunch told me, people have a hard time being truly authentic in the workplace.

Here’s my story about how one climb changed my life and I came back into the corporate world to create unstoppable teams.

(If you’re looking for the short version about me, you can find it here.)

The lady who thought I was crazy

There I was, Director of Strategic Planning, in the boardroom of a Fortune 500 company, with a gut feeling that things weren’t going as well as they seem.
The company I was working with was headed for extinction, I knew it, I screamed it. The company, on the verge of extinction today, didn’t listen.

I had hired an incredible team, a team that was suffering under the weight of bureaucracy, hubris, seriousness, and inauthenticity, and for some reason I knew that I could give them something better.

So, I took it upon myself to lead my team on a team retreat.

I had never been on a team retreat.

I had never met a coach.

But I had listened to a tape set from Tony Robbins.

I decided we were going to engage in a life changing adventure…climb Mt. San Jacinto…the hard way.

Our climb was grueling.

My goal was to climb for an hour, have transformational conversations for a few minutes, and climb again.
The trail was brutal.

Our route included climbing for 5 minutes, conversing for an hour, and then climbing again.
My team struggled.

My team was exhausted.

Yet together we transformed the others’ lives.

My teammates were confused.

We were asking big questions and we were challenging each others’ mindsets.
Nicole mentioned that we were discussing things her mother, her boyfriend, and her closest friends never asked? She thought I was crazy.

What were we doing? 

I had no idea. I had never done this before.

But I began to realize I wanted to spend my life creating great teams, that created this greatness through these conversations.

Shortly Thereafter

I had the opportunity to climb Mt. Rainier with 12 executive coaches. As I was climbing, they were asking me questions that rattled my soul.

Asking me things like…

“Are you 100% satisfied with your professional life, your romantic life, with your current level of performance?”
“Are you engaging 100% in what you are truly passionate about?”

“Are you taking enough risks, or have you created a life where you are too comfortable?

These guys were in my face. They were confrontational. They were rigorous. I wanted them to go away.

I left Mt. Rainier a different person that day

I knew that the corporate world needed conversations like these to build their strongest teams, to challenge their teammates to take greater risks, and to create relationships of trust where people are committed to each others’ professional and personal success.

The corporate world needs help learning how to really lead. They need help engaging employees, strengthening teams, and creating authentic relationships.

I left the corporate world, went to coaching school and founded the Simon Leadership Alliance. Within 18 months, I was doing what I love to do best…build strong, unbeatable teams made up of hungry, voracious, young energetic leaders.

I love the dynamics that occur in team development, and specialize in making teams stronger, more effective and more productive than when I met them..


Coaching with rigor and compassion

The way I challenge leaders and teams, some, even many may not like.

If you like to live in your own reality, and not be challenged to think in a different mindset, my coaching and training may not be for you.

But if you KNOW that being REAL with yourself is the path to success, and you want to lead in your industry, I just may become your new best friend.

My executive coaching produces benefits like..


Like a commercial real estate brokerage team who moved from individuals earning several thousands of dollars to team leaders earning several millions of dollars in annual commissions in a company recognized by Forbes as one of America’s best employers.


Like the Scientists at a national laboratory who transformed from being individual contributors to working together to achieve top notch reviews from their government sponsors.


Like a construction company who moved from last position to first position in profitability through my leadership development program.

Tell me about your team

Whether you’re researching partners to help build your leadership strategy or looking for an executive coach, I’d love to know how I could help partner with you in building your own high-performance team.

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