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Team Retreats

To retreat is the act of moving back or withdrawing. When a team goes on a retreat, they withdraw from their typical day-to-day business and begin to work on the business with a new view. Since 1997, we’ve been designing and conducting thousands of the most powerful leadership retreats leaders in San Diego have ever experienced. Our leadership team retreats are always customized to meet the specific needs and strategic approach for your team.

Inspired by a retreat I led with my own team when I was the Director of Strategic Planning at a Fortune 500 company, I founded the Simon Leadership Alliance and began doing what I love to do best, build strong, unbeatable teams made up of hungry, voracious, energetic leaders.


How it Works



First we assess your team (depending on it’s specific needs) and deliver an anonymous survey. This gives specific information on what the team wants, needs, and would like to accomplish during the retreat.




Based on your team’s specific needs, we work with you to custom design your agenda with a variety of elements ranging from Emotional Intelligence exercises to innovation labs.





The day of your retreat, we guide you through the agenda, and enroll everyone into the retreat goals.
Depending on the needs of the team, retreats can range from 1-4 days

During the facilitation, we will focus on deepening connection, and focus on what matters most as we help strengthen the bond with your team and begin to create action and accountability plans.



After your retreat, you receive a detailed action plan with conversations, promises, tasks, deadlines and commitments we made during your team retreat. 

San Diego Team Retreat Locations

Here are a few common locations that we lead San Diego Team retreats at:

La Jolla, CA

Del Mar, CA

Rancho Bernardo, CA

Coronado, CA

Solana Beach, CA

Carmel Valley, CA

Carlsbad, CA

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Encinitas, CA

San Diego Team Retreat Activities

All of our retreats can be cusomized to suit your teams needs, but here are a few common retreat programs that we offer.

Meditation Retreats

Teach your team the skills they need to enhance their mental clarity, increase their self-awareness and become more present through a meditation retreat led by Chopra Center Certified Instructor Julie Hunt. 

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Assessment Retreats

We offer a wide variety of assessments and programs designed to help your team achieve high performance. 

Emotional Intelligence (EQI 2.0)
Enneagram Assessment
Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
DiSC Assessments
360 Assessments
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Executive Strategy & Planning Retreats

Take your executive team on an annual strategy and planning retreat with Mitch. 

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Team Building Retreats | Ropes Course | San Diego, CA

Ropes Course Retreats

Take your team outside their comfort zone and lead them on a ropes course. 

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Innovation Retreats

About FreshBiz

Discover new innovative ideas on a retreat with your team featuring FreshBiz, a 90 minute business simulation.

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Hiking Retreats

Take your team on a hike.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I really wanted to sincerely thank you for what I consider to be a great event last week. I’ve done a lot of team retreats over the years with different consultants, and I can say this was the best one I’ve ever participated in.
You did a really good job of managing the group and managing the event. I got a lot out of it in terms to interpersonal stuff. I got a lot out of it in terms of work objectives to take home and get going on. I know it took a lot of energy and a lot of work on your par

Ray Pittman, President

Landmark Properties Group, Inc.

This is the best team retreat we have had in quite some time. I appreciate that you listened and developed the format in such a way that we incorporated learning, teamwork building and results. You were very effective in selecting best practice stories as well as our joint exercise. You re-directed our focus as needed and did a great job at pulling response from Kurt as needed.
It was a substantive commitment of time and energy for all of us, but was well worth it and will have lasting positive impact in the future. 

Kim Buttemer, Chief Operating Officer

CDC Small Business Finance

Mitch did an outstanding job for us during our team retreat of effectively cutting to the core of some complicated and delicate issues to get everyone on the same page. After just a few days, Mitch was able to get us united, focused and energized. We could not have been more happy with the outcome.

leadership team retreat san diego testimonial Travis King
Travis King, CEO

Brixton Capital


Tell us more about you, your company and how we can help you plan an unforgettable retreat. 

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