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Great leaders become great leaders through the growth mindset, great coaching, and taking not just any courses – but transformational leadership courses that empower leaders to achieve true results. And if we’re all being honest, not all online leadership courses are created equal.

But here at the Simon Leadership Alliance, we believe that all leaders should have access to the information they need to succeed. And that’s why, in collaboration with Madecraft and LinkedIn Learning, we’ve developed these courses to help you get where you need to go faster. All you’ll need to do is activate your one-month free trial with LinkedIn Learning. 

How To Be An Effective Remote ManagerHow to Build Virtual Accountability

How to be an 
Effective Remote Manager

As a manager of a remote team, you may face unique challenges, but you also have unique opportunities to help your team thrive.

In this course, Mitch Simon shares his advice for leaders who are overseeing remote teams by outlining common mistakes.

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How to Be an Effective Remote Manager Students:

Sara Mérida Muñoz


I liked that you were really specific on some recommended practices, some of them I had never thought of (most of them never even experienced…)

Santosh Bhandari


Overall the course was excellent. Your three rule for high-performance team requirements is productive meeting, radical candor, and fruitful conflict is stuck in my mind.

Sara Thome


This honestly was one of the most useful courses I’ve taken on this platform!

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How to be an Effective Remote Manager

How to Build
Virtual Accountability 

In this course, business coach Mitch Simon shares his secrets for how to foster accountability in a virtual or remote environment.

Mitch walks through the fundamentals of virtual accountability and the different types of accountability that exist. He then guides you through methods to help build and demonstrate accountability, as well as how to create the infrastructure for accountability to thrive.

Finally, Mitch provides communication tips that can help you have more effective conversations that build trust and a culture of accountability.

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Are LinkedIn Learning Courses Free?

Sadly LinkedIn Learning does not offer free courses, but they do offer a 1-month free trial which will give you full access to all its 16,000 expert-led courses and other resources. All you will need to do is register and add your card details. You won’t be charged for the subscription if you cancel at least a day prior to the end of that first month. It’s a pretty good way to get a taste of the LinkedIn Learning platform right?

The course, How to Build Virtual Accountability can possibly be unlocked for 24 hours for free using this link or using the one month free trial of LinkedIn Learning.

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