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The Case Against Mediocrity: How To Build Your Self-Awareness

From the beginning of our schooling, we are told to be self-sufficient — to be the leader who sacrifices it all, works hard and wins. We are encouraged to be the “go-to” person in our field — to be untouchable and to be a success. We are driven to do it all and to be invincible.
But all of this is a trap.

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How to Form a More Trusting Team In Two Sessions

Leaders, does your team ever feel like a horror film when you thought you were producing a romantic comedy? You chose team members because you thought they would form a great bond, but instead, the opposite happened and you let them stay anyway.
If you were actually in a movie theater, you could just get up and walk out when the plot started to change. But at work, it’s a bit harder.

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Want Stronger Leadership Presence? Focus On What Your Followers Need

After coaching executives for over 15 years, one of the most common questions I get is, “How can I have more leadership presence?”
As leaders, we feel the need to have the right amount of presence that moves, touches and inspires our teams toward greatness. But when we think about how we can build our leadership presence, we focus on ourselves. We ask, “How can I demonstrate more presence? What do I need to do?” All these questions lead to anxiety, and ultimately, to defeat.

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13 Ways To Keep Your Team On The Innovation Fast Track

A key part of a leader’s job is to keep their team curious and innovative. According to an IBM report, some of the key barriers to innovation are inadequate funding, risk avoidance, time commitments and incorrect methods of measurement.

Leaders were asked to look at how they were measuring success, if the innovation was worth the time of those involved, how effective their ways of measuring risks, benefits and non-innovation were, how far they could get without money and how much was needed to succeed.

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Eight Ways You Can Define, Then Reach, Your Career Goals

No matter how far along in your career you are, you have goals you are looking to meet, ranging from personal wants to professional musts.

Hitting these milestones, however, can be difficult — especially if you’re unsure how to navigate the steps you need to take to get there.

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Looking Ahead: What You Need To Know About Life-Work Balance During The Holidays

Having time for a personal life is crucial. Without time to decompress, stress accumulates, bringing with it a deterioration in work quality and general happiness. Hear Mitch’s advice on work during the holidays.

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