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If you’re a leader looking for team building activities and have made enough human knots and scavenger hunts, you just might be looking in the right place. Team building should not be “mandatory fun” it should actually be fun. Team building should also have a direct connection to your ability to collaborate as a team.

Many team building activities do not have a direct impact on your team’s ability to collaborate, innovate or co-create no matter how well-intentioned they might be.

It’s important to view team building activities not as one time events, but a continual process of deepening relationships, developing growth mindsets, and constant innovation. 

Effective team building activities have four main objectives:
1. Have fun
2. Create Connection
3. Build Accountability
4. Learn Something New

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Team Building Workshops

The Good Life

Number of Participants: Up to 20
Format: In-Person | Virtual
Duration: 2 Hours
Objectives: Social Connection | Wellness | Vision | Goal Setting
“The Good Life” is how you live according to what you care about and your personal principles. To not live “The Good Life” means that you are making sacrifices, denying your purpose, your family, your health, and your joy. 
Why it is important to design The Good Life:
• A fulfilled life is much more meaningful than a careful life.
• Life is a precious opportunity for growth.
• Life is about taking care of what you care about
• Life is about taking risk, being present, and being in satisfying relationships
• Life is a Work of Art
• Life is a journey with ups and downs and struggles that are within themselves fulfilling

Build your good life with your team and identify your personal principles to help guide you on your way to achieving your good life. Learn about what the Good Life looks like for each person on your team.

Resilient Teams

Number of Participants: Up to 20
Format: In-Person | 
Duration: 2 Hrs
Objectives: Create a framework to ensure you can sustainably achieve your goals

Learn how to avoid burnout and create a framework to ensure you can sustainably achieve your goals.
• Help your team members create a framework for building resilience
•Discover burnout risk factors and what the antidote to burnout is.
•How to develop a Resilience-Building Mindset that cultivates greater mental clarity, enhances work satisfaction, and deepens relationships

Team Building Events San Diego: The Person Who Changed Your Life

The Person Who Changed Your Life

Number of Participants: 20- 50
Format: In-Person | Virtual
Duration: 30-60 Minutes
Objectives: Create Connection | Build Trust | Understanding | Build Empathy
How to Play:
In this workshop, your team opens up about the people that changed their lives in a light-hearted way through improv. Our lives have been positively impacted because of the people in our life who deeply cared about us.

Inside this team building session, facilitated by an experienced improv comedian, you step into the role of the person who changed your life. As you act like the person who changed your life, you act out a conversation that significantly impacted you. After everyone acts out their favorite scene with the person who changed their life, they begin to identify the unique characteristics that person had, that will have you move forward with your team.

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Number of Participants: Up to 10,000
Duration: 3 Hours – 3 Day Workshop
Objectives: Spark Innovation | Create a Team-Centered Mindset | Find More Effective Ways of Working | Think Like an Entrepreneur | Create an Unstoppable Strategy
How to Play: To play FreshBiz click here to learn more.

Haven’t heard of FreshBiz? Well, you’re not alone, that’s because this unique experience is just barely hitting the US. Created by two Entrepreneurs in Israel on a mission to use Gamification technology to build better teams, FreshBiz uses a board game to help rewire your brain to become a more effective team player and spark innovation inside your team. If you’re looking for the fastest and most effective way to build the most effective team-centered mindset on your team, FreshBiz is certainly an experience you better not miss.

Team Building Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

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On behalf of all of us at Independa, I wanted to thank you for the Independa team building exercise you conducted and led so effectively yesterday. It was the perfect mix of information, collaboration, teamwork, light hearted self reflection and overall team building. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to have us all spend two hours together, and come out being so much more in tune with our respective strengths and tendencies, all adding to our mutual and collective benefit. As with any team, the celebration of success is best if based on mutual understanding, recognition and respect.

In drawing out and indeed highlighting these key areas, you have helped us each be better, and us all be better together. It takes a Village to build anything worthwhile, and you’re now a part of the Independa Village, for your efforts and effectiveness on our behalf! I also want to recognize that your hard work and preparation PRIOR to the meeting came across loud and clear. While using refreshing levity and positive energy throughout, you brought together key concepts, personalities and strengths in a way that allows each of us to further celebrate our individual strengths, even as we all come together to build excellence at Independa. I know there are many forms of MBTI reviews, and many forms of team building in general. Thanks to what YOU brought to it all, yours was most welcome, effective and appreciated!

Kian Seneii


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