How to Design a Remote Company from the Ground Up

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Discover how to design a remote company from the ground up. In today’s episode, we chat with John Bernatovicz and Bridgette Klein about how they’ve designed their remote company, Willory, from the ground up.

How to Design a Remote Company From the Ground UP

Craft Remote Company Values

The first thing you need to do, is to Design Your Values to Support a Remote Only Company.  In order to do this, design a company that focuses on Generosity. A remote company that values generosity creates connection and employee well-being. In addition to the value of generosity, what other values will be extremely critical inside your remote company?

Clearly Define Success

Equally important, Design Your Company to clearly define and measure success. measure its success on how people feel every day. To define success, ask yourself these questions.

  • How do your managers make each employee feel?
  • Does each colleague make the other colleagues feel welcomed, invited, wanted?
  • How the purpose of the business makes each employee feel?

Get Clear on Remote Company Culture

Design Your Company to Make a Family First Environment:

In order to create the company culture that you want to create, consider these tips.

  • If someone is going through something, ask how can I help you? 
  • How can I take something off your plate?
  • Be generous in trying to make everyone successful. 

Design for Full Accountability

Because of the remote atmosphere, leader struggle to create full accountability. Here are ideas to develop full accountability inside your meetings.

  • Create a system of meetings and check-ins that holds people accountable to their greatness. 
  • In order for you to be great at what you do, you need to be personally accountable and manage that yourself.
  • Be open to collaboration and communication from peers, colleagues, clients, and the founder.
  • Create scheduled, brief meetings that are standard across departments.
  • Schedule Weekly “Standup” calls to discuss important business topics. 
  • Have firm-wide meetings Monday mornings
  • Have a Staffing call on Mondays and Thursdays. 
  • Set an agenda and make sure everybody’s there. 
  • Cross-functional meetings force people to collaborate. 
  • Schedule monthly team training to get people together.
  • Have monthly lunches.
  • Have meetings at the end of the day that brings everyone’s family into the call

Create an Excellent Remote Company Philosophy

Create a Philosophy for Culture and Leadership

One of their philosophies is “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

  • Encourage your teammates to get together off-campus!
  • Bring everyone together for a book group, then have a facilitator challenge your employees to develop new skills in their personal and professional life.
  • Follow the data so you can follow up with employees to support them in their work.
  • Become more empathetic and make sure to connect with what everyone on the team is going through…it leads directly to profitability!

Online Courses for Remote Leaders:

Check out these online courses for remote leaders from the Team Anywhere Team.

How to Be an Effective Remote Manager | How to Build Virtual Accountability

Remote Company Quotes:

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Links Mentioned in this Episode

  • Willory was one of the first 10 clients for Microsoft Office 365.
  • They collaborate through SharePoint.
  • They communicate through SKYPE and ZOOM
  • Bridgette uses a tool called HubSpot for digital marketing. 
  • The Company uses Smartsheet to share progress on virtual projects, and exceptional tool.

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