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How our unique program design helped us make the San Diego Business Journal’s Top List of Executive Training Companies for Five Consecutive Years

The Key to Our Success program design of our leadership training and team building retreats workshops and programs.  Learn how our combination of experiential learning, gamification and purposeful feedback helps us create impactful learning for leaders, executives and teams  Team Building | Leadership Training San Diego, CA

Is your company looking for team building, leadership development or executive training?

Because of our short attention spans and information overload, companies like yours want team talent development solutions that engage employees and deliver results, now. You want to achieve results in the least amount of time as possible.

Through leadership development and team building, you want more than leaders that have more information. You want your leaders to take on behaviors that they have not demonstrated before and to turn those new behaviors into habits. You want them to practice collaboration, coordinating action, and standing for the results of other leaders as their first priority.

We believe that leadership is a practice, that it must be customized, and to become a high-performance team it must be designed with a balance of personal development and team development.

Our unique program design propels skill development through a mix of (1) experiential learning, (2) gamification, and (3) purposeful feedback.

Program Design Experiential Learning + Gamification + Purposeful Feedback | Leadership Training | Team Building | San Diego, CA

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the future of learning according to Mr. Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder and CEO, KNOLSKAPE. With Experiential learning, the learner connects integrally on three levels: emotionally, physically and mentally through three phases: reflection, challenges, and action. This approach results in greater retention than traditional classroom learning.
Many critical skills in talent development cannot be effectively taught exclusively through textbooks or online courses, because the majority of the skills our teams and leaders need are interpersonal skills. You could experience “situations” in an online setting, but developing these skills in person, with a coach helps you retain the information quicker. We identify key skills and approach them through this three-step process:

Experiential Learning = reflect + challenge + do | Leadership Training | Team Building  | San Diego, CA

(1) Reflect

Reflection is perhaps one of the most important leadership traits. In the Reflect phase, participants are asked to develop and/or share who they are.

Through being vulnerable, participants share what attributes make them who they are, what is working, and what is not working.

They share their personal intentions and their challenges with the explicit assumption, that at the end of the day building a high-performance team requires a commitment for all participants to make each other the best and most effective version of themselves.

It is through creating the participants life story, sharing strengths and weaknesses, and asking for help that participants get in the game of asking for help, the most important skillset in building a collaborative team.

(2) Challenge

In the Challenge phase participants are immersed in engaging activities that uncover their blind spots. In this phase, all participants are given permission to celebrate their blind spots as they uncover new ways to collaborate to achieve bigger objectives. It is these “AHA” moments where the possibility of greater effectiveness surfaces. In the Challenge Phase participants are asked to confront what is not working and uncover ways to work more effectively as a team.

(3) Do

It is in the Do Phase participants improvise, take on new practices, refine their behaviors with new insight, and see how taking actions that are uncomfortable can lead to greater outcomes.

The Do phase is about practice. In our programs, we provide contextual based simulations for learners to “do.” The beautiful part of a simulation is that the company is not at stake, the risks of doing something “wrong” does not exist. The participants take on actions together so that they can give each other feedback on how to effectively collaborate when it really does matter.

Then the leaders have the opportunity to take the DO Phase outside the classroom in between session and practice the skills in their workplace.


Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing to other activities, in our case, to your business. Gamification is an experiential learning approach that raises engagement and enhances learning retention.

Gamification leverages the motivations and desires that exist in all of us for community, feedback, achievement and reward. When combined with the latest research on motivation, leadership, innovation, and team building, gamification empowers teams to fully leverage all of their resources for the greatest impact.

Our approach to gamification is FreshBiz, a global game-based business simulation that enhances your team’s approach to strategy, mindset, leadership, team building, innovation, mutual accountability, collaboration, and communication. With FreshBiz we transform leaders from uncoordinated groups of people with varying agendas to a high-performance team driven and engaged to execute on their collective real-world strategy.

Ieambuilding in san diego Improv rules number 3 everything is a gift

Purposeful Feedback 

While Experiential Learning and Gamification are incredible tools to engage participants and quickly teach new skills, we have found that unless you connect to individual purpose, personal values, and feedback around interactions at work, the results of the program won’t transform into new practices back at the office.

Purpose is the number one motivation for work. As a result, we always include segments of the Leadership and Team Building to connect personal purpose to corporate strategic objectives. Additionally, because employees want to know how they are doing on achieving their purpose, and how they can more effectively achieve what is most important to them, our feedback approach gives them the direction they need.

Our fast and furious feedback activities give each participant feedback on specific actions that they can be doing to improve, and they learn how to use our feedback approach at work. When they learn our approach and use it with their teams, they become a better member of a collaborative and accountable team that crushes it.

The Skills Employers Need

According to the World Economic Forum (2016) the top 10 skills that will be most desired by employers by 2020 are:

Complex Problem-Solving
Critical Thinking
People Management
Coordinating with Others
Emotional Intelligence
Judgement & Decision Making
Service Orientation
Cognitive Flexibility

P.S. 2020 is next year….

So how can your team learn these skills in the most efficient manner?

Although online learning is cost effective, can it really transform interpersonal skill sets such as People Management, Coordinating with Others, Emotional Intelligence, and Service Orientation?

Self-trust and team trust are at the heart of these skills. These skills are developed in person, face-to-face with your team. It is only through the practice of sharing where trust exists, where trust does not exist, and practicing how to build the trust required to collaborate, can employees begin to strengthen these interpersonal skills.

As a result, we have designed our leadership and team building programs, to practice the art of developing trust to collaborate across a team.

We know your company’s time is valuable. That is why we design and customize our programs with one end in mind: To build teams that collaborate and hold themselves collectively accountable to objectives that are difficult, scary, and purposeful.

With this challenging objective, we use the most effective (and engaging) approach to learning and development with your teams.

Through mixing experiential learning, gamification and purposeful feedback, we help you build a high-performance team. With our programs, your company’s retention and engagement will improve as well as your culture, your employee’s well-being and your bottom line.

We are on a mission transform 10,000 teams into high-performance teams, could you be one of them?
If you too believe that leadership is a practice, that it must be customized and that it must connect to the deepest threads of your purpose to be truly impactful, then contact us, and see how we can help your team reach high performance.

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