The Good Life Team Building Activity

Number of Participants: Up to 20
Format: In-Person | Virtual

Duration: 2 Hours

Purpose: To provide participants the skills to balance their lives and their commitments. 

Objectives: Social Connection | Wellness | Vision | Goal Setting

The Challenge:

Today’s hybrid and virtual team members are busier than ever.  The pandemic has caused the majority of America’s workforce to be mono-focused.  Without the “normalcy” of driving to work, hanging out with friends, meeting people, being in the office, or going to a restaurant, we have become accustomed to waking up, working, and then collapsing after a 12-14 hour work day, exhausted, and depleted for the next day.

The pandemic has led to two major challenges:

  1. Without physical closeness, we have driven further apart from our teammates.
  2. With the complete focus on work, we have forgotten how to design our lives around our priorities.

As human beings, we were taught how to work with excellence.  We were unfortunately not taught how to design our lives with excellence.  Many of us work, to the complete detriment of our physical and mental health, because we were not given the tools to identify what we truly care about, to articulate our personal principles, and to design “The Good Life,” the life that would bring us meaning, joy, energy, and effectiveness.

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What is the Good Life?

The Good Life is your vision of you living your life at its fullest potential. It’s a written declaration, clearly defining what you care about, what you stand for, and what you do inside your good life in each area of your life.

Relationship | State of Mind/ Emotional Health | Physical Health | Spirituality | Professional Career | Personal Life

Why The Good Life Is Important:

  • A fulfilled life is much more meaningful than a careful life.
  • Life is a precious opportunity for growth.
  • Life is about taking care of what you care about
  • Life is about taking risk, being present, and being in satisfying relationships
  • Life is a Work of Art
  • Life is a journey with ups and downs and struggles that are within themselves fulfilling

Team Building Session Details

The Good Life Team Building Activity is designed for 12-20 participants who come together for a 2-hour interactive ZOOM or in-person session.


Good Life Video Introduction and Short Homework Assignment  (20 minutes)

The Activity will be kicked off with a short video introducing the “Good Life” concept, with a request to do a short homework exercise that will take each participant approximately 10 minutes before the session.


The session will include five small group or partner exercises to help you craft your good life.

Build your Good Life with your team and create a clear path to achieve your good life. Learn about what the Good Life looks like for each person on your team.

The Good Life helped me step back for a moment and gave me a good framework of what’s getting in my way.

Bob Wellman

A lot of us have goals, but we rarely put pen to paper and this was a very interesting and unique exercise to do

Jamie Morris

“I enjoyed Having a chance to hear about other people’s situations helped me see that we have a lot in common. Many of us have the same obstacles and desires in life.”