What is Executive Leadership Coaching?

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An executive leadership coach is really that outside observer who calls you out on aligning your words to match your behaviors. Hiring an executive leadership coach is the most productive thing that will ever happen to you. Most times, an executive leadership coach will take a greater stand than you would take for yourself. You say you want x but you’re doing y. So what I do, is I point it out. My provocation is to challenge you to what you want and help you get there faster.

“Where does you and your team want to be in one year? How about in 5 years? How about 10 years? An executive leadership coach takes you there quicker than you can make it yourself”

What is executive leadership coaching?

When asked about what is executive coaching, some people have the impression that companies hire an executive coach come in to either fix one problem, or an executive and then leave. This is truly not the case.

When you hire an executive leadership coach, you begin the journey of the most important business relationship you will ever have. Executive leadership coaches are invested in the long-term performance of you, your team, your organization, and your mission. You see, when it comes to the development of leaders and organizations, there isn’t a simple cure-all prescription. Executive leadership coaches know that developing organizations into leaders in their industries takes time, strategy, effort and the requirement of going all-in.

Executive leadership coaches are committed to developing you and your team as a leaders with unlimited potential.

As an executive coach, I get the opportunity every day to provoke diverse teams, executives and companies in San Diego and around the globe become the best at what they are already good at.

The one similar thing we all want, is to be better. We want to be more effective in our jobs, build better relationships, and live better lives.  We can only become as good as we can be on our own, and then it takes others, like executive leadership  to help you move beyond our current potential. That is where I work, in the land of provoking you to your full potential.

As an executive coach, I have the ability to see you from an outside perspective and help you see your next steps and even things you might be missing.

what does an executive leadership coach do

What does an Executive Leadership Coach do?

When you embark on a journey with an executive coach, you will increase your self-awareness, develop new strategies, and get all the help and support you need along the way. Coaches spend time with you one-on-one or conduct team sessions to assist in a set of goals that have been created and help develop ways to overcome barriers to the success of those goals.

As a certified New Ventures west coach, I practice integral coaching, a methodology that incorporates Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), as well as wisdom from both the eastern and western hemispheres that provides teams with three main outcomes:

  1. Long-term excellence
  2. Self-correction
  3. Self-generation

NLP, also known as ontology, is the branch of philosophy that studies being. As we study the question, “what is it to be human?” we really learn how to become better leaders of our fellow human beings. It is the basis of ontology that we need to always take into account, which is to never lose sight of the human condition and remembering the deep call we all feel for authenticity and the courageous path necessary for its fulfillment.

Here is a brief overview of the types of activities executive coaches perform:

Assess Your Strategy

Executive coaches help you really see your strategy on leadership, collaboration, culture and accomplishing goals. Everyone leads with their own strategies, and every strategy has its own success rate. Strategies are followed through by sets of behaviors that also need assessed. Certain behaviors can have certain long- and or short-term side effects that can impact others and either leverage the success of their strategy, or inadvertently crush the potential of that strategy.

Analyze assessments to facilitate goals

Executive coaches have many tools that they can use to help assess the health of your organization, and analyze those results to come up with a strategic action plan to help improve the results. These assessments vary from personality instruments, to 360°performance reviews, as well as emotional intelligence assessments.

The results of these assessments help identify what could be potential barriers in productivity for you and your team.

Create and Plan Goals

Long-term excellence is the mission for both you and I with your team and company. With that, I am there to help you create, plan, execute and assess your progress on your goals. Effective coaching is about getting you to achieve those goals. As a coach, I drive for results and help you and your team identify meaningful goals, and identify specific behaviors or steps that are going to help you reach them.

Support You and Evaluate Your Progress

As a coach, I am there to cheer you on when things get hard. This is where I really believe it’s important to have a coach who embraces peril. When you struggle to reach those goals, and you have barriers and obstacles to overcome. You want a coach who is going to help you get through the murky water and regain clarity. Through embracing peril, your coach helps your team navigate tough times easier.

What does an executive coach not do?

Executive coaches do not do therapy. Although there is always personal dynamic that mix within the purpose of coaching executives, coaches are not therapists.

what is an executive leadership coach

What to Look for When Hiring Your Executive Leadership Coach

Jody Michael’s Associates break down the basics of 6 essential tips to hiring an executive coach. What is executive coaching going to help you with, and who should you look for? Here are the top three most important elements she wrote about that we think should be deal-breakers.

Executive Experience

You want an executive leadership coach who has been there, in your shoes, making the difficult decisions you are making. As a coach who has been there, and after over 15 years of coaching other executives, there is very few problems that I haven’t seen. I engage all of my dynamic experience into every coaching session I have.

A Proven Strategy

You have a long-term plan, and you need some help getting you to that in the most strategic way. Look for an executive leadership coach who has implemented and succeeded many strategic initiatives in their own careers. There are a variety of coaching methodologies that all have their pros and cons. The most important part of the methodology is that it works and they can prove it!

Someone You like

This should be the most important thing. You can get a feel for the coach when you sit down and meet them. Do they seem like someone who will push you to your potential with a balance of rigor and compassion? Are they kind and humble, yet firm and dedicated to your success? That is the coach you want to pick.

As an executive leadership coach, not only do I draw from my experience as an executive, but also from my overall career experience, my education (J.D. MBA) and five years of performing live comedy. My coaching sessions are effective, fun, and will always leave you motivated to take your next step for success.

Executive Leadership coaches work with companies and corporations to train them in leadership, they help create strong and healthy organizational cultures, and help increase team collaboration.

Executive Coaching Leadership Development

Traditionally, executive coaching and leadership development are two different ways to help leaders develop. Many see executive coaching as 1-on-1 for a leader where as leadership development is for the leader in a 1-to-many atmosphere. Some companies invest in sending their leaders to offsite leadership development programs.

The downside to this approach, is that sending the leader away from the team to develop themselves impacts the effectiveness of the team. This is why we have created a program that is meant for your entire leadership team to develop together and to have opportunities for both team coaching sessions and individual coaching sessions. What happens when you choose to have your team develop together, they not only grow individually, but they grow together as a team as they begin to take on the mindset and actions of a high performance team.

To learn more about what is executive coaching, view our services page below.

  • what is executive coaching
  • what is executive coaching
  • what is executive coaching
  • San Diego, CA | Executive Coaching | what is executive coaching

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  1. I like that you said to get a feel for the coach before you hire them. It’s important that you get along with them because if you don’t it’s going to be a lot harder to take their advice. I want to get an executive coach, so maybe I should meet a few before I choose one.

  2. This article explains about executive coaching. It describes about what is an executive leadership coach. I had no idea about this topic. I was totally unaware of this executive leadership coach. This article helped me a lot in understanding this executive leadership coach. Thanks for the information.

  3. Mitch Simon says:

    Yes our pleasure. The role of an Executive Coach is so rewarding as we help change people’s lives and the lives of those they lead.

  4. Hiring an executive coach for any organization is rewarding for executive members and the organization. I liked the way you highlighted the role of an executive coach. Good Job Man!

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