A Leader’s Model to Building A Remote Work Culture  

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Leaders have long been focused on bottom-line results. However, with the emergence of virtual and hybrid teams, meaningful and engaging touchpoints have become necessary for results to happen. By establishing sound work cultures, leaders are learning how to use engagement as the cornerstone of organizational success. 

In today’s episode we interview Cody Hall, Founder and CEO of Octiva Healthcare.Today’s topics are focused on building a remote work culture, making meetings more engaging, and promoting a sense of accountability among team members as they Team Anywhere.

A Dive Into Octiva Healthcare’s Remote Work Culture

Cody believed in the hybrid work culture even before the pandemic. And when the pandemic happened, Octiva Healthcare was already poised to take on the impossible–a remote culture based on video calls and creative meetings that fostered closeness. 

At Octiva, Cody fosters an informal culture that breaks down barriers towards rich, virtual relationships. This “open communication vibe” promotes freedom, growth, and mutual support. 

Cody’s Reliable Virtual Team 

Cody Hall’s team is 99% female. And most of them are mothers. According to him, mothers have their way of wrangling the herd and getting things done. And that creates a work environment that feels like home. With a Kid-to-Employee ratio of 4:1, Cody is building a work culture around motherhood. He is also promoting company policies that take into consideration the welfare and needs of his particular employee population.

Common Misconceptions of Remote Work Cultures

Cody made a realization that Octiva oftentimes overemphasizes independent work. To that end, 50% of work processes never need to be in person. However, he and his people have learned that in person touchpoints cannot be neglected and must be built-in to daily work. 

We are humans. We are social beings and we want to have conversations. Isolated video chats cannot replace humanizing experiences. Consequently, Cody and his teams have biweekly touchpoints to build camaraderie, sharing, and increased understanding.

Cody’s Important Lessons From the Military

Cody Hall served in the US Marine Corps. There he learned the value and far-reaching implications of aiming for perfection and minimizing errors. He has translated this perfection goal into the Octiva work culture and this has been the secret to their success.

At Octiva, the mindset of “no errors” has led to a culture of accountability, mutual understanding, responsibility, and owning up to one’s mistakes. This core value makes the company one of the most effective teams in today’s world. 

Who is Cody Hall?

Cody Hall is the Founder and CEO of Octiva Healthcare. Cody has a diverse background in military, technology, and healthcare making him capable of leading organizations and teams effectively. Cody led customer service and human resource teams from early-stage startups to industry-leading tech giants, creating benchmark customer experiences and employee journeys for teams, large and small.

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