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Episode #155 – Redefining the Office: Balancing Remote Work Collaboration and Innovation in Modern Organizations

In this episode of Team Anywhere, host Mitch Simon welcomes Libby Sander to discuss the importance of human-centric leadership in the context of remote work and office environments. They explore how our physical environment impacts productivity, collaboration, and well-being, emphasizing the need for diverse and flexible workspaces. The discussion also highlights the changing expectations and priorities of today’s work. The episode calls for a shift in leadership approaches and office design to meet the evolving needs of employees and create environments that foster creativity, engagement, and success as we Team Anywhere.

Maintaining the Remote Workspace Culture with SoWork

In today’s episode we interview Emma Giles, Co-Founder of SoWork. SoWork provides support for virtual teams to push work forward together no matter when, where, or how they work. SoWork is a virtual office wherein team members from across the globe can interact, engage, connect, and collaborate all about work which will greatly help employees as they Team Anywhere.

The Core Principles for Loving Your Remote Team

In today’s episode we interview Helen Fanucci, Transformational Sales Leader at Microsoft and author of the book, Love Your Team: A Survival Guide for Sales Managers in a Hybrid World. Today’s topics are focused on the leadership conversations to fully love your team, the core principles in building loving and successful remote teams, and building connections with team members as they Team Anywhere.

Trust Building Ecosystems for Remote Teams

In today’s episode we interview Tanyette Colon, Head of Partner Ecosystems at Overpass. Tanyette’s company is on a mission to remove any obstacles to working remotely. They provide the platform to hire the best sales experts, engage and maintain amazing customer relationships, and effectively manage remote teams from anywhere in the world. Today’s topic is focused on how to create an ecosystem that fosters the sense of trust especially among Gen Z team members as they Team Anywhere.

Crafting Leadership Belief Systems For Remote Teams

In today’s episode we interview Don Schmincke, Award-Winning Speaker, Researcher, and Founder of the SAGA Leadership Institute. For over 35 years–and with in-depth study of human group behavior and leadership at MIT and Johns Hopkins–Don and his team have consulted and trained executives in North America, South America, Europe, and India. The purpose of today’s podcast focuses on how to reject traditional leadership myths and then craft leadership belief systems that help employees as they Team Anywhere.

The “Work on Your Game System” for Remote Teams

In today’s podcast episode we interview Dre Baldwin, CEO and Founder of Work On Your Game Inc. Dre’s company specializes in helping professionals and rising talent earn a living following your passion and helping others.Today’s topics are focused on Dre’s journey from a struggling young athlete to a successful content creator and motivational speaker. Dre’s company inspires people to “work on their game,” realize their goals, and Team Anywhere.