How your Team is your Lifeline to Achieve your 2019 Resolutions.

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What I just experienced on a team…

How your Team is your Lifeline to achieve your 2019 Resolutions.

Are you ready to crush your 2019 resolutions for the new year?

Don’t bother.  

Merely 8% of people actually fulfill on their new year’s resolutions.

Them are pretty bad odds.  You have a 92% chance that whatever your write down, if you get that far, was a complete waste of your time!

Why such a low percentage?  

Without anyone else holding you accountable, you probably won’t.  Without anyone generating power and conviction, you won’t have enough energy over the long haul. Without anyone reminding you about your resolutions, you will just forget!

So, what’s the solution?

Your team.  

Yeah, you know those people who you work with everyday whose success is tied to your own?  Oh, yeah, those people.

Get them involved in how you want to show up this year.  Get them involved in how much you will achieve. Get them involved in being involved with each other’s success. Now this will take some courage.  This will take some uncomfortability.  This will take a commitment to actually fulfill on your commitments.  

Let’s get serious.  Are these resolutions something you have resolved to complete, or just stuff you are interested in for the next few moments, until a new series shows up on Netflix?

Let’s be real.  95% of your success is based on who your team is.  Yes, your team, your relationships, your support system, not you.  In fact if all of your resolutions only require your effort, they just ain’t big enough.  Ouch. Sorry.

Now, I know you want big things, that’s why you are reading this.

Here’s the truth.

The dynamic you create with the people around you WILL DICTATE whether you achieve dynamic results.

The creativity you bring to the people around you WILL DICTATE whether you achieve creative results.

You aren’t looking for the same results your received lost year?  

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

You need to create a team that crushes it.

“Teams that crush it” are committed to building and maintaining a relationship that is dynamic, ambitious, provocative, and creative.  “Teams that crush it” demand an end to the mediocrity faced on most teams.

We Resolve to End the Conspiracy of Mediocrity

Unfortunately most people end up on mediocre teams.  

Mediocre teams are in a silent (and deadly) conspiracy to stay mediocre.  (That’s how they got their name.)

Here is how the silent and deadly conspiracy goes:

“I am going to be mediocre, and I’m going to let you be mediocre, and we are NOT going to commit to challenging each other to grow. Oh, and by the way, this is a conversation happening unconsciously in my head.  So, my greatest commitment to myself and to you is to never mention this conversation.”

For the most part, we are lazy in declaring how we will be with each other. We accept status quo. We ask for nothing great. We conspire to leave everybody as good as they are now. We assume there is no place for creativity in how we will be with each other.

Yet, we must resolve to not let this happen.

By asking, “How are we going to be with each other?” we end the conspiracy of mediocrity on our team.

We dangerously commit to help make each other great, to support each person on our team in their personal goals, to help each other in our united goals as this team, and to stamp out mediocrity whenever and wherever is shows its ugly head.

We Resolve to Create a Possibility for our Team

In order for you to succeed in 2019, you must commit to being a committed listener and actor on our team.  You must commit to being a “possibility” of dynamism.

Possibility is created through the alignment of each team member’s individual goals and a united team goal that creates a possibility so real, so compelling, and so inspiring that everyone is willing to go all out this year to make that possibility a reality.

Creating a team possibility is an art. It is creative, dynamic, and authentic, and is based in conversation.

You must Design the Dynamic of a Team that is Alive

The reason why we are so “good” at conspiring to have everyone be mediocre, is that we are too afraid to NAME and DESIGN the relationship where we make each other look good.

Yes, I said that right.  

So many of us are so busy making ourselves look good, we never imagine the possibility of making each other look good.  

Mediocrity is the unspoken commitment to put oneself over anybody else.  It requires never getting feedback, never listening, and avoiding humility.  

To shift from making yourself look good to committing to supporting your teammates to be who they were meant to be, to give up mediocrity, to engage in the fierce conversations, is hard work.  Ultimately, though, it really is the only way YOU will achieve your 2019 resolutions! To achieve your 2019 resolutions you must create a team that comes alive!

As we enter into 2019, before you answer the what are we going to accomplish, answer the following three questions:

(1) “How can we be a stand for each other?”

Create a united possibility that will take your team into 2019 with a bang, and take a stand for how you will act with each other in this united possibility. To create a possibility, it takes a village. If every team member could be a stand for each person in achieving their possibility, your team creates a relentless system of support that will hold each other up through hard times. To create a possibility, the village must agree on who they are to each other, such that they individually and collectively commit to a shift.

Consider the following resolutions in how team members could create a team that is fiercely alive:

We resolve to end the conspiracy of mediocrity,

We resolve to create a team is dynamic,

We resolve to always have powerful conversations.

(2) “How will it look when we are stand for each other?”

It’s easy to say we will be a stand for each other. It is more important to describe how we will be a stand for each other.

It’s a commonly unspoken conversation of how low performing teams interact with each other.  One of my fellow colleague from the Forbes Coaches Council, Dr. Rachel MK Headley, mentioned last September, in her article that unspoken conversations are the number one killer of high performance teams.

But, imagine what could happen if your team created a dynamic relationship where you all committed to one, or all, of the following:

  • We hold each other accountable
  • We are energetic
  • We are authentic
  • We are vulnerable with each other
  • We are all committed to making each other look good

(3) What is it that each of us is up to personally?

Creating the possibility requires that you have your team members individually define for themselves the possibility what lies in waiting.  

Naming and designing the dynamic on your team also requires the courage to state, “This is who I am, this is what’s holding me back, and I am not going to take this anymore. I demand that we step into a relationship with each other such that we hold each other to be the possibilities we truly deserve to be.”

  • What do YOU want?
  • Why do YOU want it?
  • Why is this important to you?
  • What will it look like?
  • What will it allow you?
  • What currently holds you back?
  • What will have happened in the future so that what holds you back today, will not hold you back in the future?

Those who achieve the most, are the most creative at designing the most creative relationships where everyone is committed to the others’ success.

Your success in 2019 is based on how well you and your team design your relationship to one another that is energetic, provocative, trusting, dynamic, and dangerously accountable.

If your team resolves to creating this dynamic, the people on your team aren’t going to let you fail.  In fact, they are going to guarantee that you achieve everything the 92% can only dream of.

The next opportunity, of course, is collectively living inside the commitment of calling each other out so that each person looks as good as they can.

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