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Episode #133 – The Co-creation Ecosystem for Hybrid Work Teams

In today’s podcast episode we interview Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson, Co-Founders of BraveCore. Today’s topics are focused on discussing the origin story of their company, BraveCore, and the concept of co-creation. They delve into the challenges faced by companies with deeply established cultures and the need for innovation and collaboration to adapt and thrive. They also explore the key ingredients of a brain trust, including transparency and amplifying the voices of those willing to co-create. Finally, they share their definitions of being a brave leader, emphasizing the importance of facing fear and taking risks which will help guide team members as we Team Anywhere.

How your Team is your Lifeline to Achieve your 2019 Resolutions.

How your Team is your Lifeline to achieve your 2019 Resolutions.

Are you ready to crush your 2019 resolutions for the new year?

Don’t bother.

Merely 8% of people actually fulfill on their new year’s resolutions.

Them are pretty bad odds. You have a 92% chance that whatever your write down, if you get that far, was a complete waste of your time!

Why such a low percentage?

Without anyone else holding you accountable, you probably won’t