FreshBiz: Game-Based Training

Unlock Opportunities You Didn’t Even Realize Existed

FreshBiz San Diego

Bringing the Entrepreneurial Mindset to business.

FreshBiz is a game-based training that is a fun & insightful event designed to completely transform your work culture and allow you and your team to practice creativity, collaboration, innovation, leadership and creative thinking.

Join the 50,000+ workshop participants across 20+ countries who are using entrepreneurial thinking in business. 

FreshBiz will help you find new ways to grow your business, increase your impact, and your revenue in multi-dimensional ways.

It is designed for entrepreneurs & small businesses, companies & organizations, students & top educators, coaches & business trainers.

What A Fresh Biz Workshop Offers


An Inspirational Vision for your team


Become influential entrepreneurial thinkers


Increase Your Impact


A new language, and way to think together about creative business solutions.


Resource Optimization Strategy


A collaborative spirit of engaged and mindful team members.


Proactive Influence

Workshop Process

You have 90 minutes to reach the island on the board, and have the ability to roll the dice, buy a stock, build a business, play at the casino, or collaborate with other players.

This is a process where you can play how you would normally work or interact with others, and gives you the opportunity to use your strategy to get you to the winners lot.

Training De-Brief

This is where we facilitate a conversation about how the game went.
Share your insights with your group and we all learn what everyone learned from them game, and how it can be directly applied to business in our new economy. 

Bringing lessons to your business & life

The workshop concludes with taking a deeper look at the game dimensions and how they specifically relate to life and to your business.

We breaking down old beliefs and ideas, and then presenting new game-changing ways to think and act in business.

Now the business mechanics and entrepreneurial thinking have been gamified, participants are now unlocked and unleashed in their thinking about what’s possible for them.


Sam High from GreatCall Explains the benefit of a FreshBiz workshop
FreshBiz: Game-Based Training
Sam High

Director, Strategic Growth

The FreshBiz exercise was highly enjoyable and very effective at getting our company to break out of their static ways of thinking. You could see several people struck by “ah-ha” moments.

On a personal level, the exercise helped me to more effectively run meetings in the future, and how to avoid traditional corporate behaviors; the highest ranking person speaking most in meetings, not everyone having a voice, the team not working together effectively, etc.

I’ve put these new learnings into practice and they are already paying dividends. Everyone is more involved in meetings, and they are being completed in less time.

I’d highly recommend FreshBiz to any organization that wants more effective collaboration and working teams.

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