Host Healthcare Team Trains for High Performance

Host Healthcare Trains for High Performance (1)
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The team at Host Healthcare, a healthcare staffing company based out of San Diego, California, has completed a leadership training program and sales coaching program, totaling over 100 hours of leadership training, with the Simon Leadership Alliance over the span of 2018.

At the beginning of 2018, Host Healthcare began a 6-month leadership program for leaders from all departments. These leaders completed a six-month long leadership training program where they learned:

  • The responsibility, the attitudes, and the purpose of “Leader/Manager”
  • Your strengths and how to utilize them to create value for others
  • How to have authentic conversations
  • How to develop confidence as a leader
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • How to create accountability through purpose
  • How to motivate and inspire their teammates
  • How to build an effective team
  • Components of a high performance team
  • How to demonstrate greater vulnerability as a leader
  • How to develop and distinguish responsibility and accountability

In addition to this, they completed a FreshBiz training session where they played a 90 minute board game that honed in on their entrepreneurial thinking skills and collaboration across departments. Each leader had specific takeaways that they were able to implement immediately in their work and on their teams.

Then, in May, Host Healthcare kicked off a program specified for increasing the coaching skills with their recruitment directors. These recruitment directors attended bi-weekly training sessions on sales coaching where they learned:

  • How to have effective coaching conversations
  • What are the results of coaching
  • How to coach through using the structure of interpretation
  • What happens during a coaching session
  • Universal principles of a coach
  • What is essential to be a coach
  • 3 Levels of Listening
  • The right questions to ask to coach for success
  • How to create clarity through coaching
  • What is an enrollment conversation
  • Steps of an enrollment conversation
  • Coaching through vulnerability
  • How to gain commitment through structure of fulfillment

Due to the dedication of every leader and recruitment director, as well as the entire company’s drive for excellence, Host Healthcare has been able to close out their year strong with a 50% growth of travelers on assignment from July 2018 to January 2019.

Their work has helped hospitals around the country get the nurses and therapists they need to ensure people get the proper care they need.

Congratulations to your success in 2018 Host Healthcare! We are proud to support you in all your success.

To learn more about leadership and sales training programs in San Diego visit our website at
To learn more about how you can become a travel nurse, therapist, or allied professional at Host Healthcare visit their website at

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