Episode #141 – The Remote State of Mind Guide for Leaders

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In this invigorating podcast interview, we dive into the world of remote work with Ali Greene, Co-Founder of Remote Works. Drawing from her extensive experience in distributed workplaces, Ali shares surprising insights on the shift to remote work and the challenges faced by leaders and managers. Discover the remote state of mind and the transformative thinking needed to create a thriving remote work environment. Explore the three non-negotiables—intentionality, trust, and autonomy—that make remote work possible as we Team Anywhere.

What Surprised Ali Over the Past 3 Years

Ali Greene, who has extensive experience in distributed workplaces,  shares her observations on the surprising aspects of the shift to remote work over the past few years. She highlights that companies that were already open to remote work had a different mindset and understanding of its potential, while many others struggled to adapt and failed to ask the right questions about how to operationalize remote work effectively. Ali also expresses her concern about the media’s portrayal of remote work as a battle between employers and employees, instead of fostering a shared mission to find the best work environment.

What is the Remote State of Mind?

Ali discusses the challenges and mindset shifts associated with remote work. Many leaders and managers struggle to fully embrace the remote state of mind and tend to rely on old habits and ways of working. However, Ali emphasizes the need for a transformation in thinking and highlights the importance of breaking down barriers, embracing discomfort, and having thought-provoking conversations to create a successful remote work environment. Successful leaders also emphasize the benefits of flexibility and how it fosters employee engagement and loyalty. It is crucial for companies to make intentional decisions about their remote work strategy and culture to ensure a thriving and inclusive work environment.

The 3 Non-Negotiables Making Remote Work Possible!

Ali Greene believes there are three non-negotiables for successful remote work. The first is intentionality, making thoughtful decisions based on a clear understanding of the “why” behind each action. Trust is identified as crucial for remote work culture, both implicit and explicit, ensuring that employees are hired and valued for their skills and intellect. Lastly, autonomy is emphasized, allowing individuals to determine how they work best within a remote setting. It’s essential to provide coaching and support for those adapting to this new way of working and create an environment where learning and experimentation are encouraged rather than feared.

The 4 Types of Managers

Ali notes that there are four different roles managers need to adopt in the context of remote work. It is not necessary for one person to fulfill all roles but rather to orchestrate the responsibilities involved. The four types Ali highlights are people managers, project managers, culture managers, and strategy managers. Ali points out that technology can automate transactional tasks, allowing managers to focus on more meaningful actions. These activities include  the giving and receiving of feedback, mentoring, setting goals, project management, cultural transformation, and strategic thinking. While it’s beneficial to embrace these different managerial roles, it’s also essential to consider the organization’s specific needs and circumstances.

Who is Ali Greene?

ALI GREENE is co-founder of Remote Works, an organizational design and consulting firm with a mission to liberate teams from the nine-to-five and teach them how to do their best work anytime, anywhere. Along with Tamara Sanderson, Ali Green has spent a combined two decades in distributed workplaces: Greene as the former director of people operations at DuckDuckGo and Sanderson as the director of strategic partnerships and corporate development at Automattic. Throughout their joint career history, they’ve worked in varied environments, including big tech (Google), startups (Oyster, LivingSocial), creative agencies (IDEO, Undertone), and management consulting and private equity (Oliver Wyman, Audax Group). Their new book, Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus (Berrett-Koehler Publishers; February 7, 2023), is the ultimate playbook for managing remote teams.

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