A Leader’s Guide to Regaining Employee Engagement   

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The greatest challenge leaders are facing today is building and maintaining engagement. With the shift into virtual and hybrid work, leaders need to be clear on how they are addressing employees who are minimally contributing. Not giving resolution to this issue will only affect the overall team’s productivity and performance.

In today’s episode we interview Mike Kelly, Managing Partner of Right Path Enterprises and author of the book, Leaderfluence. Today we focus on getting employee feedback, checking-in on checked out team members and regaining employee engagement as they Team Anywhere. 

Good Leadership in the Hybrid-Virtual World

According to Mike, good leadership positively influences other team members. There are two (2) key important things that foster these kinds of leadership characteristics.

  1. Investing time – Invest your time to get to know your team members. However, this motivates and encourages team members to become the best version of themselves.
  2. Active Listening – A leader’s focus is crucial to understanding the issues and concerns of every team member. Actively listening will help leaders ask relevant questions, synthesize the concerns, and come up with a resolution.

Recognizing Past Conditioning and Living in a Box

An organization is a melting pot of people with different experiences and backgrounds. As a result, varying habits and behaviors are developed without a team member’s knowledge. Most of these habits and behaviors are great, but some could be detrimental to the organization. 

Leaders should be able to recognize those past conditioning and identify those boxes that team members see as their current reality. That way, leaders would be able to plan and to strategize how to help change those detrimental habits and behaviors. This will in turn allow team members to get unstuck from living inside those boxes.

Unleash Human Potential

Leaders should be able to unleash their team members to become the best versions of themselves. This is achieved by eradicating any bias they might have, conscious or unconscious. The first step to behavioral change is the leader recognizing their own conditioning, biases, and challenges.

There are also team members who only work at the bare minimum just to get by and receive their paycheck. Leaders are obliged to do investigative work, assess performance and have a conversation with said team member. Leaders should be able to give them guidance through coaching and counseling sessions to make sure that they are valued, motivated and regain their engagement.

A Leader’s Growth Mindset

An ongoing leadership crisis sparked even before the COVID pandemic. The pandemic made it worse by the event of the Great Resignation which is a result of poor leadership inside organizations. 

According to Mike, this gives the reason for leaders to adopt a growth mindset. Leaders must strive for continuous growth by listening to podcasts, reading books, getting a mentor, and talking to people. The greatest leaders are formed by this type of mindset.

Who is Mike Kelly?

Mike is an author, speaker, consultant, coach, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Registered Life Planner®. He is a Managing Member of Right Path Enterprises, LLC, where he helps clients improve their ability to lead themselves and others. He does this by providing consulting, training and coaching services with distinction and integrity.

Mike is also Founder and Principal of Kelly Financial Planning, LLC, where he helps clients clarify their goals and make informed financial decisions, thereby “Strengthening the Core” in the financial area of life. 

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