Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching for  Authentic Performance 

Leadership coaching creates self-aware leaders who build high-performance teams. Leadership is inherently relational. A leader’s succes lies in their ability to build relationships with others and with ourselves. Leaders will unlock higher levels of self-awareness, authenticity and inspiration that takes their teams, other departments and the entire organization to new levels of performance. 

Our leadership coaching programs have earned us a top consecutive spot on San Diego Business Journal’s Top Executive Training Companies, and helped our clients earn top industry awards including Best Places to Work. 

What is Leadership Coaching?

What is Leadership Coaching

Coaching for Leaders

Just like professional athletes look to athletic coaches and aspiring singers look to voice coaches, leaders look to leadership coaches.

Our leadership coaches work one-on-one with leaders, and with leadership teams.

Through coaching, they help leaders gain new levels of self-awareness, self-generation and achieve long term excellence.

Leadership coaches charge an hourly fee for one-on-one coaching sessions or a one-time fee for specific programs they deliver.

Leaders Who Coach

Leadership Coaching can also be defined as an approach or leadership style to use.

This is when leaders coach their own team members to achieve success.

In that case, Leaders hire leadership coaches for coaching programs to gain knowledge, skills, tools and abilities in coaching. Both definitions of leadership coaching integrate the principles of coaching inside the Leadership Industry.

And the best part? All of our high-impact leadership development coaching services can be delivered virtually, via phone, videoconferencing, or a Web platform — allowing for unparalleled flexibility to meet your needs.

Who is Leadership Coaching For?

Contrary to popular belief, coaching is not just reserved for upper management. In fact, it is available to leaders and aspiring leaders at all levels of their careers.







Leadership coaches develop and deliver effective programs so that leaders can progress from their career level.

Some programs help aspiring leaders develop their leadership skills to prepare them for their first leadership role. Other programs help career-driven leaders develop their personal leadership style inside their new role as leaders. Lastly, higher-level programs are for C-Suite Leaders to develop high performance teams and coach their own leaders.

Coaching takes leadership development to a deeper, more sustainable level. 

When to Hire A Leadership Coach

Leaders hire Leadership Coaches to:

– Get insight on navigating difficult challenges within the company.
– Learn how to build accountability inside their organization.
– Discover new ways of navigating difficult conversations.
– Get help with collaborating with people who seem hard to deal with.
– Gain clarity on building and sharing a vision.
– Get help with team building and matters surrounding your team.


– Deliver leadership development and team development if the company does not have an internal HR department or HR is unable to support the development needed.
– Coach specific leaders for a variety of needs.
– Build and maintain high performance teams.
– Help support a leadership bench.
– Identify and achieve company and team goals.
– Help build company strategy and culture.

Assessment Tools We use

Our assessment tools include qualitative and quantitative needs assessment tools such as structured interviews, and assessments ranging from the EQi 2.0 to 360° Leadership Assessments.

Is Coaching A Leadership Style?

Absolutely. Leaders need to be highly effective in applying different leadership styles and roles to situations.

They need to be responsible for stepping into many different roles like, Chief Coaching Officer, Chief Management Officer, Chief Meeting Facilitator, Chief Trust Officer, (the list goes on).

Because of these different roles, leaders need to understand what role to play for a specific situation.

 Leaders need to put their coaching hat on inside their one-on-one meetings with their team members.

As they step into the role of a coach, leaders help their team members discover what barriers they are facing when it comes to reaching their goals and how to overcome them. 

What We Do

We help companies build high-performance teams through our range of leadership coaching programs. Our  programs range from new and high potential programs all the way to advanced leadership coaching for senior leadership teams. Each program integrates leadership coaching as a team and offers customized leadership coaching as needed.

Leadership Coaching Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

leadership coaching testimonial
Ryan Javanbakht


I am grateful for Mitch and his coaching. More important, I am thankful for our friendship. I owe much of my mindset, discipline, and success to Mitch. If you are looking to step up your game in your professional and/or personal life, invest in yourself by partnering with Mitch Simon. I guarantee you will find your best self and become a better you…and if you don’t, it’s your fault. Get some!

Executive Coaching Testimonial Bryce Aberg, San Diego, CA
Bryce Aberg

Cushman & Wakefield

Mitch Simon is one of the most creative and cutting edge coaches I have had the privilege to work with. My team has worked now with Mitch for the past 10 years. The fact that he can still put my team and I in uncomfortable situations to uncover personality traits, conflict resolution and inspire is truly amazing.

Executive Coaching Testimonial Holly Smithson CEO Athena San Diego, CA
Holly Smithson

California Life Sciences Association

Mitch is unparalleled in his ability to empower those seeking self-mastery. It can be quite lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be.
Mitch has always had my back. My company, my clients and my future are the biggest beneficiaries. Long live the work of Mitch Simon.

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