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Building Your Dream Team

You hire remote team members daily and you want them to hit the ground running. They are smart, talented, and hungry. But, do your remote team members know how to contribute on day one? Do they know enough people, intimately, in your company so they feel like they have a cadre of like-minded, excited talent?

To hit the ground running requires the right mindset, taking the right actions, and having the right conversations. To be successful requires team emotional intelligence.This program provides three benefits for your organization:
1. Your new talent will get the tools and practice how to succeed as a remote team.
2. Your talent will build deep and meaningful relationships early into their career at your company
3. You will have new talent that contributes to your success on day one!This program shifts the responsibility for creating your teams success from the team leader into the new members of your team.Through this program, your remote team members will make profound connections to new team members across the disparate departments at your company, understand that they have the power to speak up to identify and solve problems they see, and transform the results of their team and company.

If you want your new team members to hit the ground running, to become insanely productive in their remote role, and build an emotionally intelligent team, then they need to take Excel as a Remote Team Member.

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(2 monthly one hour sessions)


Time Management
Goal Planning
Social Skills
Team Trust



Disconnection is a remote companies #1 problem.

It’s harder get the opportunity to build the types of meaningful relationships we used to be able to build in the office.

A lack of meaningful relationships means a lack of engagement, and a potential risk for turnover.

Meaningful connection is the number one predictor of success on your remote team.


Everyone has their own idea of how their remote team should operate.

Because of this, we allow team members time to reflect with each other on what their experiences were like in the past, and identify the positive experience they want on their remote team moving forward.


Remote team leaders are often “stuck in the weeds.”

Remote Team members need to be comfortable enough to speak up to solve problems. Empower them to reach out, share their ideas, to support each other across the team and across departments.

This frees up your remote leaders to spend less time “fighting fires” and lead into leading.

What Remote Companies Want:

Like you, we were frustrated by the discombobulation we experienced during the beginnings of remote work (which for us, was way before the pandemic).

We wanted remote team members to leave the trauma from their old teams and companies behind and build new paradigms on how work on a remote team is supposed to be. We want to shift the power from the hands of leaders into the hands of teams and we wanted to create a program that bridged the gap between remote workers that truly connected them to each other and to the company so that they could be excited to play full out.

There’s a Chance You Envisioned Your Remote Team Members to:
– Be fully themselves without judgment.
– Have teammates who have each others backs and support each other when someone is down.
– Have time pass by where what your team is doing doesn’t feel like work.
– Have your teammates as your greatest cheerleaders.

This is an Inspired Team.

Unfortunately, most of the experiences we had in the corporate world were nowhere near as engaging and energizing. We see so much suffering in organizations and it doesn’t have to be that way. The unfortunate thing about the suffering in organizations is that it is directly linked to suffering performance. When people suffer, performance suffers.

Today we’ve taken hundreds of remote employees at organizations through Excel as a Remote Team Member and our students have found this program engaging, relevant, helped them build connections on their remote teams in ways they could have never imagined. [Name of program] helped them understand their role on their team better, instilled confidence in themselves and their new roles, and it created a deeper conenction between them and their organization.


This program is a beckoning call for you to enhance the passion, fulfillment, and joy you have on your remote teams.

It offers you the keys you need to change the experiences you have in every team interaction for years to come.

Excel as a Remote Team Member was co-created by Mitch Simon and Steve Wolff based off their research on teams and team emotional intelligence.

Course Objectives:

#1 Become a valued and connected contributor to your personal success and the success of your remote team. 
#2 Strengthen Relationships on Your Team
#3 Gain Clarity On Achieving Your Goals
#4 Build Trust with Your Team
#5 Increase Prodictivity and Engagement
#6 Establish Boundaries for an Effective Work-from-home Environment

Course Outline

As you walk through the Inspired Teams framework, reflect on what you have experienced on teams in the past, and what you desire for you future teams, it inspires you to take new action on your remote team.



In this introduction session, we spend time talking about the one secret you need to know to excel as a remote team member and get clear on what success on a remote team really looks like. 

In this session, you’ll discover:

– The goals of remote team work.

– The obstacles of remote team work.

– The principles of a successful remote team.
– Explore your strengths.

– Get an introduction to the Inspired Teams Model.



Effective remote teams are full of energy, and they have the skills required to renew energy when it is depleting.

In order for remote teams to create energy, they must do two things:

(1) create meaning and (2) build connection.

In this session, you’ll discover:

– What happens to you personally when energy is low, and reflect on what causes low energy on teams.

– Key actions to take when your energy is running low and the energy on your remote team energy is running out.

– How to spark energy when it is low. 



The best remote teams are the most innovative teams.

These teams aren’t afraid to make mistakes, try something new and even fail.

For your remote team to consistently achieve its objectives, team members must be able to experiment, innovate and take risks.

This session empowers students to tap into their innovative side and create amazing work together on their remote team.

In this session, you’ll discover: – Why optimism is so important.

– How to redefine failure when trying new things.

– The role of curiosity on your remote team.

– The best way to expirament to constantly innovate on your remote team.



Execution is about being proactive to get things done.

Remote teams that execute eloquently take specific actions to achieve its objectives.

This session empowers remote team members to create a space where they can execute as effectively as possible by noticing and mentioning what is missing in the area of execution.

In this session, you’ll discover:
– One of the greatest ways to add value is to eliminate waste​.

– Who is responsible for the integrity of your team​.

– What is the easiest way to accelerate team progress​.

– Your greatest value on your remote team



Transparency is the fuel that makes your team go.

It’s about making information visible, sharing authentically and constantly examining individual and team performance.

Transparent teams allow team members to be fully authentic and share everything that matters.

This session empowers team members to openly share both information and their own assessments (thoughts and feelings) to create execution.

In this session, you’ll discover:– The power of opening yourself up to others.

– How successful remote teams openly share processes, progress and values​.

– The benefits of having outside to be involved in your remote teams progress​.

-How remote teams can more quickly respond​.

The “Hey Team…” Method


Stepping up for the success of your remote team starts with six words… “Hey team, what’s up with that?

You contribute to your team by noticing when things are “off”​ and sharing what you notice​.

After learning the foundation of an Inspired Team, you then learn the dialogue tools needed to step up and reach out when something doesn’t look right. 

In this module, you will discover:

– How to identify what elements are holding your remote team back

– How to approach the conversations to achieve results. 


This course really opened my eyes and taught me so much on how to excel remotely. You are pushed to think in different ways and see situations differently, but it pays off and allows you to grow.

Meredith Swagart

This class is a great way to get to know others perspectives on life as a remote team member. He will push you out of your comfort zone as you build stronger relationships with your teammates.

Heather Masini

This class enabled me to become more successful and contribute more as a remote team member. Mitch always pushes us to ask the difficult questions to our team. This has helped me be a better teammate as well!

Abe Collier

This class has been really great to build camaraderie and to hear from others on my team, and on other teams, that we’re all in this together! Knowing that everyone is feeling the same struggles helped build my confidence to speak up more.

Nikki Strickland

This class has helped me build more confidence for situations in how to approach my coworkers where I may need help. I now feel more equipped with the right way to get my thoughts/point across in order to help myself or my team exceed moving forward. Mitch challenges us to really dig deep and figure out exactly what you need to succeed.

Michelle Brown

This course is a great way to help you connect with other team members at Host. Working remotely has its own challenges and opportunities for success, and working with Mitch has helped me to learn my strengths and encouraged me to speak up.

Katherine Zwingli

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