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Team Leadership Academy  

Leadership is a practice, it’s a practice of identifying new skills and behaviors for you to take on as you grow in your leadership practice. Take your company’s leaders on a collaborative quest through a 6 or 12 month leadership development program that transforms them into passionate leaders focused on excellence and exquisite care.

Our unique leadership development program will strengthen your culture, create an environment dedicated to learning and growing, and prepare your leaders for the future. With simple language and an experiential approach, your team of leaders will have a new set of tools to use with eachother and with your company to increase innovation, cultivate talent development and drive towards your mission.

Sharpen skills your leaders need to meet your company’s future needs.

  Future Skills Your Company Needs
Team Leadership Academy

The leadership academy delivers:

Collaborative Strategy

Increasing collaboration across departments is a challenge for all leaders and companies. Learn how to streamline collaboration.

Powerful Motivation

Do you know the secret to motivating your team? What might surprise you is to learn that it’s play! Play in the workplace is encouraging experimentation and inspiring innovation. Work with Mitch on creating a plan to encourage play


Companies who invest in leadership programs for younger employees have immensly higher retention rates. Learn how to retain your high performers.

A Bond With Your Leaders

Your future leaders will soon be the future of your company, set them on the right path and train them for success.

Experiential Learning Process

Experience a personal process of learning through past experiences, refining your leadership approaches and doing.

Leadership Development Program

Learn through:


Private LinkedIn Group

Leadership Library

Experiential Training Sessions

Learning Modules

We help develop a culture of learning through:

Distinguishing Perspectives

Master the craft of distinguishing facts from assessments during conversations and using that skill for more effective conversations.

Vulnerable Listening

Refine your listening skills and practice vulnerable listening to hear and understand whole-heartedly what others are saying..

Assessing & Applying Strengths

Learn how powerful strengths can be when you discover and apply them to your leadership practice.

Authentic Conversations

Learn to have real, authentic conversations with your team and co-workers. (It’s actually harder than you might think!)

Fierce Conversations

Learn how to have the conversations that you often don’t want to have, and truly master the art of fierce conversations.

Adopting A Team Mindset

Develop the characteristics of a high performing team by adopting a team mindset.

Leadership Development Program

Leadership Training Articles

Hear the story of how one San Diego company has dedicated it’s time to our leadership academy and doubled it’s growth in seven months. 

Leadership Training

Leadership Program Testimonials

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Of all the lessons I learned in the ACP Leadership Academy, though, one that stands out came from my mentor Mitch Simon. He taught me to never let the fear of failure prevent you from pursuing your dreams. I know it sounds cliche’, but now I know exactly what those words mean.

Leadership Development Program
Jay Radhakrishnan

M.D., RVT, Founder

The Vein Doctors

Mitch’s leadership program gave me the confidence and skills I needed to better collaborate across departments and learn more about people and communication.

I would highly recommend it to any company big or small because the benefits are immediate.

Leadership Development Program
Kyle Sandsmark

Marketing Manager

Host Healthcare

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