The Key to A Successful Hybrid Organization is Simply Being More Human

Learn how to build a successful Hybrid Culture with Zach Giglio, CEO of GCM
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When it comes to business in 2021, we need to resonate on a human level. How many of us actually ask ourselves how well we are interacting and impacting other human beings? In today’s hybrid and virtual environment, creating human connections is something that must be strategically planned and measured.  

In today’s episode, we interview Zach Giglio, Founder and CEO of GCM, where he creates human connections through communicating and marketing. Zach has found that companies that are leading in this new virtual and hybrid environment are clear about their identity as a company, and are deeply purpose-driven. 

Zach has been surprised by the fact that companies have not been able to more dramatically increase human connection through technology. Although we’ve done an amazing job at creating human experiences in the virtual environment, the element of interpersonal human connection is still weak. Zach believes we need to be extremely intentional in fostering human connections with our technology. Humans are hungry for connection on a level that technology hasn’t been able to fulfill yet. 

At the onset of the pandemic, we underestimated the amount of work needed to keep human connection within our teams and companies alive. Leaders have realized that they have to carve out time and create a strategic plan to deepen interpersonal connections as part of day-to-day work. 

Connecting Purpose to Company Identity 

Consumers and the general public are expecting a lot more from companies when it comes to purpose. They want to support purpose-driven companies. First, leaders need to take a step back and identify who they are as an organization and determine a purpose that goes beyond what they do. Then each leader needs to get clear on how they individually identify with that purpose. After these two things are clear, the company and the leaders are able to make purpose-driven decisions.  Purpose is an action. When companies are clear on purpose, they can work towards that purpose in an authentic way. 

We are hardwired to associate our identity with what we do – but this shouldn’t be the case. 

Getting clear on your purpose as an organization or a leader has to do with “what you are about” not “what it is you do.” 

Leaders who understand the importance of having a strong organizational identity are a lot more willing to be vulnerable. When leaders are extremely service or product oriented, they tend to downplay the importance of having a clear organizational purpose and value proposition. But the leaders who are brave enough to dive deep into vulnerable conversations about their organizational identity are the ones who believe that it’s their people who move the needle and make progress towards their purpose and organizational success.  

Identity Statement Example

GCM – is a family founded global communications and marketing firm that believes in the power of human connection and business as a force for good. We get to know our clients from the inside out to create thoughtful communications and marketing campaigns that resonate on a human level.

Making an Identity Statement Come Alive

It’s important to not only create an identity statement, but to also use it as fuel to make it come alive within your company. For example, let’s say inside your identity statement, you have a part that says “we’re a family.” Now you need to live that out through talking about and caring about others in your company as if they were your family. You create the energy of an ideal family on your team and in your culture.  

The key to a successful business comes down to humans. The success of your business will have to do with the ability of the people in your organization to emotionally connect and show up as the humans that they are. The pandemic gave us more permission to show up like humans who have real needs and now it’s time for business to embrace that humanity. 

This is going to happen when leaders and companies are clear on:

  • Who am I (The Individual within the Organization)
  • Who are you (The people in the Organization I interact with)
  • What is our work (What do we do?) 
  • Who is our organization (What is our purpose? What do we care about?)

About Zach Giglio

Zach is a communications expert with more than a decade of experience in public relations, public affairs, marketing and both digital and social media. He has worked for the largest public relations agency in the world in Washington D.C. and Johannesburg and as an independent contractor, and now runs his own boutique communications firm.

His clients have ranged from executives and Fortune 500 companies to startups and community businesses. He has launched and run an award-winning corporate news site, crafts and executes comprehensive communications strategies, including crisis communications plans, and specializes in customized trainings to help organizations hone in on their identities and

set the foundation for a strong communications and marketing strategy. Zach also helps his clients scale internal and external communications capabilities.

As a lifelong sports enthusiast with a love for politics, Zach enjoys working on teams to strategize, problem solve and win. His relationships with clients bring him joy, as does working with them as an extension of their teams, to help them meet their goals.

Zach sits on the boards of two nonprofits and is an active member in his local community. He regularly speaks at conferences and is active in his local community. Zach has a passion for travel, conversation and wine, driven by his love for storytelling, history and place. He lives in the Charleston, S.C. area with his wife and son.

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