How to Equalize Remote and In-Office Workers

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How do we equalize our remote and in-office workers in this hybrid world? Are we moving from the world of Zoom Fatigue to a world of Zoom Segregation as we move to hybrid work? Are there solutions out there to equalize and engage remote and in-office workers? Yes, we believe there is. In today’s episode, we interview Oscar Svernlöv, the community content creator at Mentimeter and he shows us how to stay ahead of the curve with a great equalizer for hybrid teams. 

Tired of boring Zoom meetings? Tired of fighting with the cameras off, and feeling like you’re speaking to yourself? With a new product called Mentimeter, the days of disengagement mark their date in the history books. 

What’s Wrong With Virtual Meetings?

Virtual meeting attendees are burned out. They’re tired of Zoom meetings. They need more engagement. One of the problems with virtual meetings is that as humans, we’re wired to interact with our screens as passive participants – but the objective of meetings is to get participation and feedback from your audience. So, more often than we hope, we end up leading meetings with the intention of seeking input and feedback only to wind up with nothing. 

Additionally most leaders would prefer their meeting participants to set their phones aside during their meetings only to see their participants looking off the screen and staring at their phones. 

The Solution to Virtual Meeting Engagement

What if you could take the issue of your meeting participants looking at their phones and turn it into a productive & purposeful conversation that includes seeking feedback from them using their phones? 

That is where Mentimeter comes into play. With Mentimeter, you can create a presentation, much like PowerPoint, but called “Mentimeters” where you can actively seek participation and engagement at much higher levels than you would inside Powerpoint. 

Instead of having a passive audience watch a presentation, you bring the audience into your presentation so that they can vote on topics, share their ideas and answers to questions, and react using emojis and comments to your entire presentation. 

Bridging the Remote & In-Office Communication Gap

Venn Diagram Bridging In office workers with remote workers

Mentimeter bridges the gap between your remote workers and in-office workers because it gives them a united platform to contribute to the same conversation.  In turn, this helps your remote workers feel more connected and involved and not left out of conversations that would otherwise be occurring only in the office.

How Mentimeter Works

Once you create your presentation inside, you can create slides using the following interactive presentation types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Word Cloud
  • Open Ended Answers
  • Ranking
  • Q&A
  • Quiz Competition
  • Type Answer

There are a lot more features inside Mentimeter, but to keep things simple, we’ll focus on these. Your presentation will come with a unique code and QR code for your meeting participants to use at the beginning of your presentation. Once you are ready to launch your presentation, you ask your participants to scan the QR Code or go to and type in the code provided. 

When this happens, your participants will follow along with your presentation and be able to react to your slides and use the features mentioned above. Your participants will love it because they can give feedback and you will love it because you get their feedback. 

Why is Meeting Engagement So Important?

Employees have a fundamental need to feel involved and engaged. But think about the meetings where the participants are just watching the screen, slowly losing their attention, and then before you know it, you’ve lost their attention all together. Mentimeter was born out of this frustration before there was a large focus on virtual meetings. 

This shows that engagement itself has been the one of the keys to Zoom fatigue and now we need our teams to contribute more. 

Oscar’s team has done A/B Testing comparing Mentimeter Presentations to PowerPoint Presentations while scanning the brains of participants. They discovered that when participants watched Mentimeter presentations, the engaged section of their brains were activated– proving that Mentimeter scientifically improves engagement. 

3 Ideas for Leaders to Leverage Mentimeter

Keep track of Pulse Surveys

During daily or weekly check-ins, leaders can ask participants a question, like “How do you feel today?” After participants answer, leaders can reset the Mentimeter results for each day or week and build continual data on how their team is feeling over time.

Get 100% Anonymous Participation During Brainstorms

To increase psychological safety, limit groupthink and enhance innovation, leaders can ask participants questions anonymously in brainstorming sessions using Mentimeter. 

Get Instant Reactions During Your Meetings

Mentimeter goes beyond Zoom reactions, allowing participants to share their reactions during any point of the meeting using the following reactions: ❤️👍👎❓😺 

We would recommend that you schedule time to take one of Oscar’s webinars to learn more about Mentimeter and discover how it can help Equalize your hybrid team today. 

DISCLAIMER: This episode is not sponsored by Mentimeter, we just love the product and know that more leaders can use this to raise engagement in their meetings whether they are virtual, in person or hybrid. 

About Oscar Svernlöv:

In his role as Mentimeter’s Community Content Creator, Oscar specializes in hosting live webinars and quizzes, and recording instructional videos for all members of the Mentimeter community. Oscar has honed his presenting and public speaking skills, thanks to nearly 4 years of teaching experience and a year and a half of game show hosting. An adaptable and confident presenter with the ability to connect with a diverse audience, Oscar is in his element when presenting in front of an audience, no matter if it’s online or in front of a packed auditorium. 

A Mentimeter whiz, he is more than willing to share all of his insider secrets to help you become a Super Presenter.

Learn more about how to equalize remote and in-office workers today, download the full episode below.

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