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Episode #139 – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: A Leader’s Guide

In today’s podcast episode we interview Wanda Wallace, Managing Partner of Leadership Forum & Host of “Out of the Comfort Zone” as we delve into her surprising revelations over the past three years. Wanda discovered that the biggest barriers her clients are facing include stress, time management, and giving meaningful feedback to peers, subordinates, and superiors. Discover Wanda’s tips on how to get out of your comfort zone by starting with small experiments and dealing with uncertainty by focusing on what you “do” know and your core values as we Team Anywhere.

Episode #138 – The Power of the 10-80-10 Principle in Leadership

In this podcast episode we interview Sunjay Nath, Professional Speaker and Author of the book, The 10-80-10 Principle. Sunjay talks about his insights on transitioning to hybrid work and empowering employees through authentic communication and engagement. Sunjay also shares the 10-80-10 principle, which can be applied to any group of people, and provides examples of how it affects human behavior. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on the top 10% of employees who exhibit desired behaviors, and creating a dominant force for a healthy organizational environment. Tune in to learn how to create an engaging and healthy culture in organizations as we Team Anywhere!

Episode #133 – The Co-creation Ecosystem for Hybrid Work Teams

In today’s podcast episode we interview Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson, Co-Founders of BraveCore. Today’s topics are focused on discussing the origin story of their company, BraveCore, and the concept of co-creation. They delve into the challenges faced by companies with deeply established cultures and the need for innovation and collaboration to adapt and thrive. They also explore the key ingredients of a brain trust, including transparency and amplifying the voices of those willing to co-create. Finally, they share their definitions of being a brave leader, emphasizing the importance of facing fear and taking risks which will help guide team members as we Team Anywhere.

Episode #132 – Leadership Myths Debunked!

In this episode we interview Paul Mastrangelo, Owner & President of First Domino Consulting. Paul shares his reflections on the “great social experiment” of the past two years. He points out that having to manage the Covid crisis forced innovation and consideration of the feelings and reactions of employees. Search for quick fixes failed. He also debunks three leadership myths: people dislike change, employees leave bosses they don’t like, and creativity is greater when in-person.

Paul shares practical strategies for involving employees in decision-making and fostering collaboration, both in-person and virtually. He emphasizes the importance of creating a positive work culture to retain good employees. This episode provides valuable insights and actionable tips for leaders navigating the challenges of remote and hybrid work as we Team Anywhere.
Elena shares resiliency tips for managing emotions, including auditing sleep, movement, and food habits. She also describes the TADA acronym for supportive leadership behaviors: Transparency, Empathy, Diversity, and Amplifying. Tune in to learn how to cultivate successful hybrid work teams and create a psychologically safe work environment as we Team Anywhere.

Essential Leadership Skills on Facilitation and Negotiation

Amidst the pandemic, leaders are forced to manage their teams in-person and virtually. The phenomenon of moving to virtual and hybrid teams–and then guiding employees through an international pandemic–has surfaced the need to manage with empathy, authenticity, and engagement. The traditional “command and control” is no longer tolerable. Leaders must engage and build participative communities. Having to work from home for two years, professional employees have gained a voice in how they wish to be treated and led. Managers who still try to boss employees around are watching their workforce walk out the door.

On today’s podcast episode, we interview Adam Kahane who is the author of Facilitating Breakthrough: How to Remove Obstacles, Bridge Differences, and Move Forward Together. Today’s topics are locked-in on the importance of facilitation and negotiation. These are two core leadership skills that keep employees engaged, and help maintain equitable contribution and connection.

Leader’s Guide to Cognitive Budgeting

Actions are a product of our thoughts. Amidst the pandemic, leaders tend to overthink rather than take necessary actions in the workplace. Instead of focusing on leading, a leader’s mental energy and time is often consumed by ruminations— negative cycles of thought that lead to nowhere, and can affect how the leader performs.

On today’s podcast episode, we interview Jordan Birnbaum, Chief Operating Officer of BEESY, Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and Behavioral Economist. Today’s discussion is locked-in on his article published in MIT-SMR (Sloan Management Review), “Building the Cognitive Budget for Your Most Effective Mind.” It focuses on topics related to creating a cognitive budget, infusing reflection, eradicating rumination, and building mental practices that can help create powerful employee engagement.