Effective Leadership Conversation Techniques

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Disagreements can go on for years in an organization–simply because something went wrong in the conversation. Leaders should be able to step up and be able to learn how to effectively dig deeper in conversations with their team members. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the addition of virtual and hybrid meetings, it has become tougher for leaders to get messages across within new worldviews and standards.

On today’s podcast episode, we interview Rose Fass, Founder and CEO of fassforward and author of the upcoming book, The Leadership Conversation: Make Bold Change One Conversation at a Time. Today’s topics are locked-in on effective conversation techniques for leaders. This is a must-have skill for leaders to engage in meaningful conversations with their teams.

Reframing Worldview in Conversations

Our worldview is based on the environment we grew up in. Our parents, friends, teachers, places, and experiences have formulated our perception of the world. Every person’s worldview is different. By understanding this fact, a leader can reframe and address multiple perspectives when interacting with team members. 

Leadership Conversation Techniques

According to Rose, there are three key ways to encourage rich conversations without shutting down the ideals, standards, beliefs and concerns of individuals. 

  1. Understanding Different Worldviews – A leader should be able to set aside personal biases and learn to accept different worldviews. 
  2. Expressing Genuine Concern – A leader must listen to a team member who shares unmet needs.
  3. Asking Questions – A leader must ask relevant questions to dig deeper into the conversation to arrive at a solution.

Leadership Conversations Over Technology

Presently, in 2022, the main tools for communication in organizations are through virtual and hybrid meetings, usually on Zoom, Teams, or other such platforms. Because of having to navigate various formats, leaders need to practice new skills to foster engagement and empower conversations. Rose presents three (3) unique and effective ways to make use of current technology.

  1. Poll EV – A website (https://pollev.com/home) which can be used to ask team members to express their current state and emotions during the onset of the meeting. This tool is a good opener especially for those team members who are introverted. 
  2. Virtual Whiteboard – Team members can utilize this tool to type in or draw anything that expresses their concerns and problems. A leader can then ask questions to comfortably probe and surface underlying issues or ideas. 
  3. Chat Box – These are for vocal team members who like to express their concerns over a messaging tool. A leader can then check this to converse with team members in a more open way.

The above mentioned tools can help eradicate Zoom gloom and promote more lively, stress free, and productive conversations among all team members.

Exhibiting Humanity by Vulnerability

Leaders often command respect and display their authority over teams. Conversely, a leader who displays humanity, wins over team members and the entire organization. By exhibiting  vulnerability–whether it is in-person, virtual or hybrid–leaders can create opportunities to authentically connect to the human spirit within each team member. When a leader allows vulnerability, ideas for innovation, growth, and connection have a chance to flourish. 

Who is Rose Fass?

With over 35 years of experience in technology and consumer-based industries, Rose has the unique gift to take a mess and quickly put in place effective steps to reach desired outcomes. A dynamic speaker, she is frequently invited to speak at private and public sector events. She was listed in Forbes’ 2012 Top 10 Women Business Leaders of New York and her firm has been awarded the Inc. 500/5000 for five consecutive years.

She has been a guest on CNBC and has been quoted in several bestselling business books. Rose is the author of The Chocolate Conversation: Lead Bittersweet Change, Transform Your Business. Her highly anticipated book, The Leadership Conversation: Make Bold Change One Conversation At A Time, is set to launch in late 2022.

To learn more about leadership conversation, download this episode now.

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