An Organization’s Path to Aligned Momentum and Clarity

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Organizations develop strategic plans towards their future. However, many plans end up being divided into tasks that are distributed throughout the organization without a unified thread. This leads to a lack of focused action and clarity. In this age of ceaseless change and innovation, clarity is mandatory for high-growth outcomes. 

In today’s episode we interview Lori Michele Leavitt, President and CEO of Abrige Corp. and author of the books, The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum, and new release (April 2022), Pivot to Clarity. Today’s topic is locked-in on the concept of aligned momentum; specifically, the clarity and mindful implementation of change as organizations Team Anywhere.

What Lori Learned From the Past 2 Years

From the past 2 years, Lori learned two (2) important things worthy of reflection.

  1. Empathy – According to Lori, the leadership characteristic of empathy helped team members stay motivated. By truly putting herself in their shoes, they remained engaged
  2. Patience – Lori mentioned that she learned to be patient. By exhibiting patience, she was able to coach and guide team members to perform even better when faced with the challenges of the pandemic. 

A Dive Into Lori’s Book – The Pivot

Lori’s book, The Pivot, is focused on the concept of “aligned momentum.” This is an organizational shift over time made by many people with the aid of a leader’s orchestration. There are six components to aligned momentum, all which need to be deliberately performed and measured. 

The first three components set the stage for brilliant execution: Clarity, Mastery, and Nimble Decision-Making. The second three establish the infrastructure and mindset for the future organization: Strategic Thinking, Talent Adaptability, and Coaching. The leader and team members establish visible measures to ensure that each stage successfully unfolds. 

The 4 Stages of the Pivot 

According to Lori, the Pivot Model includes four (4) stages of aligned momentum in an organization. 

  1. The Start – The start is the baseline to determine the gap between “where an organization is at” vs. “where the organization needs to go.” Obviously, every organization has different starting points. Getting clear about your starting point is something Lori discusses in her most recent book Pivot to Clarity. Inherent in this initial stage is work around trust, empowerment, and shared values.
  2. Clarity – Leaders need to promote a culture of clarity in their organizations. This is achieved by taking the time to think through and clearly communicate a compelling future direction that glues and aligns all actions.
  3. Nimble and Focused – This is the point where people in the organization think strategically about how work could be done, choosing a best next step, and then focusing on that step to completion.
  4. Context – According to Lori, this is the last stage of the Pivot process, and important not to miss. This involves both social and structural contexts, and taking deliberate actions to remove unnecessary resistances.

A Dive Into Lori’s Book — Pivot to Clarity

All stages of aligned momentum have one thing in common: they require leaders to get clear about the current state of the organization and the desired future, and to be clear for their team to align with what’s needed to reach that desired future.

 Pivot to Clarity is divided into two sections, Getting Clear and Being Clear, to help leaders create this foundation of clarity in communication. If you are not absolutely clear about your current context and your future goals, you cannot inspire your team to achieve those goals. Clarity is key to alignment.

Important Leadership Characteristic – Introspection

Leaders are essential to the orchestration of clarity, focus, and measures to implement the necessary changes in an organization. Thus aligned momentum cannot happen without a leader who is self-aware, and clear about the direction everyone in the organization must head, together. A leader must engage in introspection and establish a sense of personal clarity before orchestrating clarity for an entire team. A leader’s ability to reflect, constantly learn, and ask for feedback is vital to an organization’s success.

Who is Lori Michele Leavitt?

Lori Michele Leavitt cares about business vibrancy and great leadership. She is “The Pivot Catalyst.” According to Lori, “A leader’s role is to set direction and to orchestrate change – through many shifts by many people. This requires every person to be inspired by vision and purpose, know how their role fits the strategy, and feel safe to speak up and take action.” As a certified business growth advisor, leadership coach, and technology entrepreneur, Lori is a pivotal asset in helping smart companies stay strong. 

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