Leadership Community will Combat Loneliness

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We’ve created a new leadership community, and here’s why…

the feeling of despair has been lingering all year, hasn’t it?

I know that I can feel it. Every time your team makes one inch towards a successful move, there’s something there to knock you down. As leaders, we roll with the punches and try to keep our sanity along the way.

So we all need a safe place to connect, where we can share how we’re feeling, what we’re thinking, let’s call it a safe outlet.

We need to be in community with other leaders. 

For example, what communities are you already in that add value to your life? You might find a community inside an organization you’re associated with that feeds your need for belonging and giving. Additionally, you might find community with your friends who give you support and perspective, you might find community in a professional network, a book club, or perhaps in a church or a synagogue.

In fact, all of these communities are here to serve your well-being in some positive way.

But, are you in a leadership community?

A leadership community serves the needs you have as a leader in different ways that the above communities might serve you. To illustrate, these communities won’t be the place to go that has experience on leading or leading a remote team.

Let’s be real, you’re busy. You work full-time taking care of your team, you go home, take care of your families and friends, and you take care of yourself leaving minimal time to dedicate to anything else.

Also, you might have noticed this deep desire to be connected with other leaders. What other leaders inside this community can give you (including myself) is something that you cannot get in the above communities. 

Leadership Community Provides on-the-spot Development

  • There are hundreds of people willing to offer you different perspectives.
  • There are people who have already accomplished what you’re struggling with who can share how it’s worked for them.
  • You can learn that you’re not alone in the problems you’re facing.

Leadership Community Benefits

  • New perspective from the information you’re getting from your own leadership team at your company
  • Your company might not have any peer coaching/mentoring/support for leadership challenges

Why we’re creating the Remote Leadership Community

  • We can’t find an online leadership community that gives the true value leaders deserve. 
  • We think every leader should have a community to connect with other leaders around the globe, from different industries, with different backgrounds to add diversity of thought and perspectives to our toughest challenges.

This community is going to be all about learning, growing and sharing with each other as we navigate leading teams who are working from anywhere.

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