The “Work on Your Game System” for Remote Teams

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In today’s podcast episode we interview Dre Baldwin, CEO and Founder of Work On Your Game Inc. Dre’s company specializes in helping professionals and rising talent earn a living following your passion and helping others. Today’s topics are focused on Dre’s journey from a struggling young athlete to a successful content creator and motivational speaker. Dre’s company inspires people to “work on their game,” realize their goals, and Team Anywhere.

Dre Baldwin’s Journey to Becoming a Pro Athlete and Coach

Dre started playing basketball at the age of 14–a little later than most basketball enthusiasts. He tried his best to be part of the high school varsity team but failed a total of 3 times. He was able to join the varsity team in his Senior year through sheer determination and will. 

Dre graduated from Penn State which only had a division 3 basketball team. This meant he had to try creative ways to get noticed by talent scouts and go pro. To quote Dre, “sometimes all you have to do is show up.”

In the summer of 2005, Dre went and joined an event called an exposure camp to get a scouting report and footage of him playing. He stored the footage and data on multiple VHS tapes. Though this older method could be easily destroyed by heat, moisture, or droppage, it became the key for getting him into pro ball.

Dre decided to post his footage on a ‘new phenomenon’ called You Tube. Every six-months or so, he would check the post to see if it was still working. To his amazement, he discovered that many people were asking questions and commenting on his technique and approach. In particular, young basketball players were asking for advice. He then realized he could reinvent himself once again and become someone who could teach basketball techniques online. His success and business began to grow and Dre emerged as not only a basketball coach, but also as a life and work coach for individuals and teams. These are the skill sets that form the basis of his company, Work On Your Game, Inc. 

The Work On Your Game System for Remote Teams

According to Dre, The Work On Your Game System can also be applied for remote work teams and listed below are the key components for making established goals happen. 

  1. Discipline – This involves completing daily tasks by eliminating distractions and focusing on the work at hand.
  2. Personal Initiative – This is when team members and leaders create consistent touch points with one another in order to encourage engagement and motivation–ensuring that everybody on the team is up to speed.
  3. Confidence – This is the trait that enables every team member and leader to show up every day with a bold and authentic demeanor. This requires the belief and culture that each and every one can get things done with accuracy and precision.
  4. Mental Toughness – The world of work is dynamic. Problems can occur when we least expect them. A leader or a team member must have the guts and determination to deal with inevitable challenges and emerge victorious in the end.
  5. Communication Skills – This is not part of the basic 4 core values of the system. Rather, it is required to tie all the other principles together. Everybody in the organization is responsible for it. The good news about communication is that it can be trained and coached as long as everyone is willing.

Who is Dre Baldwin?

Dre Baldwin is CEO and Founder of Work On Your Game Inc. He has given 4 TEDxTalks and has authored 33 books. Dre’s content has been viewed over 73 million times. His daily Work On Your Game Podcast has over 2,300 episodes and over 5 million listeners. Dre had a 9-year professional basketball career, playing in 8 countries. Dre’s framework is the “roadmap in reverse” for professional mindset, strategy, systems and execution.

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