Episode #135 – Discipline and Personal Growth: Navigating Leadership Struggles with Chad Brown

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In today’s podcast episode we interview Chad Brown, Leadership Coach and Associate Partner at Take New Ground. Today’s topics focus on managing behavior vs. managing results in remote teams, embracing conflict for building connections, overcoming imposter syndrome through pushing beyond comfort zones, and adopting an attitude of practice in struggles with discipline. Chad Brown offers valuable insights on leadership and personal growth as we Team Anywhere.

The 2 Management Behavior Types

Chad Brown discusses two types of management – managing behavior and managing results. He encourages leaders to reflect on where their focus lies when leading their teams – is it mostly on behavior, such as punctuality and report completion, or on results? Chad suggests that in remote teams, managing behavior may not be effective and that focusing on results can be more impactful. He emphasizes that how the work gets done matters less than the results achieved. This definitely was proven through the pandemic and virtual work.

Conflict = Building Connections

Chad Brown shares his perspective on conflict, stating that he used to shy away from it as a people pleaser. However, he learned that true commitment involves embracing conflict as a pathway to connection. He believes that going through challenges together can strengthen the connection and multiply the potential for future accomplishments. Brown emphasizes that conflict is an opportunity to check in with each other, understand perspectives, and find ways to reconnect. He challenges the notion that conflict is detrimental to relationships, but rather sees it as necessary medicine for healthy relationships if approached with a willingness to engage..

We are All Imposters!!

Chad Brown discusses imposter syndrome, stating that everyone experiences it to some extent. He views imposter syndrome not as a negative “syndrome” but rather as an experience that comes with pushing oneself to progress and step into something new. Brown believes that if one is not experiencing imposter syndrome, it may indicate a lack of pushing beyond their comfort zone. He distinguishes imposter syndrome from feeling like a fraud, emphasizing that imposter syndrome is a natural part of growth and development.

Struggling with Discipline

Chad Brown discusses his struggles with discipline in various areas of his life, particularly with his diet. He emphasizes that wins and losses in discipline are learning opportunities and do not define one’s worth. Brown advocates for adopting an attitude of practice rather than performance, allowing for grace and self-compassion when making mistakes. He views feedback from current reality as neutral and helpful, rather than attaching positive or negative labels to it.

Who is Chad Brown?

Chad Brown is a leadership engagement expert. He coaches executives and entrepreneurs in the art and science of leadership for themselves, their teams, and clients to create new, unprecedented results and experience fulfillment in their work. Chad is an Associate Partner at Take New Ground, a leadership coaching, training and consulting firm based in Los Angeles. TNG partners with select executives and organizations to get the results they want by creating the culture they need. He is the host of The Naked Leadership Podcast with the founding partners of TNG.

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