Eliminating Workplace Uncertainty Using the Ethical Influence Model

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In today’s podcast episode, we interview Keith Mercurio, CEO and Founder of Ethical Influence Institute and Ethical Influence Global. Today’s topics are focused on the 4 Quadrants of the Ethical Influence Model which are: awareness of self, influence of self, awareness of others, and influence of others. This will help leaders support team members in dealing with uncertainty as they Team Anywhere.

What Keith Learned Over the Past 2 Years

Keith learned to be wrong early and often since humans have an addiction to believing they are always right! Keith explains that the need to be always right often destroys progress, happiness and relationships. A more successful habit is to readily and quickly change positions whenever new information becomes available. By exhibiting this flexible mindframe, leaders role model the path towards successful results. 

How Uncertainty Can Take Organizations into New Heights

When the COVID pandemic struck, uncertainty was at an all time high. Tough decisions had to be made in order to survive in an entirely new environment. by leaders. According to Keith, uncertainty is not an enemy; rather, it is an opportunity to embrace the unknown as a world of possibilities. Learning to be “comfortable with the uncomfortable” leads to new ideas, creativity, and innovation. 

The Four Quadrants of Keith’s Ethical Influence Model

According to Keith, his Ethical Influence Model consists of four (4) quadrants: awareness of self, influence of self, awareness of others, and influence of others. These concepts are the backbone of his leadership coaching business and worthy to take note of to help team members embrace uncertainty.

  1. Awareness of Self – Our mental, emotional,and physical state at any given point in time creates the lens through which we experience the world around us. Ethical Influence starts with becoming aware of our focus, language, and physiology, and how they impact our experiences and reactions. With this awareness comes the realization that we can, in fact, control how we show up in any given circumstance.
  1. Influence of Self – As leaders, we must ask ourselves, “how do we summon our ideal state for the circumstances at hand?” Keith shows us how to shift our language, focus, and physiology to summon our ideal state for any given moment. By mastering this skill, we will show up as ideal leaders, regardless of our circumstances. 
  2. Awareness of Others – The next step of growth is recognizing that our state also fundamentally affects our awareness of others. Keith encourages leaders to really ask and really listen. By bringing genuine curiosity, interest, and intrigue to our conversations, we grow from trying to win to serving those we have the honor to lead. 
  3. Influence of Others – How our unconscious state labels someone authors their identity/potential as the person we choose to see instead of seeing them for who they truly are. Keith shows us how to intentionally transform how we see the people we have the privilege of leading, and to develop the courage and commitment to label people in a way that honors and serves them.

Utilizing the Implications of a Leader’s “I-AM-STATEMENTS”

The leader’s I-AM-STATEMENTS are focused on how leaders perceive themselves and speak of themselves. The goal is for leaders to rewrite their I-AM-STATEMENTS into something that helps them become the best possible leader they can be for the tasks at hand. Since there are frequent barriers to being at one’s best 100% of the time, it is important to develop mini-triggers and reminders that help us stay on track.

Who is Keith Mercurio?

Through speaking, coaching, training, and consulting, Keith serves leaders to transform their identity to influence the culture and performance of their businesses. He has spoken to nearly 20,000 people on the topics of leadership, influence, sales, and personal development. Keith has spent over 7,000 hours in front of audiences mastering the art and science of facilitation and engagement–and the remaining time obsessing over how to be better.

Over 600 businesses and hundreds of leaders have given him the privilege of being their guide as they transformed their own leadership identity and led unprecedented growth for their teams. Above all, his work continues to support his family and beautiful wife, Brynn, who reminds him, consistently, to live his message.

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