How to Brand Your Conscious Capital Company

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How can I tell my company’s story in a way that connects and inspires clients to take action?

That’s the question inside the heads of entrepreneurs, CEO’s and executives everywhere. The Conscious Capital movement stemmed from huge corporate breakdowns like Enron in the early 2000’s. At this time, many leaders started to agree that companies shouldn’t just be focused on profits and shareholders.  They felt that companies should have a holistic focus that includes benefiting people and making the world a better place. 

In a recent panel organized by Conscious Capitalism San Diego, panelists shared how this movement impacted their careers. Panelists shared how their own companies have benefited through a Conscious Capitalism focus, and story telling.

Below are the two main points they shared on how to brand your conscious capital company.

Branding Begins With an Authentic Story

The essence of connection is created through story. Two stories are crucial for your company, your personal story and your company’s story. These stories bring awareness, create connection and inspire action around your brand. 

Be transparent, authentic, and vulnerable

Crafting this story isn’t so easy. It’s a very vulnerable move to share your story in a way that deeply resonates with your audience. But, you must dig deep into the nitty gritty of your story, a story that is transparent, authentic, and vulnerable. An authentic story will connect people to you and your brand.

Tailor the Story to Your Customer

Knowing your customer is the foundation of your story. Once you know your customer and their needs, craft your story around that. Focus on how you want your clients to feel and what pain points you want them to take away. 

Tailor Your Story to the Journey Your Customer is Going Through

The reason why your story is powerful is because you’ve faced obstacles and made breakthroughs in your life. Those obstacles and breakthroughs are what your customer is going through as well. Tailor your brand story to the obstacles and breakthroughs that you want your customer to make through working with you. 

Share the Story Over and Over

When you begin to put your story out there and share WHY your company was created, you begin a movement. You can meet your target audience’s needs more efficiently through a story that is crystal clear and carefully crafted. Think about the last time you’ve asked someone what they do. If they began to stumble over their words you began to lose focus. Practice and share your story everywhere you go. 

In Summary

Conscious Capital companies highly value their unique story and are driven by values and purpose. Your personal and company story should answer WHY you are you doing the work you are doing? Why was this company created? Why you? 

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About the Panelists

Steven Bellach

Bottom Line Marketing :

Experienced senior marketing executive “difference maker” with a unique breadth of experience across the consumer packaged goods, direct response, e-commerce, and retail industries. As a Principal and co-founder with BottomLine Marketing, I help B2B, B2C and non-profit organizations transform the way they’re perceived in the marketplace, and then more effectively reach and change the behavior of their target audiences to drive profitable growth.  Throughout my career, I have successfully built a broad array of brands at organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100’s. These companies include Jenny Craig, Next Proteins,, Tropicana, Cadbury Beverages, Kraft Foods, and The Pillsbury Company. Managing hundreds of millions of dollars in budgets, my marketing and brand development campaigns produced billions of dollars in sales and helped these companies maximize their brands and grow their business.

Katy Temple

Katy Temple Media Coaching

Katy Temple is the Founder and CEO of Katy Temple Media Coaching. Leveraging over 20 years of sports broadcasting, Katy is committed to helping her clients be the best version of themselves on-camera and in person. She believes that great communication skills can empower change, launch careers, and will never go out of style. Before focusing on executive media coaching, Katy built her reputation as a broadcaster in sports, a career that spans over 20 years, numerous states, and multiple professional sports.

She kicked off her career with her first official on-air job doing play-by-play for Fresno State, and was the producer and host of the Jerry Tarkanian and Pat Hill Shows. Climbing the broadcasting ladder, Katy became the sideline reporter and host for the Atlanta Braves on Fox Sports South, and balanced her “off season” as a reporter for the NFL Network. For six years, Katy was the weekend sports anchor for FOX6 in San Diego and the co-host of That Sunday Sports Show.

She had the pleasure of covering the Padres, Chargers, PGA Tour, Gulls, Aztecs, Toreros, and incredible high school sports landscape in America’s Finest City. Katy’s on-camera presence earned her both a San Diego Press Club award and a prestigious Emmy Award. She maintains a great relationship with CBS 8 in San Diego, where she steps in as a sports anchor on a fill-in basis when she’s not providing media training to her clients.

Greg Haines

Design Studio

Greg Haines is a Digital Marketing Executive with over 20 years experience in the field.  He spent 15 years with the National American Red Cross including a role as their first National Director of Digital Marketing.  He also managed Digital Marketing for Watkins Manufacturing, the world’s largest manufacturer of above-ground hot tubs and part of Fortune 500 company Masco (Delta Faucet, Behr Paints, etc).  He is currently a partner at DesignStudio, a leading Digital Agency in San Diego.

Mitch Simon 

The Simon Leadership Alliance :

Through provocative, experiential experiences and humor (he has performed for over four years on the National Comedy Theatre Improv Stage and performs Stand Up Comedy) Mitch provokes his teams to reach and maintain the number one position in their respective industries.  Mitch is a FreshBiz facilitator, a Game Changer’s 500 Company that teaches collaboration and innovation in a one hour board game. Mitch delivers keynotes, trains and coaches top Executive Teams at the nation’s best pharmaceutical companies (Perrigo), technology companies (SONY & Texas Instruments), manufacturers (Simpson Strong-Tie), law firms, national laboratories (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), commercial real estate brokerages (Cushman & Wakefield, JLL), private and public REITs, start-ups, banks (Canadian Western Bank), and universities (UCSD).  

Mitch is currently on staff at the Global Institute for Leadership Development.  He co-wrote the book, “The Trusted Advocate,” and is a keynote speaker throughout the United States.  Mitch was awarded the distinction of top corporate trainer in San Diego for over five years, and is a member of Forbes Coaches Council.  Mitch has a J.D., M.B.A. from UCLA, is a Certified Integral Coach, and is the father of four boys in San Diego, California. Mitch held executive positions in the creation and execution of global strategy for Nokia’s CDMA handsets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America.  Prior to Nokia, Mitch was in the Entertainment industry at Motorola, where he led strategic marketing for digital TV and HDTV, and was an executive on the lot at Paramount Pictures.

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