A Fresh Start Means a Commitment to Self-Care

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Guest Post by Kimberly Thomas

As the world starts to look for ways to acclimate to the “new normal,” we’re starting to see a renewed interest in healthy fitness routines and ways to become our best selves. For some, this might mean a return to a pre-COVID exercise and diet, while for others, it’s about stepping up and looking for ways to live our best lives overall. If you’re ready to return to the workplace or step up your leadership skills, Simon Alliance professional development can offer insights into the best professional practices.

Reemergence and Regeneration

It’s time for a forward focus on how we live, work, and care for ourselves. This is especially important if you’re a leader, either at home or work. When people look to you for guidance, you need to set an example. This might mean modeling healthy habits at home, like meal prepping with whole foods and limiting fats and sugar, and replacing regular movie binges with socially distanced outdoor activities. At work, this might entail taking a forward-looking approach to project planning and self-motivation. Healthier leaders are typically more energetic and effective, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, healthy workplaces are more productive. Make an effort to start getting your team ready to jump back into high gear as reopening plans expand.  

Commit to Self-Care

Sometimes it takes an intentional effort to prioritize yourself, especially when it comes to getting back into self-care habits. Many of us have spent the past several months deprioritizing things like getting our hair styled, buying new clothes, getting adequate sleep, and planning leisure activities. It’s time to clean out the closet, set regular sleep and wake times, and get ready to re-enter a world that is no longer focused on hoarding paper products. Also, start setting aside time for yourself, whether that’s devoted to reading a favorite book, getting back into a hobby you enjoy, or taking an art class as community centers make them safely available. The more you get into a routine, both mentally and physically, the better.

Check on Others

Everyone has experienced the past few months in different ways, so check in on others as you start to make your own emergence. If you have employees or colleagues that seem distracted, down, or unmotivated, reach out. If you have a family member like an older adult who has been socially isolated, make a point to connect. If all parties are healthy and comfortable, start making plans for an in-person visit. Maybe you know a local small business that is reopening and trying to recapture business — patronize them and encourage others to do so, as well. In this way, self-care can extend to caring for others who need a little extra helping hand.

Utilize Technology

Technology can be your friend as you start to resume this next stage of life. Look at apps and device features that allow you to start managing your time more closely, differentiating between weekends and weekdays, and scheduling exercise. Fitness trackers and smartwatches can be an asset when it comes to measuring your physical activity, logging how much water you consume, and even tabulating calories. Having a favorite playlist can make a workout more enjoyable, as can downloaded programs you only allow yourself to watch when you’re on the elliptical or exercise bike. Make sure you have a high-quality screen protector in place if you’re taking your device out and about to protect against breakage.

Take a Staycation

Play tourist in your home state! Explore nearby attractions, points of interest, and natural wonders. You might be surprised just how much there is to see and do, all within a close drive. For example, in San Diego, you might visit Mission Beach, the San Diego Zoo, or DelMar. You can even search for pet friendly-places if you want to take your fur babies along. Check hours, availability, and social distancing policies before you book, and treat yourself to a vacation rental home instead of a hotel. You’ll have more space and privacy, as well as a kitchen so you can continue with your healthy eating routines.

Shop Local

As you’re out exploring, challenge yourself to shop at local farmer’s markets or mom-and-pop grocers and encourage your family to try some unusual new foods and recipes. Not only is this a great bonding experience, but it also sets the tone for committing to moving ahead in a healthy way and not necessarily returning to “the way it was.” Challenging times have the potential to make people more adventurous and committed to living a life that has a different, often more personal meaning. Don’t be afraid to set new goals, create new agendas, and put new plans in motion!

Being able to recognize the intangible elements of life and embrace them with a renewed sense of purpose can have a positive impact on your health, your outlook, and the way you model behavior for others. If you’re ready to take your life and your leadership skills to the next level, Simon Alliance can help. Reach out today for a free consultation.

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