Building High-Performance Hybrid Work Teams Using the 3S’s Framework

Because they tend to focus on bottom-line results, some leaders overlook the importance of engaging with team members and taking the time to understand their individual strengths and motivators. However, since the pandemic and the Great Resignation, employees have more leverage in choosing the kind of company they want to work for. This new dynamic is forcing leaders to create cultures that foster employee growth and welfare.

In today’s podcast episode, we interview Alena Sviderskaia, leadership coach and facilitator in her own company, Alena Sviderskaia Coaching & Consulting. Today’s topics are focused on building high-performance hybrid work teams using the 3S’s (synergy, support and sense of fairness) framework, drafting team guidelines, establishing clarity on working agreements, and developing effective techniques to Team Anywhere.

Team Anywhere Toolkit #2: Keys to Create A Working Environment of Empathy and Genuine Connection

In this special episode of Team Anywhere, Mitch and Ginny recap lessons they have learned from previous podcast guests and well-known leadership personalities, and share insights and tools that can be immediately put to use. Dubbed as the “Team Anywhere Toolkit,” this guide provides leaders with actionable items that can truly impact their organization as they team anywhere.

In the second Team Anywhere Toolkit, Mitch and Ginny discussed the important tips to create a working environment of empathy and how to create genuine connection with team members. These actionable tips are based on their research data, leadership concepts derived from Brené Brown, Sara Noll Wilson, Marcus Buckingham and previous podcast guests.

Implementing Core Values and A Conducive Culture for Virtual Teams

Leaders have the tendency to overlook the company’s core values posted in their walls orwebsite. What they did not realize is that implementing those core values will greatly improve an organization’s productivity, employee engagement, motivation, client attraction, and client retention. Implementation of the core values is also vital in creating the company culture that a leader envisions.

In today’s podcast episode, we interview Marc Reifenrath, Founder and CEO of Spinutech, a national digital marketing agency which is included in USA’s top 500 high-growth companies. Today’s topics are focused on implementing company core values, creating a conducive work culture through feedback, focusing on team members’ growth every single day as they Team Anywhere.

Company Rituals in Creating Positive Work Culture

Being a leader in a remote work environment is not just a walk in the park. It takes a lot of learning and dedication to improve a company’s work policies, promote a positive work culture, and foster employee engagement, motivation and retention.

In today’s episode we interview David Garcia, CEO of Scout Logic. Today’s topics are locked-in on the design and application of effective company rituals that support an organization’s human spirit, lead to immediate problem solving and conflict resolution, build connections, and allow employees to Team Anywhere.

A Leader’s Model to Building A Remote Work Culture  

Leaders have long been focused on bottom-line results. However, with the emergence of virtual and hybrid teams, meaningful and engaging touchpoints have become necessary for results to happen. By establishing sound work cultures, leaders are learning how to use engagement as the cornerstone of organizational success.

In today’s episode we interview Cody Hall, Founder and CEO of Octiva Healthcare. Today’s topics are focused on building a remote work culture, making meetings more engaging, and promoting a sense of accountability among team members as they Team Anywhere.

Trust Building Activities and Meaningful Interactions for Remote Teams  

One former leadership style supported leaders to rule with authority. More progressive leadership approaches have demanded more engaged approaches with an emphasis on inclusion. The entire remote work movement has pushed the style curve further into the need to develop team member trust to foster organizational success.

In today’s episode we interview Kevin Eikenberry, Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group, and author of the books, The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership and The Long-Distance Teammate. Today’s topics are focused on communication with the intent of being understood–building a

Keys to Creating Influence and Effective Communication Using the AQ Framework   

A leader’s role to gain influence from team members, clients, and other people with their words is challenging. Using powerful questions to foster more engagement is a skill set leaders are more actively using. However, providing the correct answers to the questions asked is most often overlooked.

In today’s episode we interview Brian Glibkowski, PhD, Answer Intelligence (AQ)™ Creator, and author of the book, Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ. Today’s topic is focused on creating influence and effective communication among team members using the AQ Framework as they Team Anywhere.

A Leader’s Guide to Regaining Employee Engagement   

The greatest challenge leaders are facing today is building and maintaining engagement. With the shift into virtual and hybrid work, leaders need to be clear on how they are addressing employees who are minimally contributing. Not giving resolution to this issue will only affect the overall team’s productivity and performance.

In today’s episode we interview Mike Kelly, Managing Partner of Right Path Enterprises and author of the book, Leaderfluence. Today we focus on getting employee feedback, checking-in on checked out team members and regaining employee engagement as they Team Anywhere.

A Leader’s Digest on Promoting Success in Virtual Teams  

Amidst the past 2 years, organizations were forced to find ways to allow virtual and hybrid work to adjust to the pandemic protocols. However, the challenge is on for leaders in terms of building trust, effective communication and deep connection with their team members.

In today’s episode we interview Tara Powers, CEO of Powers Resource Center LLC and author of the books, Virtual Team for Dummies and Working from Home for Dummies. Today’s topics are focused on the ideal model of remote teams (virtual and hybrid); and also on the importance of technology, communication, connection and vulnerability which will help team members as they Team Anywhere.

An Organization’s Path to Aligned Momentum and Clarity

Organizations develop strategic plans towards their future. However, many plans end up being divided into tasks that are distributed throughout the organization without a unified thread. This leads to a lack of focused action and clarity. In this age of ceaseless change and innovation, clarity is mandatory for high-growth outcomes.

In today’s episode we interview Lori Michele Leavitt, President and CEO of Abrige Corp. and author of the books, The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum, and new release (April 2022), Pivot to Clarity. Today’s topic is locked-in on the concept of aligned momentum; specifically, the clarity and mindful implementation of change as organizations Team Anywhere.