Remote Work Trends: A New Location to Team Anywhere

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Are remote work trends beginning to change? Currently, you can drive to the local coffee shop whenever you want and kind of get your work done. But the challenges you’ll face include noise, lack of equipment like printers and projectors, and no private meeting rooms. What if the coffee shop was set up to provide the ideal workspace that you could rent by the hour? The concept is called VEL. 

On today’s podcast, you’ll meet Mo Hamzian, CEO at VEL, a work cafe that merges the best of Starbucks and WeWork but with the price and flexibility that you need to Team anywhere. 

The Work From Home Rut

Working from home can start out as exciting, but eventually, many people find waking up, working and living in the same location tiring. In an effort to seek new and exciting ways to work remotely, you’ll commonly find yourself discovering new locations to work. 

Places to Work Remotely From

Coffee Shops: Coffee shops are nice, but you can spend a lot of money in them after a while. Additionally, coffee shops don’t meet the needs of remote workers, such as a quiet space, a meeting room, or certain equipment to accomplish your work. 

WeWork: WeWork provides those additional needs, but with the price of a monthly subscription that many remote workers, digital nomads, and freelancers don’t find appropriate since they only go occasionally. 

VEL: Mo decided that there needs to be a third solution to fit into the middle of these needs. uWhat if you have a space within 10-15 minutes from where you live where you could find everything you need to work whether it’s privacy, a meeting room, technology or equipment. You could walk in like a coffee shop, or reserve your seats in advance. VEL is for the customers that don’t want to be encumbered by monthly subscriptions. 

Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

The pandemic accelerated remote work globally, causing a major disruption where many companies, leaders and employees realized how much work they could do remotely. This has created a new work contract for many companies allowing for more remote work opportunities than before the pandemic. BCG’s study has found that there will be nearly a 40% increase in freelancing in the next five years.

59 million people in the US did some sort of freelancing last year; that’s ⅓ of the US workforce.  25 million of those freelancers are younger than the age of 40. 75% of all designers across the US have freelancers.

The workplace is changing and remote workers are becoming highly flexible and less dedicated. 

Many remote employees are now happier and are redefining what work means for them. This will require employees to find the right fit of where they will work (in-office, from the home, from somewhere else).

According to VEL the 9 to 6 working hours are dead. We’re now entering a new era where work is more flexible and hybrid. Along with that, a new kind of work environment and work ethos is getting created along with that. 

The way we work (and have worked) since the Industrial Revolution, may no longer be fit now. Companies need to create an infrastructure where two types of job categories are offered. One type of job is one that will never go away, where people will need to go into work and put in the hours no matter what (for example, logistics).  The other type of job is where there are flexible hours, remote work, and people teaming from anywhere. 

This is creating a need for a new kind of work environment and work ethos. Tapping into that is to say, “you know, the past is dead. Long live the future.” 

About Mo Hamzian

Mo Hamzian, Co-Founder and CEO of VEL, is a Sloan Fellow and serial entrepreneur with a dynamic background in international business. Mo is an expert in nearly all things entrepreneurship. From investment strategies and capital funding to partnerships, transformational growth, and complex negotiation. Whether building or executing deals, Mo excels at delivering return for investors and stakeholders.  As a natural leader, Mo believes vision combined with performance yields powerful results.

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