Episode #130 – Execution Management in Hybrid Work Teams

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In today’s podcast episode we interview Monte Pedersen, Principal Consultant at The CDA Group LLC. He highlights the importance of aligning daily tasks and activities of team members with the organization’s strategic objectives by using the KeyneLink Performance Agreement Framework

Additionally, Monte discusses how to successfully manage employees in a hybrid and virtual environment and emphasizes the importance of culture in execution management of strategy. He shares how KeyneLink’s system is designed to surface problems and issues within an organization, promoting transparency and eliminating drama and politics as people Team Anywhere.

What Monte Learned Over the Past 2 Years

Monte believes that the pandemic has accelerated a significant change in the way people view work, largely driven by Gen Xers, millennials, and Gen Zs. The pandemic has made people rethink the traditional ways of working, and more people are now open to the idea of flexible working arrangements. Monte also emphasizes the influence of millennials in shaping the way work is approached, as they are not willing to do things the way previous generations have done them. The pandemic has enabled people to do things virtually and has expanded the possibilities of working remotely.

The KeyneLink Performance Agreement Framework

Monte shared his experience with the system and how it helps organizations achieve their strategic objectives while also measuring HOW the strategy discussions take place every month “on the ground.” The methodology aligns daily tasks and activities of everyone on the team with the strategic objectives of the organization. It does this by creating a set of initiatives or strategic objectives at the highest level of the organization and then effectively translating them throughout the entire organization, all the way down to each person’s job.

The methodology has a built-in feedback loop, allowing everyone to give their perspectives and opinions on how they can contribute to achieving the initiatives. This helps inform leadership and ensures that initiatives make solid sense at every level of the organization, with goals set accordingly.

Execution Management in Hybrid Work Teams

Monte discusses how to successfully manage employees in a hybrid and virtual environment. He emphasizes the importance of authenticity, asking powerful questions, and demonstrating empathy, as these behaviors are paramount in building trust and supporting productivity. KeyneLink’s execution management system provides accountability and allows managers to also identify and address these inter-relationship behaviors that foster healthy cultures. Pedersen suggests onboarding new clients carefully and implementing an executive pilot to determine if the process is the right fit for the organization. He only works with organizations that want to help their people succeed, rather than wasting their money and his time.

The Cultural Component of Execution Management

At the center of strategic execution is the strategic progress meeting. Monte believes that in order to have successful execution, high levels of emotional intelligence and psychological safety need to be baked into the culture. The progress meeting is designed to build trust and respect between managers and direct reports, allowing for open conversations about any problems that may arise while pursuing organizational strategy. Core behaviors– minimal behavioral standards–are established and agreed upon for everyone on the team. These are measured and rated every 30 days to keep culture at the forefront of discussions. KeyneLink’s system is designed to surface all problems and issues–both strategic and interpersonal–encouraging transparency and eliminating drama, politics, and BS.

Who is Monte Pedersen?

Monte Pedersen enjoyed a 35-year professional career in the managed services industry before deciding in 2016 to start a leadership and training firm focused exclusively on helping organizations manage “Strategy Execution.”

His marching orders became: help deliver “Business Freedom” for small to middle-sized businesses and organizations. His extensive experience working in the corporate sector for two multinational companies demonstrated to him that people and leadership are the two most essential elements in any workplace and the most taken for granted.

Driven by the desire to support and elevate others, Monte focuses on making execution a core competency within every client organization he touches. His goal is to eliminate all of their bad habits developed over decades and implement a repeatable operating model (The KeyneLink Framework) for success that will teach their teams how to manage execution and improve at doing it each year.

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