Use this Quarantine to Run Your Personal Leadership Retreat

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Times are crazy now and people are searching for things do to while they are at home. Many people have found themselves with extra time on their hands. Time to Netflix binge, time to be with the kids, time to take walks and think about how they want their life to be post-COVID 19.  

Why not treat this time to think as a leadership retreat? That’s right, I said it! Use this time to reflect on what matters, what you want your life to look like when you go back to the office, so that you go back as a better “leader” in your life. 

So I’d like to invite you to join me in a free, live and virtual leadership retreat. We will look at our thoughts, actions, behaviors, and motivations so that we can become better leaders.

Did you know that this Stay-At-Home Order is Actually A Leadership Retreat?

Think about the last time your boss said, “leave the office for a couple of days to contemplate your reality. Think about how you’re doing. Take some courses. Talk to a coach. Read some books. Do a little meditation. When you come back, I’m expecting you to be a better leader than you were before.”

Yep. Sounds like we are all on a leadership retreat. IF you chose to look at it like that. 

Attend my FREE Virtual Leadership Retreat

Each day and week, I’m going to be posting questions that I normally ask at my own leadership retreats. These questions will help you gain a better awareness as a leader so that you can go back to the office better and stronger. 

I’m going to help you:

➡️ Reflect on your Pre-COVID life and identify what parts you want to take with you and what parts you want to leave behind.

➡️ Dig deep into your mindset and identify what limiting beliefs you are facing that are impacting (positively or negatively) the way you are working.

➡️ See if you’ve been accountable for what you wanted to create in your life and think about if it’s time to think bigger. 

➡️ Strengthen your level of GRIT so you will learn how to stay in it for the long run.

➡️ Think about what bigger impact you could have on your customers, clients, and the people that you could connect with deeper to have more impact.

➡️ How to be in more control and face uncertainty with greater ease now and in the future. 

➡️ How to get better at planning and putting more structure into your life right now. 

➡️ How and why you should be reviewing your progress every day (and celebrating your failures without beating yourself up.)

➡️ How to become a better prioritizer and have it become a habit and a practice. 

Leadership Retreat Topics


We look into what level of personal accountability you had prior to COVID-19, and what level of personal accountability you want to have moving forward.

We also are going to look into what kind of radical accountability we must have as leaders as we begin to go back to work.


You had a certain level of impact that you made prior to COVID-19 and now you have a chance to review the impact you made and begin to make new declarations on the kind of impact you want to have moving forward.


As we all face this crisis, we’ve dealt with nothing other than uncertainty. I’m going to uncover my own experience with uncertainty and talk about how to gain more control in your life.


Even though we’ve all had a bunch of time lately, very few of us have actually been able to plan. We talk about planning, and why planning can transform every hour of every day.


We’re going to talk about how you review your day, and why reviewing is so important.


We are going to cover the importance of prioritization and why prioritizing is so important to your long term results.


We are going to explore why those with Grit accomplish more than those with pure talent.  We are going to teach you how to raise your level of GRIT to accomplish the things that matter most.

Join Me For Your Leadership Retreat

So follow me where you spend the most time and let’s work through a daily reflection on our own, live and virtual leadership retreat together.





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