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In one of my first meetings with Mitch, he explained his vision for the workplace, expounding that the workplace is one of the few commonplace institutions in society wherein leaders have the potential to grow their organizations by creating an environment in which their team members can form genuine communities, grow in all areas, and become better people. With the conviction that leaders are here to serve a greater purpose, I knew that I had met a rare coach and kindred spirit. My business has grown to new heights as a result.

Mitch Simon is an incredible coach, business advisor, and a genuinely good person. Through his work and life, he exemplifies the virtues of humility, service, and the desire for wisdom in all areas of life—both professional and personal—and the full integration of these two realms. He has worked with my leadership team and myself for the past year, and has coached us to become better leaders, colleagues, and people. Mitch takes great effort to ensure that his clients receive his full support; even when he is busy, he always does his best to make himself available when our team needs him. He is encouraging, supportive, and shows love for his clients and their teams. At the same time—as a true believer in openness and transparency—he will be “brutally honest” and give you and your team the feedback and coaching that you need, even if it is not what you would like to hear, and those who are open to such feedback will become better leaders and people as a result.

To accomplish his mission, Mitch is a man who embraces lifelong learning. He has unpretentious erudition not only in business literature but also in the liberal arts, the latter of which informs his hermeneutic of the former. He challenges his clients to examine their presuppositions on matters both professional and person, yet will always show respect for his clients’ own views, even if they are different than his own.

My experience of Mitch’s holistic view of humanity, leadership, and personal development may be best described by the quote “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” I recommend Mitch wholeheartedly for those who are both beleaguered by mediocrity and ready to rise to new levels of excellence, and those eager to learn, be challenged, and grow in all areas of their lives. Thank you Mitch for all that you do.

Adam Francis, CEO 

Host Healthcare

Executive Level Testimonials

Mitch Simon has been involved with our company, ISEC Incorporated, for over 3 years. ISEC is a national construction subcontractor with over 1,000 employees and multiple offices nationwide. Mitch has provided a year-long seminar series on High Performance and leadership development for managers and executives in multiple regional offices.

Mitch exhibits several strengths, many of which are evident in his preparation and delivery of coaching and leadership development. Mitch is well read, and connects with individuals. His passion for improvement and zest for life are contagious. The Simon Leadership Alliance has a footnote at the bottom of his email, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Mitch is not crazy, but he absolutely believes he can change the world, and he seemingly does by touching one executive life at a time. I would personally highly recommend Mitchell Simon to any company desiring to elevate their performance to the next level.

Jeff Walker, Vice President

ISEC, inc.

The Leadership Academy helped me to focus on what I believe is most important. When I started the program I knew I wanted a different balance in my life but I wasn’t sure how to get there. The Leadership Academy helped me to gain clarity and direction, as well as motivation, to take the necessary steps.

I learned how to restructure my practice, to regroup and get what I want. Today I feel like my practice is better than ever. I’m so happy with my days at the office. I come home happy. I come home in time to spend time with my family! I focus on what I care about, not what I think I should be worried about. This year everything came together for me. The Leadership Academy has truly been invaluable.

Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen

Vein Healthcare Center

I have used the skills taught in the Leadership Program to encourage my staff and keep them focused on our primary goal, providing the best possible care to our patients. My team has grown in areas of unity, common vision, and individual efficacy, and is functioning much better than it has in the past. Much of this growth is due to the skills I have learned through the Leadership Academy.

These skills will also be critical in negotiating the issues that will arise as I take on a new role as Director of Research for VCA. I am grateful for the education and insight that the Leadership Academy has provided

Dr. Robert Worthington-Kirsch, Director of Research

Vein Clinics of America

Mitch and his team are beyond awesome! The energy and expertise they have to offer is one in a million. Just when I thought that our team was strong enough, Mitch and his team came in and strengthened our team on another level which has contributed to our growth as a company. So lucky to be a part of Mitch’s leadership program!

Chanel Georges,  VP of Sales & Ops

Host Healthcare

As an interventional radiologist, we are typically tied to a hospital-based group, to go out on your own is risky, because there is no safety net to fall back on.

The Leadership Academy gave me the courage and interest to go out on my own, and start something that I should have done a long time ago. I don’t think I would have had the courage and guts to go out on my own! It is all going real well.

Of all the lessons I learnd in the ACP Leadership Academy, though, one that stands out came from my mentor Mitch Simon. He taught me to never let the fear of failure prevent you from pursuing your dreams. I know it sounds cliché, but now I know exactly what those words mean. Although starting my own practice has takedn all of my time and energy, it has been rewarding.

leadership development program reviews Jay Radhakrishnan
Jay Radhakrishnan, M.D., RVT, Founder

The Vein Doctors

Thank you Mitch and Todd. I think I can speak for the entire team, but we are thankful for your commitment to us. You gave us all the tools and support that made this journey on beginning of our Leadership Road possible. I think we will forever be indebted to you as we all excel in our careers and personal lives for years to come.

All of us, without exception, have been personally challenged, push out of our comfort zones and began to embody the traits of true leader over the past 12 month process with you and Todd. Thank you again and I wish you both continued successes and know you will do the same for the LDG 2008.

Kendra Van Note, COO

Greansavers USA

Mitch brings a level of focus and energy to Leadership Development that, in many ways, defines and sets the standard for our profession. His clients are better equipped to, not only withstand, but thrive within the turbulent economic tides they are all now facing.

Winslow Swart, Founder

One Million Dreams

Before recommending Simon Leadership Alliance here, I made sure to share our experience with other leaders in my industry. Coming into a new leadership role with a new team, Mitch has given us new life. Everyone is motivated and have demonstrated clear successes including new revenue generating developments. Just meet Mitch and you’ll understand.

Andrew Utt, Executive Director

Lux Art Institute

Developing strong leaders is core to our strategy to expand and enhance the future of our company. We needed a program to develop our own personnel to take on positions of leadership as shareholders, committee and advisory board leaders and future directors on our board. Mitch’s program, Beyond Charisma, has improved performance of our company significantly. His very customized approach has inspired a key group of mid-level to junior producers to think beyond their own needs and to see the big picture.

Mitch has been successful in creating a program that has instilled the following core attributes of leadership on our team:
Integrity: trustworthiness and solid character; consistent words and walk. ‘Big Picture’ mind-set: the ability to see the whole organization and all of its needs.

Positive-ness: the ability to work with and see people and situations in a positive way.
Servant-hood: the willingness to play team ball; to make personal efforts to help others despite an immediate reciprocation from all those that he assists or leads.
Discipline: the willingness to do what is required regardless of personal mood.
Follow-through: an orientation towards action; getting the important but not urgent things done; developing the art of individual and team planning versus just showing up and working.
If you would like to significantly enhance the performance of your company, and have your leadership produce extraordinary results, Mitch provides the discipline, creativity, and integrity to get you there.”

John Frager, President & CEO


High Potentials/High-Performance Program Reviews

Micaela Bruno

Host Healthcare

Mitch and H3 helped me focus in on specific career goals and figure out what matters most. In fact, this course helped to push me to start the conversation with my manager about moving over to Account Management.
Mitch helped me figure out how to create a better mindset and attitude for becoming my best self and through monthly discussions and books, I’ve been able to see and feel significant changes over this past year.
The H3 course has helped me get to know others in the company that I wouldn’t otherwise communicate with which has been really enjoyable, especially since we’re working from home and can’t see each other in person.
Being able to meet with Mitch once a month has been a treat because if you don’t know him, he is hilarious, witty, warm, kind, intelligent and encouraging – Having Mitch as a mentor and coach and someone to remind you to push yourself and work hard to get where you want to be both professionally, and personally, is enough in itself to sign up for this course.

Melanie Shabo

Host Healthcare

Mitch has to be one of the best leaders out there. He really gets raw and digs deep. He makes you feel uncomfortable which is key for successful leaders. I’ve never been a fan of reading, but some of his recommendations have altered my though processes everyday and I feel better about my decisions. I’m also more firm with my goals and know I will get there. Mitch makes it so you don’t “guess” or “doubt” yourself. Being a leader involves being humble, strong, courageous, receptive and able to take criticism. So happy I joined H3 and will continue being a part of this great opportunity! Highly recommended and beneficial 🙂

Steven Moody

Host Healthcare

H3 with Mitch Simon was one of the best experiences I’ve had in leadership development. After being exposed to numerous other programs in the past, getting to work with Mitch was a breath of fresh air.
This program is amazing because it allowed me to feel comfortable being open and honest with not only myself, but with my fellow coworkers; especially since I was new to the company. The depth of the relationships I’ve built thanks to H3 are far deeper than I would have expected to gain from a workplace.
It is a fun and comfortable environment exploring different aspects of high performance and I attribute lessons learned in H3 to my promotion to a team lead. Some of the highlights this program has taught me were better stress management, confidence in decision making, and having multistep goals.
While this may seem hard to believe, Mitch did NOT bribe/blackmail me to say these things, I testify to their truthfulness and accuracy. Thanks for a great year Mitch!

Destiny Ewing

Host Healthcare

In the beginning of this course you overlook what you’re looking for and what you’re going to get out of this program. You have to dig deep. We all can be high performers but it takes work and consistency. Habits are the first step to progressing in this program. Even if you take away some habits from this program, you will be proud. I learned that sticky notes helped me alot in this program to remind me my why and my three words I want to become.

It’s important to know your motivation for life and at first, I didn’t know mine. This program made me dig into the unknown and ask questions that really made me be the best person and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Looking back at when I started this program I have reached many of my professional goals. I am more effective in my organizational skills, excel skills as well as being effective in time management. 

Nicole Aston

Host Healthcare

Through out this year, what I really got was that my company really cares about my development and growth. I have learned many things, one of those is the importance of goal setting. Not only the big goals of the year, but also daily goals, like what is the most important three goals to accomplish for the day. What’s helped me with that is my WHY and who I am being. So throughout the entire year I have created being joyful, confident and purposeful.

I have risen from recruiting five travelers to being one of the top five recruiters at Host in terms of gross profit. Being in this program has helped me to grow and focus on what I want. In addition to that, Mitch is super fun so we get to have fun and play while we do this work. 

The purpose of this letter is to tell you how pleased I am with the consulting services of Mitchell Simon and his business partner, Richard Eppel. As Chief Operating Officer at QSC Audio, I am responsible for leading our entire organization. Currently, Mitch and Dick are facilitating an executive team development program at QSC Audio.
I first met Mitch last fall during the GILD leadership training in San Diego, CA. Mitch was my personal coach for those sessions. I was so impressed by Mitch that I soon hired him to develop and facilitate a year-long executive team development program for me and my executive staff. My staff consists of the VP’s and SVP’s for all of the functions in our organization, including R&D, Operations, Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, and Strategy.
Without a doubt, Mitch and Dick have made a tremendous impact on our organization in a very short period of time. Six months ago, I would characterize my staff as a group of talented individuals who were underachieving individually and collectively as a team. In the past six months, I have witnessed a tremendous amount of individual and team development. It has been very exciting to see this transformation.
Furthermore, the vastly improved individual and team performance is resulting into real business results. I give a tremendous amount of credit to Mitch and Dick. They’ve been able to successfully develop and lead an extremely powerful executive development program. As an ex-McKinsey consultant, I have a lot of experience in consulting services. I can assure you that Mitch and Dick have delivered real impact and results during this project. Simply put, they have exceeded my expectations.

Joe Pham, COO

QSC Audio Products

Thank you both so very much for all of your work with our team. In many respects the economic downturn was the best thing that could have happened for us and I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for everything you’ve done. I will take what you’ve taught me and apply it both personally and professionally wherever my path leads me.
On a very personal note, I will tell you that this course of work highlighted some unresolved issues going back into my childhood, conversations I couldn’t or wasn’t willing to have prior. The session where you asked us to write down a conversation was a significant turning point for me personally. I called one of my most trusted friends and told them if I don’t have this conversation, I’m afraid it will hold me back my entire life. We couldn’t connect for a few weeks and holding it in any longer was manifesting physically in me. I was literally sick. I couldn’t take it anymore and my friend and I met down by the water.
I had the conversation, burned the paper and buried it in the sand along with the emotional charge associated with it. You see, the person associated with the conversation is deceased, so my very dear friend stood in as “proxy”. The greatest gift followed. My friend saw how much I’d been carrying and said “we’ll come back here as many times as you need to”. The sun went down and for me, it was a brand new day. In some respects I believe that you saved my life. What I was carrying would have eventually killed me or shortened my life. Some people wonder their whole lives whether or not they make a difference. For the two of you, I hope that this serves as a testament to your work and it makes a difference. In some cases more than you know.


I hired Mitch Simon as my executive coach due to the rigor and compassion that he brought to enhancing my ability to be a senior leader. He is introspective, honest, and fierce in his commitment for me to become a better leader.
I then brought him in to coach my senior executive team, coach several of my direct reports, and take our team through several year long programs to enhance the leadership, authentic conversations, strategy, and reputation of my team. Mitch is skilled in designing customized programs that cut deep to the heart of what makes a great leader and a great team. He was talented at provoking me and my team to think harder, execute better, and connect at a level that we needed in order to achieve our rigorous objectives.
I would recommend Mitch to any company that is looking to transform their capabilities as a team to unite as a high functioning team, achieve big hairy audacious goals, and build the personal leadership skills required to take on the scariest and most meaningful objectives.

Dr. Allison Campbell, Director Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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