5 Commitments of Purposeful Leadership

5 Commitments of Purposeful Leadership

Five commitments of purposeful leadership can help you strive to become a more effective leader.

Linkage Inc. held their annual Global Institute for Leadership Development week-long summit in Palm Desert, California. Purposeful leadership was the theme for the 2018 summit.  Their Purposeful Leadership model shows that those leaders who commit to leading purposefully have lasting impact on their teams and organizations.

Senior executives who attend the four day institute are immersed in a very unique week long leadership development. When executives attend GILD they are paired with a coach, get 360 degree leadership assessments, listen to relevant keynote speakers and team up with 10-12 of their peers to discuss the leadership topics. Mitch is attending as staff for the 11th year and is coaching executives for this summit already.  Mitch’s executives are coming from China, Canada, and the USA.

Linkage builds on research from over 100,000 leaders to develop the model. The purposeful leadership model breaks down into 5 commitments.

5 Commitments of Purposeful Leadership

What distinguishes impactful leaders from their less effective peers?

Below, are the 5 commitments of Purposeful Leadership:

Purposeful Leadership Model
  1. Inspire: to inspire those around them in their common vision.
  2. Engage: to engage every team member in meaningful activities.
  3. Innovate: to innovate products or processes.
  4. Achieve: to achieve results by creating structure and clarity.
  5. Become: to become more self-aware in their ability to transform, coach and influence people.

The GILD experience not only influences leaders to be open to assess their performance to strengthen their leadership impact, through working with a coach, the Leaders commit to a Development Plan based on their feedback and their conversations at GILD.

Results from the Research

Linkage’s research on this model has shown the benefits of the purposeful leadership model resulted in

  • 2x revenue growth,
  • 4x profit growth,
  • 9 x employee engagement

These results were discovered through 30 years of research by Linkage researchers led by Mark Hannum, Senior Vice President of Research and Development.

Follow us next week to hear from thought leaders such as Ram Charan, Dave Logan, and Richard Leider.

Preview of the Purposeful Leadership Model