Bring the Team Back Together

Re-Invigorate Connection, Commitment, and Conviction on your Remote or Hybrid Team

Team | Group | Company Development

Time Commitment: Half or Full Day 

Participants: Up to 20

Delivery: In-Person

The pandemic accelerated existing trends in remote work and over the past two years, a lot has changed. 

Has your team taken the time to get clear on the changes they have personally made?  Has your team spent enough time together to achieve the clarity needed to understand which objectives and key results have shifted?  Without team members knowing who they have become, it makes it harder to collaborate to achieve new objectives and key results.

Employee engagement has seen a steady 4% decrease over the past two years, mainly due to a lack of clarity of expectations.

Remote work has increased lack of clarity, has decreased recognition, and has weakened virtual team members’ deep connection to the organization’s mission and purpose. Many leaders have described it as “the spark my team used to have, is now missing.”

Over the course of a half or full day, your team will share a meaningful and productive experience to activate powerful conversations that bring your team back together. 

This workshop is great for getting your team back in person to connect on the things that really matter.

Workshop Components

Part 1: About Me Project

Deepen Connection, and Build Trust and Psychological Safety

“Jumping into business” is bad for business. In fact, the impression that leaders can unintentionally make by “jumping into business” is “I don’t care about you.”

“Jumping into business” is causing havoc on remote and hybrid teams, and we believe it’s time to put a stop to that.

By opening our session with the “About Me” project, we give each leader the floor to share about what is most important to them. 

In this session, you will deepen your appreciation for each person on your team. Many leaders – even ones who have worked together for long periods of time walk away with new insights into their team members that they did not know before. 

To participate in the “About Me” project, each team member prepares a 6-slide presentation using only pictures – no words allowed. These slides answer a series of questions we ask such as  “what do you care about personally?” “What do you care about professionally” and “what frustrates you the most?”

This project opens new insights and conversations that we use for the rest of this workshop. It gives each team member a safe space to share more about themselves, and how the last two years has been for them. Using this time to avoid ‘jumping into business” helps everyone on the team deepen connection with each other, build trust and increase psychological safety.

Part 2: The Post-COVID Conversation- What’s Changed?

Once every team member has their chance to share about themselves, we shift into the current state of your team and reflect on what has changed since COVID.

Since the pandemic, nearly every person has made changes to what they care about. Some are putting deeper value in family time which means commuting less, while others are focused on preventing burnout while working from home.  

Additionally, these past two years has sparked new concerns on your team. We open a discussion around what concerns you had prior to COVID and compare them to your current concerns.

This conversation can happen at the individual level, the team level, and the organizational level to get a high-level view on the current state of the business.

Part 3: How to Lead Remote and Hybrid Teams

In the final part of the workshop, we share the insights and lessons from our 100+ Team Anywhere podcast episodes. You will understand what is really going on inside the heads of your employees and have a clear action plan on what to do moving forward with your remote or hybrid team.

Topics we cover:

  • Employee engagement and changes in the workplace over the past two years
  • The impact of the past two years on team cohesiveness
  • What we have learned over the past two years that you need to know to lead a team
  • The five most important needs that remote employees require from their manager
  • Questions to ask to get the right feedback from your team

BONUS: Pulse Survey + Team Tracker

As a bonus for attending this workshop, each team member will walk away with a pulse survey and team tracker to help them strengthen connection on their team and assess their current engagement.