Create an in-person event that brings back the buzz to your team or organization

Learn the three mistakes leaders make when planning corporate events. Zero event planning experience required.

The #1 Tool For Leaders to Put the Spark Back into their Company Culture

  • Are you wanting to get your company or team together for the first time since the Pandemic?
  • Do you want to plan more regular, in-person work gatherings that create more value and meaning?
  • Are you wanting to create a gathering that is going to help put the spark back in the hearts of your employees?

If so, then you’re on the right page where we help you discover tips in planning corporate events.

It’s time for you to start Bringing the Buzz back!

The 3 Simple Mistakes Leaders Make When Planning Corporate Events (And What To Do Instead)

Since the pandemic, how we work has changed.

And after two years of remote and hybrid work, your employees have changed too. Give them an in-person gathering that moves, touches, inspires and unites them.

It’s time to plan an event that will Bring Back the Buzz. Most importantly, it’s time to plan an event without making simple mistakes.

Inside this FREE ebook, we will help you: 

Uncover three common mistakes leaders make that  result in mundane in-person events.

– Unlock three actions you can take right now to begin planning the most unforgettable event or gathering.

Discover Secrets to making your next event memorable, meaningful, and powerful.

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Mitch Simon

Leadership Retreat Facilitator

Mitch’s expertise lies in the coaching and cultivation of high-performing leaders, teams, and companies.

His unique skills stem from 30 years building leadership curricula, facilitating leadership and strategy retreats, and coaching executives and their teams to accelerate growth, build team alignment, and generate energetic and purposeful cultures.

Carolene Méli

Experience Strategist

Carolene’s expertise lies in the creation of incredible experiences.

Her unique skill set stems from 10 years on tour with Cirque du Soleil where she led VIP experience teams in 17 different countries around the world. Carolene also led events and experience teams in the cruise industry and hospitality and retail industries and has been featured on numerous top events and leadership podcasts.

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