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Team Building with a Purpose

Virtual team building should be one of your companies top investments – the number of companies investing in virtual team building has risen by 2,500%. And yet, studies keep showing that our remote workers are feeling more lonely and isolated than ever before. This lack of connection to their organization and their colleagues creates a lack of engagement that is sparking the shift in the Great Reshuffle. 

This begs the question – are these team building activities companies are investing in really creating meaningful connection?

Not all virtual team building activities provide meaningful connection. They can become so focused on “Fun” that they miss a level of meaningful connection that remote workers are yearning for. 

Join your colleagues across your entire organization in a monthly 30-minute virtual team building session where we focus on balancing having fun with with meaningful connection.

Your employees will learn how to become more effective in achieving your personal and professional goals. 

What Makes Our Virtual Team Building Effective

Strengthen Psychological Safety

We leverage breakout rooms and anonymous polling to give your team the ability to share things they would likely fear sharing in person.

Leverage Strengths

Discover the strengths each team member can leverage on your team.

Increase Autonomy

Give your team members the space to create their own goals that fit into your overall strategy.

Deepen a Growth Mindset

We cover a variety of topic that help build a team growth mindset to help your team reach success.

Have Fun 

have fun together as a team with engaging activities. 

Deepen Connection

Learn something new about your team members

Take New Action

Get a new action to take after each virtual team building session to work on over the next month. 

Bridge Organizational Silos

Connect employees across departments to breakdown organizational silos.

Virtual Team Building Annual Schedule

Meet for 30-minutes each month on each topic. 

Month 1

The Importance of Personal Principles

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they begin goal-setting is they jump the gun. They begin making goals without getting centered and present with what is going on with them at the moment. Learn about the importance of Personal Principles and create and/or review your own personal principles to set the foundation for goal-setting.

Skills: Personal Accountability | Self-Regulation | Meaningful Work

PDF: Personal Vision Plan

Month 2

Goal-Setting – The Good Life

Use your personal principles that you created from session 1 to start creating your “Good Life” and set goals for the next year. Learn about the “Life Map” and how to create goals that are scientifically more likely to get achieved. 

Skills: Personal Development | Goal Planning | Organization

Month 3

The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation

Many times, we feel the emotion of gratitude and forget to express it. Learn about how to share authentic and specific gratitude and appreciation to enhance the quality of your life and to build up everyone around you. 

Skill: Emotional Intelligence | Social Skills | Team Building

Month 4

Finding Motivation

How do you find the resilience required to get back up after you’ve been knocked down? How do you find motivation when you’re feeling overwhelmed or burned out? 
Discover useful strategies in finding motivation – even when it’s hard. 

Skill: Motivation | Self-Awareness

Month 5

How Your Strengths Can Change Your Life

Your strengths are a powerful tool in life and at work. Learn how embracing your strengths can strengthen your life. 

Skills: Using Your Strengths

Month 6

The Gift of Empathy & Authentic Listening

Empathy is the emotional intelligence area that is turning out to be the “superpower” in 2021 and beyond. Learn how to become more empathetic and listen to others in a way that makes them feel validated.

Skills: Empathy | Listening

Month 7

The Best Feedback Comes From Different Perspectives

Dive into an introduction to personality trait theory and find out how the person who annoys you the most, just might be the person you need to succeed. Learn the importance of self-awareness and seeking tough feedback.

Skill: Cognitive Flexibility

Month 8

Celebrating Failure & Why it Matters

You should fail today and you should fail everyday. Failure is the most important key to the growth mindset and continual improvement. Learn why we should celebrate failures, be more open to sharing them- and why it matters. 

Skill: Resilience

Month 9

The Value of Receiving Feedback

We think performance evaluations are something to fear- but the best way to improve our own performance is to seek authentic feedback every single day. Learn the value of receiving feedback. 

Skills: Growth Mindset

Month 10

Three Rules that will Change Your Life

If there were three things that you could follow for your success, what would they be?

Learn the three rules that can change how you show up, how others see you, and how you can step into a new light as a leader.

Skill: Personal Development| Social Skills | Emotional Intelligence

Month 11

Reflection The number one leadership practice is self-reflection. Reflect on your growth and progress throughout the past year. 

Skill: Self-Awareness | Growth Mindset

Month 12


Begin to start looking into what you want to achieve in the next year. 

Skills: Creating A Vision | Goal Planning

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