High Performance Teams are Emotionally Intelligent Teams

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This is how most people respond to being told they are going to do “Emotional Intelligence Training.” Emotional Intelligence assessments might not be as touchy, feely as you might think they are.

Their perceptions are that we are all going to sit down, talk about our feelings, sing “Kum ba yah”  and do trust falls. These perceptions are built off of common myths that include:
We shouldn’t talk about “feelings” in the workplace. 
Talking about emotions is for “sissy’s” and is an unproductive waste of time.
Emotional Intelligence is just about empathy and only for women or for men who want to “get in touch with their sensitive side.”

Now let’s dispel those myths by sharing the scientific TRUTH about Emotional Intelligence:
Emotional intelligence is that capacity to recognize our own feelings and those of others, to manage our emotions and to interact effectively with others. 
Up to 58% of your success at YOUR job depends on your levels of emotional intelligence.
Emotional Intelligence training is not a therapy session where people dump their feelings out in the room. (That’s what psychologists and psychiatrists are for)
With the Emotional Intelligence assessment and a short workshop, your team can develop UNDENIABLY Important competencies that will help you all interact with each other and build the foundation of becoming a HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM. 

Want to start building on those competencies? 

We are certified through Multi-Health Systems to deliver the EQi 2.0, the most scientifically researched, validated and reliable emotional intelligence assessment.

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