DiSC Assessment

High Performance Team Communication 

We all see the world through a lens, but learning to see outside this lens is how high performance teams communicate.


DiSC Assessments & Training

Understand how you interpret, recieve and deliver communication and then learn strategies for more effective communication on your team. 

We all see the world through rose colored glasses, which makes us blind to many things about ourselves. Because of these blindspots, our communication, action and behaviors are mis-interpreted which can often create conflict on teams. The DiSC workshop teaches you how you communicate differently than the people on your team and gives you strategies for more effective communication. 

About DiSC

What is the DiSC?

The DiSC is a personality and behavior assessment that is a tool designed to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication.

Teams who take the DiSC assessment walk out with a communication plan built for success. They learn how the people on their team prioritize thier work, what they are motivated by, common misperceptions that create tensions, and how to engage in healthy conflict.

The DiSC Assessment Discovers Your Level of 4 Different Personality Traits


Then paints a clear picture of four typical personalities that you see on teams.

The DiSC assessments are easy to take. Participants are asked to respond to a phrase instead of a single word, making it easier to understand and more precise.

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The DiSC Workshop

After everyone on your team takes the DiSC assessment, they learn strategies to implement for themselves, and we faciitate a team strategy to enhance communication on your team. Starting with Personality Poker.


DiSC Exercise

Play A Game of Poker

With Personality Poker

Play a game with your team where you all help describe personality traits of the people on your team. Learn how those traits compare to your results on the DiSC and how you can leverage your traits in your communication.

Created by Stephen Shapiro, Personality Poker is a great exercise to get your team to observe the characteristics they have and that their teammates have. 

DiSC Assessment Debrief

After we play personality poker, we share the DiSC results with the team and identify our findings and opportunities for enhanced communication at work. 

Findings & Opportunities

The DiSC results helps leaders and their teams use a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others.

By learning more about what each letter means participant can create action plans and specific strategies for approaching the different DiSC styles. 

-Learn how to increase innovative ideas
-Learn why every style is uniqe and valueable to the team
-Learn how to have productive conflict

-Manage more effectively

Everyone should be comfortable to express themselves on your team

Give them the skills they need to do that.