DiSC Assessment

High Performance Team Communication 

We all see the world through a lens, but learning to see outside this lens is what the DiSC teaches us.

DiSC Assessments & Training

The DiSC training helps us better understand how we interpret, recieve and deliver communication, then it helps us communicate better.

About DiSC

What is the DiSC?

The DiSC is a personality and behavior assessment that is a tool designed to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication.

Teams who take the DiSC assessment walk out with a communication plan built for success. They learn how the people on their team prioritize thier work, what they are motivated by, common misperceptions that create tensions, and how to engage in healthy conflict.

The DiSC Assessment Discovers Your Level of 4 Different Personality Traits


Then paints a clear picture of four typical personalities that you see on teams.

The DiSC Workshop

After everyone on your team takes the DiSC assessment, they learn strategies to implement for themselves, and we faciitate a team strategy to enhance communication on your team.

DiSC Exercise

Play A Game of Poker

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Play a game with your team where you all help describe personality traits of the people on your team. Learn how those traits compare to your results on the DiSC and how you can leverage your traits in your communication.

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