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“Just when I think that my last meeting with Mitch was the best, most engaging, driving, interpersonal and connected interaction . . . Mitch blows me away again! This is how I feel every time I leave a meeting with my coach and friend Mitch Simon.

As a young and progressing National Sales Manager at Ez Sleep – a ground floor startup company providing diagnostics for sleep apnea, I lacked the leadership in upper management to continue driving me to become who I want to be to get where I plan on going with my career. That’s when I sought out Mitch and the Simon Alliance Leadership program! Since joining Mitch on this adventure, I’ve found my baseline, better understood my strengths and weakness, and have grown into someone I didn’t know I could be with his coaching.

Mitch has helped me open doors I didn’t know were there and has consistently pushed me to lean into the discomfort that makes me grow. I am truly grateful for this partnership and friendship. I’ve taken what I continue to learn from Mitch and implemented some of the same strategies with my own sales team – watching them grow with me. Thank you Mitch, I can’t wait to see where our partnership takes us in the future!”

San Diego, CA | Executive Coaching Testimonial Ryan Javanbakht
Ryan Javanbakht, Founder

Activator, Inc. 

Mitch Simon is one of the most creative and cutting edge coaches I have had the privilege to work with. My team has worked now with Mitch for the past 10 years. The fact that he can still put my team and I in uncomfortable situations to uncover personality traits, conflict resolution and inspire is truly amazing.

I am truly grateful for all he has done for my team. The accountability concepts he instills in each of us, creates a force of success. Thank you Mitch!

Executive Coaching Testimonial Bryce Aberg, San Diego, CA
Bryce Aberg, Executive Director

Cushman & Wakefield

Mitch Simon is a true trusted advisor and gifted executive coach. He is rigorous, compassionate, strategic, and driven. On many occasions, he has worked with me and my management team. At all times, he is committed, focused and enthusiastic about our team achieving bigger and better results.

Mitch is a pleasure to work with and his enthusiasm is contagious. I would recommend Mitch for executive coaching, teambuilding, team development, leadership training and leading challenging and meaningful retreats.

Executive Coaching Testimonial Torran Nixon Umpqua Bank San Diego, CA
Torran Nixon, Chief Banking Officer

Umpqua Bank

As my former company board was grooming me to assume the presidency, I retained the Simon Alliance to reinforce my leadership mojo. Mitch is unparalleled in his ability to empower those seeking self-mastery. It can be quite lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be.

Mitch has always had my back. My company, my clients and my future are the biggest beneficiaries. Long live the work of Mitch Simon.

Executive Coaching Testimonial Holly Smithson CEO Athena San Diego, CA
Holly Smithson, CEO 


Mitch is a smart, dynamic and practical teacher. His background in the corporate world enables him to understand real challenges, while his experience in leadership training gives him a broad base of tools from which he can draw.

Mitch is a master at picking any applying leadership concepts to real situations. He has helped me quite a bit, especially in my ability to see growth opportunities that arise out of daily problems.

Executive Coaching Testimonial Ko Matsu, GreatCall San Diego, CA
Ko Matsu, Director Product Planning


I hired Mitch to strengthen my ability to create and achieve greater clarity, greater confidence, and greater revenue. Mitch and I worked together for eight months where Mitch provoked me to raise my game as a commercial real estate broker, think differently, and act with conviction.

After working with Mitch, I have significantly increased my revenues, my client profile, and the properties I work on. If you are looking for playing a bigger game through achieving greater professional and personal results I would highly recommend Mitch.

Executive Coaching Testimonial Erik Parker Vice President CBRE San Diego, CA
Erik Parker, Vice President 


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