Strive for IMperfection

“Strive for imperfection, because usually what happens is for all of you in this room, you know, you went to the finest private or public schools, or maybe you didn’t, then you went to the best colleges.

Then for many of you, you went to the best graduate schools, and then you rallied to get to the best companies.

Look at the companies you guys shared with me that you’ve been to are, they are just the best companies to work for, ever! You know, and so Gotta be perfect, gotta be perfect, gotta be perfect, gotta be perfect. You come here, and it’s like

 I gotta PROVE to everybody how perfect I am 

and you lose. You blow it…

What great teams do is they strive for IMperfection.

They’re like “look how messy I am.”

Look what I don’t know, look what I wanna know, could you help me with this?”

Strive for IMperfection.


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